Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tell Carly I Love Her

You always come!
Today's Recap - 

At Wyndermere, Hayden probes Nikolas about Jake. Nik swears he doesn't know who Jake really is, but Hayden doesn't believe him. Nikolas decides to fill Hayden in on her plan with Ric to defraud Jake. She doesn't understand why she would have messed with Jake and thinks she must have been working with Nikolas. He tries to distract her with sex talk by reminding her there are better things she can do with her mouth. Hayden resists and suggests they take an evening swim instead. After she complains about how cold the pool is so Nik wraps a blanket around her.

Anna thinks about Agent Sloane in Jordan's office and then he walks in. She hopes to hear good news about Nikolas, but Sloane tells her that he's not turning Nik in. Sloane explains that he's been working for Nikolas and doesn't want to cross him. Anna says if Sloane made a different choice they could have tried to make things work between them. She tells him she was thinking they should explore their feelings, but he's not the man she thought he was. Sloane doesn't think that makes sense, but Anna says they were never meant to be. Later he tells Anna if he goes to jail, she's going as well for Carlos' murder. 

On the docks, Sam and Jake wonder why Sloane didn't back them about Nikolas. They hear a shot go off and Jake instinctively covers Sam. Once they realize the coast is clear, they run to see what happened. Meanwhile, Sonny gets shot at the warehouse where TJ is being held by an unseen gunman. Sonny falls to the floor in a pool of blood while TJ screams. Charlie freaks out about who the gunman was as two of Charlie friends storm inside. Charlie wants to shoot Sonny again, but Jake bursts in and kills all the bad guys. Sam calls an ambulance while Jake tries to help Sonny. As Sonny clings to life he tells Jake, "I knew you'd come, you always do!" At the end, Sonny tells Jake to tell Carly he loves her as the ambulance arrives. 

At Carly's house, Bobby, Maxie, Valerie, Lulu and Maxie are all excited for the wedding to begin. Bobby tells Carly in private how beautiful she looks and Carly says she feels like her life is about to begin again. Valerie misses her mom watching Carly and Bobby. Lulu notices and offers to be there for her. After the all leave for Sonny's house. Once they all arrive, Maxie checks on the groom while Valerie, Lulu, Bobby and Carly wait in the lobby.

In the living room of Sonny's house, Michael and Morgan chat right before Sabrina walks in. Dante joins them and everyone wonders where Sonny is. In private, Dante and Morgan discuss the downside of alcohol. Dante says he made the worst mistake of his life under the influence of alcohol. Before he can explain what he's talking about Maxie interrupts. She tells Morgan to take Carly and the girls upstairs and after grills Dante about where Sonny is. Dante says he can't reach Sonny. 

Meanwhile Michael and Sabrina take a moment to enjoy Avery. Sabrina gives her a baby headband to where for the wedding. Michael tells Sabrina he's lucky to have her. After Michael brings Avery down to see the group and Lulu holds her. Right then Dante and Lulu decide to have another kid. Bobby notices that Valerie looks upset. Valerie says she feeling sick so Bobby takes her home. Upstairs Carly and Morgan have a private chat. Morgan says he doesn't know how he'll handle it if he's really bipolar. Carly says it will be worth it to get answers. After Maxie comes to tell Carly that Sonny is missing. Carly assumes that Sonny is planning a surprise. At the end, Jake walks in as the wedding group is commenced in the living room. Carly is in the middle of speech about Sonny. Her face turns cold when she sees Jake standing there with blood on his shirt.

End of show!

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