Thursday, September 3, 2015

Starting to Remember

Thursday's Recap - 

Hayden has a memory of kissing Nikolas and making threats about Jake at Wyndermere. Nikolas says they used to kiss a lot and he doesn't recall her talking about Jake. Outside Sam and Jake head to Wyndermere to confront Nikolas. Jake advises Sam to take it slow and not go in guns blazing. They knock on the door and tell Nikolas they want to check on Hayden. Sam pushes her way inside and asks Hayden if she's had anymore memories. Sam also wonders if Nikolas knows who Jake really is. Nikolas swears he doesn't and thinks Hayden might have had contact with Helena in the past. After Sam warns Nik that she knows he fixed the election and can prove it.

Agent Sloane (played by Robb Derringer again) finds Carly and Sonny's smashed wedding cake outside of Kelly's. Then Anna walks up to him and Sloane asks if there is a chance for them. Anna tells Sloane she's not sure they have a romantic future, but she needs his help. She asks him to come forward with the information on Nikolas, but Sloane refuses. Anna gets emotional and says she needs him to come through for her. At the end, Anna goes to see Jordan and asks for her help. Meanwhile Sloane heads to Wyndermere.

At Sonny's house, Sonny talks to Graciela about the wedding preparations. Then Ric stops by to wish Sonny well. Ric tells Sonny that the Mayor released one of Julian's old henchmen, Charlie, from jail after convincing him to testify against Julian. After Sonny tells Ric about Morgan's troubles and that he hopes Michael shows up for the wedding. Then Morgan comes downstairs and rambles to Ric. Later Graciela tells Sonny that TJ hasn't arrived with the cake yet.

Michael goes to Carly's house and tells her about his dream of Sonny. Michael says he can't forgive Sonny for killing AJ, but that he'll be at the wedding. He explains that he wants to support Morgan, because Kiki dumped him. Carly gets concerned and wonders where Morgan is. She calls Sonny and he tells her that Morgan is with him. Then Sonny tells her to hurry up so he can marry the hell out of her. After Michael wishes her happiness and tells Carly she's the best mom in the world. They hug and he leaves so she can get ready.

Dante and Jordan talk in Jordan's office about releasing Charlie from custody. They also wonder what Ric's involvement might be and they discuss TJ. Dante assures Jordan that Sonny will protect TJ. Meanwhile Charlie pulls a bag off TJ's head in an unknown warehouse. TJ is tied to a chair and questioned. Charlie tells TJ he's the one who hijacked Sonny's shipments. TJ assumes that Julian is his boss. Later Charlie has TJ make a call to Sonny and give Sonny the address to the warehouse. TJ tells Sonny he has to come alone or they'll shoot him. At the end Michael, Dante and Morgan convene at Sonny's house while Sonny heads to the warehouse to help TJ.

End of show!

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