Friday, September 11, 2015

One Wrong Move

Sonny's a fighter!
Friday's Recap - 

Nikolas and Elizabeth talk on the phone about Sam's suspicions and how he blamed Helena. Hayden walks in so Nik gets off the phone. She asks what he was talking about regarding Helena. Before Nik can answer, Agent Sloane walks in. Sloane wants to know how much Nikolas will pay to avoid being exposed. Hayden jumps in and defends Nikolas. Sloane blames Nikolas for his failed relationship with Anna. After hearing about Anna, Hayden tells Sloane not to give up on love. Nik gets annoyed, offers to arrange payment for Sloane and then kicks him out. After Hayden asks if love matters to Nik. She concludes that Nikolas was hurt badly in the past.

Jake thinks about helping to save Sonny on the docks. Then he goes home and tells Liz what happened to Sonny. Jake says, "I killed three men!" Jake confides in her that Sonny said he knew he'd come when he was shot and Jake wonders what he meant. Liz tries to tell Jake that Sonny was just out of it from blood loss. Jake doesn't agree and thinks he felt connected to Sonny. Liz worries and hopes Jake doesn't make shoot-outs a regular thing. Jake promises he won't and then goes to take a shower. At the end, Liz is overcome with guilt for keeping Jake's identity a secret. She tears up and tells Jake she has something to tell him.

Patrick tells Carly and Michael at GH that Sonny's surgery is tricky. Patrick says, "one wrong move" and Sonny could be paralyzed or die. Later Michael goes to visit an unconscious Sonny and tells Sonny he loves him. He also says Sonny is his father again. Meanwhile TJ comes to GH to see Carly and apologizes for ruining her wedding day. Carly tells TJ not to to feel guilty. After TJ talks to Michael about what happened at the warehouse and Carly goes to see to Sonny. She tells Sonny to fight and promises they'll get through this together. Later, TJ goes to see Sonny and promises to be there for him.

Sam gets a lecture from Patrick at the hospital about putting herself in danger during Sonny's shooting. Sam explains what happened and how Jake saved the day. Patrick says he'll never be comfortable with her being at risk. Sam hopes that them discussing it calmly helps to ease the tension of them disagreeing. Patrick asks if Sam misses the adrenaline from her old life with Jason. Sam says she doesn't miss the fear, like what Carly is going through, but she does gets the attraction. However Sam assures Patrick she loves him and wants a life with him. At the end, Patrick gets Sonny's test results and says it doesn't look good. 

Anna goes to see Jordan in her office. They talk about TJ and Jordan vents to Anna about TJ's fondness for Sonny. Then they talk about Julian's potential involvement. Later Anna tells Jordan that Sloane betrayed her and won't turn Nikolas in. Jordan says she thinks she can still go after Nikolas. Fearing Sloane will expose her for Carlos' murder, Anna talks Jordan out of going after Nikolas. Jordan wonders why Anna changed her mind, but agrees to table it for now. 

At the PCPD, Lulu tells Dante that Olivia saw Julian on the pier before Sonny was shot. Then Morgan comes out of nowhere and attacks Julian. Dante and some officers pull Morgan off. Julian is ready to leave, but Morgan threatens to come after Julian if he sees him on the streets. Dante ushers Morgan out and after Dante ends up punching Julian when he makes a comment about Dante having a wandering eye. Meanwhile Morgan returns to GH and tells Carly and Michael about what happened with Julian. Later Carly finds Sonny's wedding vows in his suit jacket. Then Morgan goes to visit Sonny and tells him he's going to kill Julian!

End of show!

I'm a little disappointed that Michael embraced Sonny again. Will he stick with the Quartermaine's now or get involved with the mob? I hope the new writer's undue the mob stuff, but it's not looking good. I do think the show has been more eventful lately and there is always good acting on GH. I guess we'll have to see if the current storylines can pick up more steam!

Have a great weekend!

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