Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Not Out of the Woods

Here's What Happened -

At the hospital, Olivia and Lulu chat over coffee about Sonny's condition. Lulu says Dante is in the chapel and not dealing well. Olivia starts talking about how Dante always puts on a brave front. Lulu says she's going to go support Dante and Olivia goes to check on Sonny. Nearby Carly, Michael and Morgan wait for news. Morgan starts ranting about wanting information on Sonny and insists he's going to find out what's going on. Michael and Carly try to talk Morgan out of making a scene. Morgan thinks about his promise to kill Julian. After Olivia joins them as Patrick comes to give everyone a report. He says the surgery was a success, but Sonny is not out of the woods yet.

At the PCPD, Valerie brings Nathan a file on Charlie and they talk about Ava. Nathan says he hopes Ava stays locked up. Later Nathan tries to get information that will connect Julian to Sonny's shooting, but turns up empty. After Valerie wants to visit Dante in the hospital, but Nathan tells her not to. He lets her know that Dante told him about them sleeping together. Nathan thinks Valerie makes it obvious that she cares about Dante and she should back off. Valerie admits that she has feelings for Dante. Nathan is compassionate toward her, but advises Valerie to leave her feelings for Dante in the past. She agrees and after Nathan gets a call from the lab with news about Julian.

Dante confesses to cheating on Lulu in the chapel. He talks to god and says he can't believe he judged his father when he did the same thing. Then Lulu walks in as Dante is asking for forgiveness. She wonders what he thinks he needs forgiveness for. Dante tells Lulu he needs forgiveness for what he said for Sonny before his heart stopped. Later Olivia comes to get them and they all head to Sonny's hospital room. They wait with Carly, Michael and Morgan for news. Then Patrick comes over and allows Carly to visit with Sonny. Carly goes into his hospital room and asks Sonny to open his eyes and come back to her. Outside Morgan continues to complain as Valerie approaches them and says she has news about Julian.

In her cell, Ava gets a visit from Scotty. He informs Ava that he's going represent her, because Diane doesn't want to. Then he says Julian is also in lock up himself on suspicion of shooting Sonny. Later Scott tells Ava that Sonny never got to marry Carly. Ava thinks to herself that Julian must have shot Sonny, because she asked him to stop the wedding. After Scotty says he has the recording of Ava admitting to killing Connie. Scotty seethes about how much he hates Sonny, because of his daughter Karen. Thus he wants to help Ava at the price tag of five million dollars. Ava reluctantly agrees and vows to get her daughter back.

Lucas goes to see Julian in jail and asks if he had Sonny shot. Julian says he was with Olivia when Sonny got shot and should be released shortly. Lucas wonders if Julian is really out of the mob. Julian promises this time is different and he's not back in the mob or responsible for Sonny's demise. Lucas isn't sure he believes Julian and worries that one day he'll see Julian come into the ER. Julian swears someone is setting him up, but Lucas thinks Sonny's people are going to come after him either way. At the end, Nathan interrupts their conversation to tell Julian he's a free man, because they couldn't find anything on him. Meanwhile back at the hospital, Sonny finally opens his eyes!

End of show!

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