Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kristina's Back

Hugging Party!
Today's Show - 

Sonny wakes up at GH and immediately apologizes to Carly for missing their wedding. Carly tells him that she's letting it slide since he saved TJ's life. She shows him the vows he wrote and let's him know she read them. Carly says his vows were beautiful and touching. Meanwhile in the hallway, Lulu tells Valerie that Dante was asking for forgiveness in the chapel earlier. Later they decide to head to the PCPD together. 

At the PCPD, Ric continues to wear his Clark Kent glasses as he tells Dante he plans to go after Ava hard in court. Then they talk about Sonny and Dante suggests Ric doesn't really care about Sonny. Ric scolds Dante and tells him to get off his high horse. Later Dante talks to Nathan about his guilt regarding sleeping with Valerie. Nathan is about to tell Dante he thinks Valerie still has feelings for him when Lulu and Valerie walk in. Lulu takes Dante aside to tell him how wonderful he is while Valerie looks on upset. Then Valerie asks Nathan to keep quiet about her feelings.

Molly and Sam discuss Julian's guilt at Sam's penthouse. Molly assumes the worst of Julian, but Sam defends him. Then Alexis comes home and brings Kristina with her. Everyone exchanges hugs and then they discuss Sonny's shooting. Kristina and Molly think Julian is guilty. Alexis pulls them all in for a group hug and advises everyone to agree to disagree. Then Kristina heads off to see Sonny and Molly leaves to avoid talking about Julian. Once alone, Sam tells Alexis she believes Julian is innocent, but everyone else thinks he's guilty.

TJ talks with Morgan and Michael at the hospital about what happened at the warehouse. Morgan gets intense and starts grilling TJ about whether Julian was Charlie's boss or not. Michael backs Morgan off and then TJ leaves. Then Kristina arrives, hugs them both and they take a few moments to catch up. After Michael orders the guards to be extra vigilant to protect Sonny and Kristina goes into Sonny's room for a visit. They have a touching talk and Kristina tells Sonny she loves him. She also says she's proud to be his daughter and Sonny cries. At the end, Michael also tells Sonny he loves him and wants to be father and son again. Sonny informs Michael he remembers Morgan telling him he was going to kill Julian.

At the courthouse, Ava wonders if Scotty will double cross her. Scotty tells her she'll just have to trust him. Then Ric arrives to prosecute and court begins. Ric wants more time, because he can't track down the flash drive recording of Ava admitting to killing Connie. Ric suggests to the judge that someone took it from his office. Scotty pushes to have the charges against Ava dropped. The judge dismisses the charges for the time being, but says when they find the recording Ava will have to face trial. Ava is ecstatic and hugs Scotty. At the end, Scotty goes to get the recording and finds his room has been trashed. 

Julian gets a call from Sam at his apartment. He assures her he didn't shoot Sonny and he can take care of himself. After he gets another call from Ava. She informs him that Scott has agreed to work with her and she's going to get Avery back. Later Julian thinks Sonny's people will be after him so he gets his gun ready. Alexis stops by and can sense he's nervous. Julian explains that he's a marked man and needs to get out of Port Charles. He asks Alexis to come with him. At the end, Morgan lurks outside of Julian's apartment with a gun.

End of show!

Hugs all around today. The actress playing the judge wasn't too good, but Kristina and Sonny's scenes were sweet today!

Have a great night!

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