Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jake Is Just Like Jason

Why now?
Tuesday's Recap - 

Liz tells Jake at their place that she did something bad to Sam. Jake doesn't understand and asks what she's talking about. Liz claims she's upset about the lie she told Jason years ago when Danny was first born to keep Jason from going back to Sam. After Jake asks why she's bringing this up now. Liz says Jason never got to spend time with Danny because of her. Jake doesn't think Liz should punish herself for her past actions and says Jason wouldn't want her to blame herself. At the end, Jake tells her all that matters is that they're together.

Sam goes to her penthouse and finds Ric there with Danny. She's not happy to see him, but Ric explains that Molly let him in. Then they talk about Sonny. Ric expresses his frustration at being shut out at the hospital by Michael and Carly. Sam tells him that she knows Sonny is stable for now and Ric thanks her. Later they talk about Jake and Ric says Jake's shooting at the warehouse is just like Jason. It makes Sam think about Jason's death and she recounts the last day of Jason's life to Ric. After Sam looks at pictures of Jason. Then Patrick calls her to say Sonny needs surgery.

Maxie and Nathan think about taking a vacation from the comfort of their bed. Maxie talks about what happened with Sonny and hopes everything will be okay for Carly. Later Nathan tells her about Jake Doe killing three bad guys at the warehouse. Maxie thinks Jake is dangerous and it's weird that Sam hangs out with him. Talking about dangerous shootouts makes Maxie nervous about Nathan's job. 

At the hospital Michael, Carly, Dante and Morgan wait for news on Sonny's condition while Sonny goes into arrest. Patrick and the nurse's work to save Sonny's life. Later Patrick tells everyone Sonny is stable, but he needs surgery right away to remove the bullet. He also says Sonny is fragile and surgery could kill him. In private, Michael and Dante have a chat. Michael tells Dante about embracing Sonny as his father again. Then Sabrina arrives to support Michael while Morgan continues to act out in front of Carly. After Carly goes to see Sonny and talks to him about whether surgery is right for him or not. At the end, she decides Sonny should have the surgery and Patrick takes him to the operating room.

End of show!

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