Monday, September 21, 2015

I Want You Forever

Too Perfect!
Monday's Recap - 

Patrick tells Sam he wants to get married at their house. He says, "I want you forever!" Then Patrick starts talking about how great their life is and Sam's agrees. However Sam is hesitant to say yes. She explains to Patrick that she has Jason on her mind and says the timing seems off. Sam explains to Patrick that tomorrow is her anniversary with Jason and she's not ready to give him an answer. Patrick is disappointed, but takes it in stride. At the end, Patrick tells Sam he accepts her connection to Jason. Sam assures Patrick that she can see them getting married one day.

At GH, Sonny worries that Morgan is going to get into trouble. Carly tries to assure him that Michael will find Morgan. Then Liz comes in to check on Sonny's vitals and Carly steps out. Once alone, Sonny tells Liz that he's happy little Jake came back but he wishes Jason was alive to see it. Out in the hall, Jake brings Carly coffee and they talk about Morgan's troubles. Carly tells Jake that Michael is going after Morgan, but she's worried that she's going to lose both her boys. Jake offers to look for them for her. Then Liz walks out and tells Jake that Sonny wants to speak with him. When Jake goes to see him, Sonny calls him Jason.

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy, Maxie and Dillon talk about Paul's help with Mayor Lomax. They're pleased with his kindness. Tracy hopes Paul's turned over a new leaf and gives Maxie some details on Paul shady mob past. Maxie advises Tracy to take a chance on Paul, because life is more fun when you share it with someone. Meanwhile Paul knocks on Ava's door, shows her the flash drive recording and asks to come in. They make martini's and Paul tells her that he wants to run the Jerome organization with her. He admits to Ava that he shot Sonny. Ava asks why he needs her. Paul says he's the man behind the curtain and wants Ava to be the face of their business. That way his family will remain in the dark about his involvement.

Morgan surprises Julian and Alexis at their secret cabin with a gun. He manages to get Julian's gun and starts ranting about how Julian shot Sonny. Alexis tries to reason with Morgan, but Morgan is shaky and easily agitated. Alexis says Sonny wouldn't want Morgan to get involved with mob business. She asks him if he wants to end up in prison and says Sonny won't be able to live with himself if that happens. Morgan asks Julian who else is responsible if he's isn't. Julian says he doesn't know, but Charlie was lying about him. Alexis tells Morgan if he kills Julian he'll have to kill her too. Julian gets upset when he hears that and convinces Morgan to make Alexis leave the cabin. Morgan agrees and screams at Alexis to leave.

Michael and Milo go to Sam's penthouse and ask TJ where Morgan is. TJ doesn't want to talk, but Michael pressures TJ to spill what he knows about Morgan's whereabouts. TJ finally tells Michael and Milo what he knows about Julian and Alexis going to the cabin. At the end, Michael makes it to the cabin just as Alexis is being forced outside. Alexis runs into Michael's arms and then a gun shot rings out from inside.

End of show!

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