Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Tuesday's Recap - 

Hayden and Nikolas don bibs and prepare to pig out at The Floating Rib. She remarks that this feels like their first real date. Nearby Agent Sloan gets drunk at the bar and decides to interrupt them. He starts to give Nikolas grief for forcing him to be loyal and causing him to lose Anna. Sloane tells Nikolas to go to hell and storms off. After Hayden asks Nikolas about what happened between them before she lost her memory. Nikolas answers sincerely and tells Hayden that before he didn't take the time to get to know the real her. However he says he's not sure he can trust her and thinks she does remember who Jake really is. Hayden responds by saying she thinks Nikolas already knows who Jake is. At the end, they agree that they could be playing one another and decide to share a dance together in the interim. 

Ava tells Julian at his place that she threw suspicion off him by naming Carlos as Sonny's shooter. Ava tells him she thinks Carlos likely acted alone, because Julian abandoned Carlos after the hit on Duke. However Julian thinks Anna might have taken Carlos out. Ava says his instincts are off so Julian asks how Ava figured out Carlos was involved. She tells him it's better that he doesn't know since he's out of the mob now. Then Ava tells Julian about going to the five families meeting and says she's running the organization now. They toast her endeavor with martini's and Julian says he's going to stay out of it. He decides it's best if he moves out. Ava thinks it's good since she's bringing Avery home, but they agree they will miss each other.

Sam thanks Robert at Noodle Buddha for reminding her of how special her love with Jason was. Then Sam says she wants Jake to experience the same level of happiness. After she tells Jake in private that she finally feels ready to leave Jason behind. She decides to leave her dragon and phoenix figurines at the restaurant in the hopes they will bring someone else luck. At the end, Jake is alone and finally gets his take out food from Robert. Robert tells him to look out for Sam.

At GH, Sonny tries to put Carly's wedding ring on her finger, but ends up having a seizure. Patrick rushes to help him and orders Carly to leave. Later Patrick tells Carly that Sonny had a seizure and they have to run tests to find out why. Then Dante and Michael arrive to support Carly. After Patrick tells all three of them that Sonny has an embolism and he needs surgery immediately. At the end, Carly, Dante and Michael give an unconscious Sonny some love and prayers before  Liz comes to tell them the operating room is ready.  

Michael goes to the PCPD and tells Dante that he needs to find Carlos, because he might have shot Sonny. Anna listens to Michael's allegations confused. Michael tells Dante and Paul that Ava told him about Carlos. Paul looks annoyed since he asked Ava to name Julian as the shooter. Then Dante says Carlos disappeared and no one can find him. Paul says they need to turn up the heat and find Carlos. Later Paul and Anna talk in private and he asks what Anna wanted to tell him before Michael showed up. However Agent Sloane calls Paul on the phone before Anna can answer. A vengeful drunk Sloane ends up telling Paul that Anna killed Carlos. Sloane arranges to meet Paul on the docks and gives him a key to a safety deposit box with evidence proving Anna killed Carlos. Sloane says he wants full immunity. Paul decides it's better to keep Sloane quiet and shoots him dead. 

End of show!

Even though I hate all the mob stuff, I do like Paul! How about you? Are you sad Sloane is dead?

Have a great night!


  1. If Grayson had still been Sloan I would be sad but never got invested in this actor.

    I really liked the Paul character but as he revealed he was a sleazebag creep I now can't stand the sight of him - partly because of Tracy being played again.

    1. I agree on I liked Grayson as Sloane more too! I don't like Tracy getting played, but I do like the actor Richard Burgi a lot.


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