Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Come to Mama

I'm getting Avery back!
Here's What Happened - 

Patrick plays his guitar at his house and sings as we get a montage of Sam going through Jason's stuff. After Sam gets emotional and puts Jason's things away. She brings Patrick coffee and they talk about her anniversary to Jason. After Sam tells Patrick she'll let him know when she's ready to get married to him. Then they have sex. Meanwhile Liz hears Jake say "I do," in his sleep at their house. He wakes up and she reminds him they met a year ago today. They reminisce on their early encounters with each other and talk about setting a date for their wedding. Liz wants to get married today, but Jake says it doesn't feel right. At the end, they pick November 6th.

Ava thinks about her arrangement with Paul at Julian's apartment. Then Scotty stops by and Ava offers him a million dollars to get Avery legally back in her arms. Meanwhile, Alexis and Julian talk about what went down with Morgan at Sam's penthouse. Alexis worries that Julian is still in danger and tells him to leave town. Julian says he wants to stay put and then leaves to go visit Ava. Once he gets to his apartment, Julian explains to Ava how Morgan tried to kill him. Then he asks Ava to help him prove he's being set up. She agrees to help. At the end, Scotty returns when Ava is alone with news about Avery.

At the Q's, Dillon toasts to Paul's new job as DA. Then he reminds Paul that he'll be going against the Port Charles mob as the new district attorney. He gives Paul some background on Sonny's history in PC as well as the Jerome's. Paul says he's not going to back down for any mobsters. Then Dillon asks if Paul is going to go after Ava. Paul answers that every mobster in Port Charles will answer to him, including Ava. Dillon is impressed with Paul's determination and tells Paul he's proud of him. At the end, Alexis stops by to pay Paul a visit when he's alone. 

At the hospital, Michael and Carly try to talk to Morgan about seeing a doctor, but Morgan refuses. Morgan starts yelling about how Sonny needs to be avenged. Carly thinks Ava might be responsible for shooting Sonny and not Julian. Then Carly worries that Ava might try to go after Avery. She thinks they should ask Ric to help stop Ava so she calls him. Ric agrees to help if Carly allows him to visit Sonny. Morgan doesn't trust Ric, but Carly thinks it's their best option. After Sabrina brings Avery to the hospital and Carly holds her. At the end, Patrick comes to check on Sonny and Ava comes to the hospital to see Avery.

End of show!

Oddly November 6th is my wedding anniversary, but I'm pretty sure Jake & Liz will implode at their wedding.

Have a great night!

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