Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Anna's Back!

Remember Duke!
Here's What Happened - 

TJ calls Molly to come to Kelly's for help with Carly and Sonny's wedding cake. Apparently he picked the cake up that Maxie ordered and somehow smashed some of it. Molly offers help him conduct some cake surgery to repair it. She gives it her best try, but ultimately decides it's hopeless and tosses the cake in the garbage. After they decide to bake their own cake instead and end up doing a nice job. 

Carly gets a visit from Jake at her house while she's on the phone with Sonny. She neglects to tell Sonny that Jake dropped by. Jake brings flowers and they have a chat about Carly's wedding day worries. She tells Jake about her feelings that Morgan is bipolar. Carly explains how Sonny is bipolar too. She describes how she used to work with Jason to hide Sonny's condition before he was diagnosed. She says she wishes Jason was around to help Morgan now. Later Carly says she hopes Michael will show up at the wedding. Jake leaves and after Sam calls him asking to see him. 

Michael has a nightmare about fighting with Sonny the night Connie was killed. He wakes up next to Sabrina and she comforts him. Michael talks about whether or not to go to his parents wedding and says he would only consider going for Morgan's sake. Sabrina says she'll join him in whatever decision he makes. Michael appreciates it and they end up fooling around.

Morgan shows up drunk at Sonny's house saying he was playing poker all night. Morgan says he lost a lot of money, but wants to celebrate Sonny's wedding nonetheless. Then Morgan starts ranting about how Kiki dumped him. He blames Sonny for him inheriting bipolar disorder. Then Morgan says if he's not bipolar that means he's just a loser. Morgan goes on to say Michael is better than him and Sonny should hate him. Sonny tries to reason with Morgan. He insists that he's going to stand by him and get Morgan treatment. They hug as Sonny promises he'll always love him. Later Sonny convinces Morgan to take a shower, sober up, get through the wedding and says tomorrow they can see a doctor. 

At Wyndermere, Spencer shows Hayden and Nikolas his smashing first day of school outfit. Then he tells Nik that he's changed, but still hopes he can win back Emma. Spencer says maybe if he can get Emma back, Nik and Hayden can get back together too. Nikolas says they were never a couple in the first place. Spencer reminds Nik that he saw them kissing. Hayden tells Spencer she doesn't remember that. Nik explains that Hayden is just a house guest. After Spencer leaves for school and Hayden says she wishes she could remember their kiss. Later Nik offers to stay home from work and hang out with Hayden.

Anna returns to Port Charles and pays Patrick, Emma and Sam a visit at their house. Anna gives Emma a present, which is a Teddy bear playing bagpipes. Anna tells Emma she hopes it reminds her of Duke. In private, Anna tells Patrick that she tried to visit Robin but couldn't track her down. Then she says she's glad Patrick has Sam now. Later Patrick takes Emma to school leaving Sam and Anna alone. Sam asks if Anna feels awkward with her living in Robin's house. Anna says it hasn't been Robin's house for a long time. Anna tells Sam that she doesn't have a job right now so Sam asks if she wants to help with her PI investigation into Nikolas. Anna's interested and tells Sam about Nikolas fixing Mayor Lomax's election. Anna offers to speak with Sloane about how to handle the Nikolas situation.

At the end, Sam tells Jake she's finally got Nikolas where she wants him. At Wyndermere, Hayden and Nik chat and she remembers threatening to reveal the truth about Jake. Meanwhile Michael goes to see Carly and Morgan tells Sonny that he's ready to see a doctor. At Kelly's, TJ gets grabbed by two masked strangers and drops the newly made cake on the ground as he's being dragged away!

End of show!

Have a great night!

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  1. I can't stand Sam I wish they would reunite her with Jason and they both leave. She's a traitor. Nikolas is her family not Michael. Nikolas stood by her when her son was sick he's a blood relative. Jason has supposedly been "dead" for years her loyalty to her family should come first. I anything happens to Nikolas like jail or something like that then I am done with General Hospital especially since Anna gets away with shooting someone in cold blood and she has the nerve to go after Nikolas especially since she knows Robin and Nikolas are good friends and Nik saved her daughter in the Metro Court fiasco. She doesn't have a problem with Sam moving into her daughters home??????????????????????????????????????????? They are all a bunch of hypocrites can't take much more.


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