Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mob Brothers

No recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here's whats coming up on today's General Hospital. Spoilers are courtesy of ---> GHH

Both Michael and Morgan promise Carly they won't become involved in the mob business.

Lulu expresses her concern for Dante to Dillon.

Valerie comforts Dante amidst his family crisis.

Paul rattles Anna with news of a recent development.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Tuesday's Recap - 

Hayden and Nikolas don bibs and prepare to pig out at The Floating Rib. She remarks that this feels like their first real date. Nearby Agent Sloan gets drunk at the bar and decides to interrupt them. He starts to give Nikolas grief for forcing him to be loyal and causing him to lose Anna. Sloane tells Nikolas to go to hell and storms off. After Hayden asks Nikolas about what happened between them before she lost her memory. Nikolas answers sincerely and tells Hayden that before he didn't take the time to get to know the real her. However he says he's not sure he can trust her and thinks she does remember who Jake really is. Hayden responds by saying she thinks Nikolas already knows who Jake is. At the end, they agree that they could be playing one another and decide to share a dance together in the interim. 

Ava tells Julian at his place that she threw suspicion off him by naming Carlos as Sonny's shooter. Ava tells him she thinks Carlos likely acted alone, because Julian abandoned Carlos after the hit on Duke. However Julian thinks Anna might have taken Carlos out. Ava says his instincts are off so Julian asks how Ava figured out Carlos was involved. She tells him it's better that he doesn't know since he's out of the mob now. Then Ava tells Julian about going to the five families meeting and says she's running the organization now. They toast her endeavor with martini's and Julian says he's going to stay out of it. He decides it's best if he moves out. Ava thinks it's good since she's bringing Avery home, but they agree they will miss each other.

Sam thanks Robert at Noodle Buddha for reminding her of how special her love with Jason was. Then Sam says she wants Jake to experience the same level of happiness. After she tells Jake in private that she finally feels ready to leave Jason behind. She decides to leave her dragon and phoenix figurines at the restaurant in the hopes they will bring someone else luck. At the end, Jake is alone and finally gets his take out food from Robert. Robert tells him to look out for Sam.

At GH, Sonny tries to put Carly's wedding ring on her finger, but ends up having a seizure. Patrick rushes to help him and orders Carly to leave. Later Patrick tells Carly that Sonny had a seizure and they have to run tests to find out why. Then Dante and Michael arrive to support Carly. After Patrick tells all three of them that Sonny has an embolism and he needs surgery immediately. At the end, Carly, Dante and Michael give an unconscious Sonny some love and prayers before  Liz comes to tell them the operating room is ready.  

Michael goes to the PCPD and tells Dante that he needs to find Carlos, because he might have shot Sonny. Anna listens to Michael's allegations confused. Michael tells Dante and Paul that Ava told him about Carlos. Paul looks annoyed since he asked Ava to name Julian as the shooter. Then Dante says Carlos disappeared and no one can find him. Paul says they need to turn up the heat and find Carlos. Later Paul and Anna talk in private and he asks what Anna wanted to tell him before Michael showed up. However Agent Sloane calls Paul on the phone before Anna can answer. A vengeful drunk Sloane ends up telling Paul that Anna killed Carlos. Sloane arranges to meet Paul on the docks and gives him a key to a safety deposit box with evidence proving Anna killed Carlos. Sloane says he wants full immunity. Paul decides it's better to keep Sloane quiet and shoots him dead. 

End of show!

Even though I hate all the mob stuff, I do like Paul! How about you? Are you sad Sloane is dead?

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Coming Up On General Hospital

No recap today. I'll be back tomorrow! In the meantime here's a sneak peek of today's show from ---> ABC

Sam admits to Jake something she's told no one else: all this time, she's been unable to put Jason behind her. They are interrupted by Robert Yi and his grandmother Mrs. Yi, Noodle Buddha's proprietors. Mrs. Yi, nearly blind, mistakes Jake for Jason, and won't accept that she has it wrong, insisting that Robert bless them on their anniversary.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

The Meeting

I take thee!
Here's What Happened - 

Alexis and Julian plan to make dinner to celebrate the new "ethical" DA at Julian's place. Alexis is hopeful that Paul can prove that Julian is innocent. After Julian tells Alexis about Patrick's batched proposal to Sam. Alexis says she likes Sam and Patrick together, but Julian isn't sure Sam is over Jason. 

Paul meets up with Ava on the docks to discuss their arrangement. Ava feels like he's blackmailing her, but Paul says they can help each other. Then he says he arranged a meeting with the five families and he wants Ava to be there to represent them. Ava worries that if she goes public it will hurt her custody of Avery, but Paul says it doesn't matter because he needs her there. Later Paul tells Ava to name Julian as the shooter, but she has reservations and refuses. Paul reminds her that she doesn't have a choice.

In Sonny's room, Sonny is happy to see Avery but Carly breaks it to him that Ava wants Avery back. She explains how Ava's legal charges have been dropped and she got a court order to take Avery. Carly says Ric lost the recording and his job, but they need Ric to help Avery. Sonny is furious. Later Morgan takes Avery home and let's Carly and Sonny talk about what they're going to do. Sonny says they need to take care of Ava if the courts won't. At the end, Carly thinks they should get married immediately to help their case.

Liz talks about her wedding plans at the nurses station with Patrick. It makes Patrick wistful and he tells Liz about how he proposed to Sam, but she turned him down. Patrick explains that Sam is still thinking about Jason, because of their anniversary. Patrick confides in Liz that he thinks Sam is still hung up on Jason. Liz gets nervous when she hears that and insists that Sam loves Patrick. He asks why Liz cares so much. She answers that she feels happy so she wants him to feel happy to. 

At Noodle Buddha, Jake sees Sam sitting alone with her figurines. He explains that he came to pick up food for Sonny and Carly and just happen to drop by. Sam tells him that this is where she got married to Jason. She explains how they got married spontaneously and it triggers a memory for Jake of Sam getting on his motorcycle. He dismisses the memory and then they talk about Patrick's proposal. Jake asks about Sam's figurines so she explains that she loves Patrick, but can't get Jason out of her mind. Jake thinks maybe there is a reason Sam is trying to keep Jason alive. 

At the hospital, Michael and Morgan talk with Ric about putting together a strategy to protect Avery. Ric is anxious to see Sonny, but the boys don't want Ric to talk to him. Ric tells them that there is a meeting coming up with the five families and he wants to go to represent Sonny. Michael and Morgan don't like the idea and tell Ric to focus on Avery instead. Michael decides he's going to go in Sonny's place, but Morgan argues that he wants to go. Michael says he's too much of a hot head right now. Later Michael heads to the meeting to represent Sonny and then Ava strolls in!

End of show!

Will Liz and Patrick hook up after the Jason secret comes out?

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Good D.A.

Criminal Mastermind
Thursday's Recap - 

Alexis goes to see Paul at the Q's and introduces herself. She wants to talk about Julian. Alexis insists that Julian is innocent of shooting Sonny. She provides Paul with some documents to back her statement up and says he should drop all charges against Julian. Alexis suggests that there is another suspect setting Julian up. Paul asks if she knows who that could be. Alexis answers that she doesn't know, but she hopes he can find out. Paul tells her if Julian is truly innocent he has nothing to fear and that he intends to be an honorable DA. Alexis appreciates his honesty. Later when he's alone, Paul calls Ava to say he's ready to make a move against Sonny. 

Sam pays Julian a visit at his apartment. She thinks Julian needs to arrange protection for himself or leave town. Julian says he's not going anywhere. Sam offers to use her PI skills to find out more about who could be setting him up. Julian doesn't want Sam to put herself at risk. After they get into a conversation about Patrick proposing to her. She explains how it was her anniversary to Jason and it felt weird to accept. Sam shows Julian her phoenix and dragon figurines and says she knows she has to let Jason go. Later Sam heads to Noodle Buddha with her figurines and pines for Jason. Meanwhile Alexis goes to Julian's apartment and tells him the new DA seems open minded.

Michael and Jake chat at the hospital about the situation with Julian. Michael says he thinks they need to find out if Julian is guilty so he has Sonny's people on it. Michael tells Jake he never had to get involved before, because Jason used to handle everything. Later Jake tells Michael about Sonny calling him Jason and describes it as a "heavy" experience. Then Jake invites Michael to his wedding. After Jake coincidentally heads to Noodle Buddha as well and sees Sam sitting alone playing with her figurines. 

Patrick checks on Sonny in his hospital room and asks if he remembers mistaking Jake for Jason. Sonny says he thought he was dreaming. Patrick explains that morphine can have a disorienting effect. Then Sonny asks Patrick to explain what happened at the warehouse, because it's all a blur to him. Patrick tells him how Jake saved the day. Sonny says from what he remembers, Jake's actions at the warehouse were just like Jason. After Patrick gives Sonny a lecture about getting out of the mob and how Jason's death still effects everyone, especially Sam.

Outside of Sonny's room, Ava comes to pick up Avery. Carly holds the baby and refuses to let Ava near her. Morgan looks on in disgust. Carly and Ava get into a verbal argument. Ava accuses Carly and Sonny of damaging Morgan and claims she doesn't want the same thing to happen to Avery. Carly says Ava has no legal right to Avery. Ava pulls some documents out of her purse and says she has a court order to take Avery. At first Carly refuses to hand Avery over, but Morgan tells Carly to comply as not to give Ava any ammunition against her. Carly reluctantly hands Avery to Ava, but then she reads the fine print and says Ava has to give them 24 hour notice before taking Avery. Ava realizes she has to hand Avery back. At the end Carly brings Avery into see Sonny and prepares to tell him about Ava's plans.  

End of show!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Come to Mama

I'm getting Avery back!
Here's What Happened - 

Patrick plays his guitar at his house and sings as we get a montage of Sam going through Jason's stuff. After Sam gets emotional and puts Jason's things away. She brings Patrick coffee and they talk about her anniversary to Jason. After Sam tells Patrick she'll let him know when she's ready to get married to him. Then they have sex. Meanwhile Liz hears Jake say "I do," in his sleep at their house. He wakes up and she reminds him they met a year ago today. They reminisce on their early encounters with each other and talk about setting a date for their wedding. Liz wants to get married today, but Jake says it doesn't feel right. At the end, they pick November 6th.

Ava thinks about her arrangement with Paul at Julian's apartment. Then Scotty stops by and Ava offers him a million dollars to get Avery legally back in her arms. Meanwhile, Alexis and Julian talk about what went down with Morgan at Sam's penthouse. Alexis worries that Julian is still in danger and tells him to leave town. Julian says he wants to stay put and then leaves to go visit Ava. Once he gets to his apartment, Julian explains to Ava how Morgan tried to kill him. Then he asks Ava to help him prove he's being set up. She agrees to help. At the end, Scotty returns when Ava is alone with news about Avery.

At the Q's, Dillon toasts to Paul's new job as DA. Then he reminds Paul that he'll be going against the Port Charles mob as the new district attorney. He gives Paul some background on Sonny's history in PC as well as the Jerome's. Paul says he's not going to back down for any mobsters. Then Dillon asks if Paul is going to go after Ava. Paul answers that every mobster in Port Charles will answer to him, including Ava. Dillon is impressed with Paul's determination and tells Paul he's proud of him. At the end, Alexis stops by to pay Paul a visit when he's alone. 

At the hospital, Michael and Carly try to talk to Morgan about seeing a doctor, but Morgan refuses. Morgan starts yelling about how Sonny needs to be avenged. Carly thinks Ava might be responsible for shooting Sonny and not Julian. Then Carly worries that Ava might try to go after Avery. She thinks they should ask Ric to help stop Ava so she calls him. Ric agrees to help if Carly allows him to visit Sonny. Morgan doesn't trust Ric, but Carly thinks it's their best option. After Sabrina brings Avery to the hospital and Carly holds her. At the end, Patrick comes to check on Sonny and Ava comes to the hospital to see Avery.

End of show!

Oddly November 6th is my wedding anniversary, but I'm pretty sure Jake & Liz will implode at their wedding.

Have a great night!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Off Today

No recap today, I'll be back tomorrow. Enjoy GH!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

I Want You Forever

Too Perfect!
Monday's Recap - 

Patrick tells Sam he wants to get married at their house. He says, "I want you forever!" Then Patrick starts talking about how great their life is and Sam's agrees. However Sam is hesitant to say yes. She explains to Patrick that she has Jason on her mind and says the timing seems off. Sam explains to Patrick that tomorrow is her anniversary with Jason and she's not ready to give him an answer. Patrick is disappointed, but takes it in stride. At the end, Patrick tells Sam he accepts her connection to Jason. Sam assures Patrick that she can see them getting married one day.

At GH, Sonny worries that Morgan is going to get into trouble. Carly tries to assure him that Michael will find Morgan. Then Liz comes in to check on Sonny's vitals and Carly steps out. Once alone, Sonny tells Liz that he's happy little Jake came back but he wishes Jason was alive to see it. Out in the hall, Jake brings Carly coffee and they talk about Morgan's troubles. Carly tells Jake that Michael is going after Morgan, but she's worried that she's going to lose both her boys. Jake offers to look for them for her. Then Liz walks out and tells Jake that Sonny wants to speak with him. When Jake goes to see him, Sonny calls him Jason.

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy, Maxie and Dillon talk about Paul's help with Mayor Lomax. They're pleased with his kindness. Tracy hopes Paul's turned over a new leaf and gives Maxie some details on Paul shady mob past. Maxie advises Tracy to take a chance on Paul, because life is more fun when you share it with someone. Meanwhile Paul knocks on Ava's door, shows her the flash drive recording and asks to come in. They make martini's and Paul tells her that he wants to run the Jerome organization with her. He admits to Ava that he shot Sonny. Ava asks why he needs her. Paul says he's the man behind the curtain and wants Ava to be the face of their business. That way his family will remain in the dark about his involvement.

Morgan surprises Julian and Alexis at their secret cabin with a gun. He manages to get Julian's gun and starts ranting about how Julian shot Sonny. Alexis tries to reason with Morgan, but Morgan is shaky and easily agitated. Alexis says Sonny wouldn't want Morgan to get involved with mob business. She asks him if he wants to end up in prison and says Sonny won't be able to live with himself if that happens. Morgan asks Julian who else is responsible if he's isn't. Julian says he doesn't know, but Charlie was lying about him. Alexis tells Morgan if he kills Julian he'll have to kill her too. Julian gets upset when he hears that and convinces Morgan to make Alexis leave the cabin. Morgan agrees and screams at Alexis to leave.

Michael and Milo go to Sam's penthouse and ask TJ where Morgan is. TJ doesn't want to talk, but Michael pressures TJ to spill what he knows about Morgan's whereabouts. TJ finally tells Michael and Milo what he knows about Julian and Alexis going to the cabin. At the end, Michael makes it to the cabin just as Alexis is being forced outside. Alexis runs into Michael's arms and then a gun shot rings out from inside.

End of show!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

On Today's Episode...

Something so familiar!

TGIF! No official recap today, I'll be back on Monday. In the meantime, here's whats coming up on today's show! Spoilers are courtesy of ---> GHH!

Jake's actions remind Ric and Sam of Jason.

Dillon's movie hits a snag; Paul comes through, using his connections on his son's behalf.

Ava receives an surprise visitor.

Sam receives something unexpected.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kristina's Back

Hugging Party!
Today's Show - 

Sonny wakes up at GH and immediately apologizes to Carly for missing their wedding. Carly tells him that she's letting it slide since he saved TJ's life. She shows him the vows he wrote and let's him know she read them. Carly says his vows were beautiful and touching. Meanwhile in the hallway, Lulu tells Valerie that Dante was asking for forgiveness in the chapel earlier. Later they decide to head to the PCPD together. 

At the PCPD, Ric continues to wear his Clark Kent glasses as he tells Dante he plans to go after Ava hard in court. Then they talk about Sonny and Dante suggests Ric doesn't really care about Sonny. Ric scolds Dante and tells him to get off his high horse. Later Dante talks to Nathan about his guilt regarding sleeping with Valerie. Nathan is about to tell Dante he thinks Valerie still has feelings for him when Lulu and Valerie walk in. Lulu takes Dante aside to tell him how wonderful he is while Valerie looks on upset. Then Valerie asks Nathan to keep quiet about her feelings.

Molly and Sam discuss Julian's guilt at Sam's penthouse. Molly assumes the worst of Julian, but Sam defends him. Then Alexis comes home and brings Kristina with her. Everyone exchanges hugs and then they discuss Sonny's shooting. Kristina and Molly think Julian is guilty. Alexis pulls them all in for a group hug and advises everyone to agree to disagree. Then Kristina heads off to see Sonny and Molly leaves to avoid talking about Julian. Once alone, Sam tells Alexis she believes Julian is innocent, but everyone else thinks he's guilty.

TJ talks with Morgan and Michael at the hospital about what happened at the warehouse. Morgan gets intense and starts grilling TJ about whether Julian was Charlie's boss or not. Michael backs Morgan off and then TJ leaves. Then Kristina arrives, hugs them both and they take a few moments to catch up. After Michael orders the guards to be extra vigilant to protect Sonny and Kristina goes into Sonny's room for a visit. They have a touching talk and Kristina tells Sonny she loves him. She also says she's proud to be his daughter and Sonny cries. At the end, Michael also tells Sonny he loves him and wants to be father and son again. Sonny informs Michael he remembers Morgan telling him he was going to kill Julian.

At the courthouse, Ava wonders if Scotty will double cross her. Scotty tells her she'll just have to trust him. Then Ric arrives to prosecute and court begins. Ric wants more time, because he can't track down the flash drive recording of Ava admitting to killing Connie. Ric suggests to the judge that someone took it from his office. Scotty pushes to have the charges against Ava dropped. The judge dismisses the charges for the time being, but says when they find the recording Ava will have to face trial. Ava is ecstatic and hugs Scotty. At the end, Scotty goes to get the recording and finds his room has been trashed. 

Julian gets a call from Sam at his apartment. He assures her he didn't shoot Sonny and he can take care of himself. After he gets another call from Ava. She informs him that Scott has agreed to work with her and she's going to get Avery back. Later Julian thinks Sonny's people will be after him so he gets his gun ready. Alexis stops by and can sense he's nervous. Julian explains that he's a marked man and needs to get out of Port Charles. He asks Alexis to come with him. At the end, Morgan lurks outside of Julian's apartment with a gun.

End of show!

Hugs all around today. The actress playing the judge wasn't too good, but Kristina and Sonny's scenes were sweet today!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Not Out of the Woods

Here's What Happened -

At the hospital, Olivia and Lulu chat over coffee about Sonny's condition. Lulu says Dante is in the chapel and not dealing well. Olivia starts talking about how Dante always puts on a brave front. Lulu says she's going to go support Dante and Olivia goes to check on Sonny. Nearby Carly, Michael and Morgan wait for news. Morgan starts ranting about wanting information on Sonny and insists he's going to find out what's going on. Michael and Carly try to talk Morgan out of making a scene. Morgan thinks about his promise to kill Julian. After Olivia joins them as Patrick comes to give everyone a report. He says the surgery was a success, but Sonny is not out of the woods yet.

At the PCPD, Valerie brings Nathan a file on Charlie and they talk about Ava. Nathan says he hopes Ava stays locked up. Later Nathan tries to get information that will connect Julian to Sonny's shooting, but turns up empty. After Valerie wants to visit Dante in the hospital, but Nathan tells her not to. He lets her know that Dante told him about them sleeping together. Nathan thinks Valerie makes it obvious that she cares about Dante and she should back off. Valerie admits that she has feelings for Dante. Nathan is compassionate toward her, but advises Valerie to leave her feelings for Dante in the past. She agrees and after Nathan gets a call from the lab with news about Julian.

Dante confesses to cheating on Lulu in the chapel. He talks to god and says he can't believe he judged his father when he did the same thing. Then Lulu walks in as Dante is asking for forgiveness. She wonders what he thinks he needs forgiveness for. Dante tells Lulu he needs forgiveness for what he said for Sonny before his heart stopped. Later Olivia comes to get them and they all head to Sonny's hospital room. They wait with Carly, Michael and Morgan for news. Then Patrick comes over and allows Carly to visit with Sonny. Carly goes into his hospital room and asks Sonny to open his eyes and come back to her. Outside Morgan continues to complain as Valerie approaches them and says she has news about Julian.

In her cell, Ava gets a visit from Scotty. He informs Ava that he's going represent her, because Diane doesn't want to. Then he says Julian is also in lock up himself on suspicion of shooting Sonny. Later Scott tells Ava that Sonny never got to marry Carly. Ava thinks to herself that Julian must have shot Sonny, because she asked him to stop the wedding. After Scotty says he has the recording of Ava admitting to killing Connie. Scotty seethes about how much he hates Sonny, because of his daughter Karen. Thus he wants to help Ava at the price tag of five million dollars. Ava reluctantly agrees and vows to get her daughter back.

Lucas goes to see Julian in jail and asks if he had Sonny shot. Julian says he was with Olivia when Sonny got shot and should be released shortly. Lucas wonders if Julian is really out of the mob. Julian promises this time is different and he's not back in the mob or responsible for Sonny's demise. Lucas isn't sure he believes Julian and worries that one day he'll see Julian come into the ER. Julian swears someone is setting him up, but Lucas thinks Sonny's people are going to come after him either way. At the end, Nathan interrupts their conversation to tell Julian he's a free man, because they couldn't find anything on him. Meanwhile back at the hospital, Sonny finally opens his eyes!

End of show!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jake Is Just Like Jason

Why now?
Tuesday's Recap - 

Liz tells Jake at their place that she did something bad to Sam. Jake doesn't understand and asks what she's talking about. Liz claims she's upset about the lie she told Jason years ago when Danny was first born to keep Jason from going back to Sam. After Jake asks why she's bringing this up now. Liz says Jason never got to spend time with Danny because of her. Jake doesn't think Liz should punish herself for her past actions and says Jason wouldn't want her to blame herself. At the end, Jake tells her all that matters is that they're together.

Sam goes to her penthouse and finds Ric there with Danny. She's not happy to see him, but Ric explains that Molly let him in. Then they talk about Sonny. Ric expresses his frustration at being shut out at the hospital by Michael and Carly. Sam tells him that she knows Sonny is stable for now and Ric thanks her. Later they talk about Jake and Ric says Jake's shooting at the warehouse is just like Jason. It makes Sam think about Jason's death and she recounts the last day of Jason's life to Ric. After Sam looks at pictures of Jason. Then Patrick calls her to say Sonny needs surgery.

Maxie and Nathan think about taking a vacation from the comfort of their bed. Maxie talks about what happened with Sonny and hopes everything will be okay for Carly. Later Nathan tells her about Jake Doe killing three bad guys at the warehouse. Maxie thinks Jake is dangerous and it's weird that Sam hangs out with him. Talking about dangerous shootouts makes Maxie nervous about Nathan's job. 

At the hospital Michael, Carly, Dante and Morgan wait for news on Sonny's condition while Sonny goes into arrest. Patrick and the nurse's work to save Sonny's life. Later Patrick tells everyone Sonny is stable, but he needs surgery right away to remove the bullet. He also says Sonny is fragile and surgery could kill him. In private, Michael and Dante have a chat. Michael tells Dante about embracing Sonny as his father again. Then Sabrina arrives to support Michael while Morgan continues to act out in front of Carly. After Carly goes to see Sonny and talks to him about whether surgery is right for him or not. At the end, she decides Sonny should have the surgery and Patrick takes him to the operating room.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Day Off

No recap today, I'll be back tomorrow! :)

Have a great night!

Friday, September 11, 2015

One Wrong Move

Sonny's a fighter!
Friday's Recap - 

Nikolas and Elizabeth talk on the phone about Sam's suspicions and how he blamed Helena. Hayden walks in so Nik gets off the phone. She asks what he was talking about regarding Helena. Before Nik can answer, Agent Sloane walks in. Sloane wants to know how much Nikolas will pay to avoid being exposed. Hayden jumps in and defends Nikolas. Sloane blames Nikolas for his failed relationship with Anna. After hearing about Anna, Hayden tells Sloane not to give up on love. Nik gets annoyed, offers to arrange payment for Sloane and then kicks him out. After Hayden asks if love matters to Nik. She concludes that Nikolas was hurt badly in the past.

Jake thinks about helping to save Sonny on the docks. Then he goes home and tells Liz what happened to Sonny. Jake says, "I killed three men!" Jake confides in her that Sonny said he knew he'd come when he was shot and Jake wonders what he meant. Liz tries to tell Jake that Sonny was just out of it from blood loss. Jake doesn't agree and thinks he felt connected to Sonny. Liz worries and hopes Jake doesn't make shoot-outs a regular thing. Jake promises he won't and then goes to take a shower. At the end, Liz is overcome with guilt for keeping Jake's identity a secret. She tears up and tells Jake she has something to tell him.

Patrick tells Carly and Michael at GH that Sonny's surgery is tricky. Patrick says, "one wrong move" and Sonny could be paralyzed or die. Later Michael goes to visit an unconscious Sonny and tells Sonny he loves him. He also says Sonny is his father again. Meanwhile TJ comes to GH to see Carly and apologizes for ruining her wedding day. Carly tells TJ not to to feel guilty. After TJ talks to Michael about what happened at the warehouse and Carly goes to see to Sonny. She tells Sonny to fight and promises they'll get through this together. Later, TJ goes to see Sonny and promises to be there for him.

Sam gets a lecture from Patrick at the hospital about putting herself in danger during Sonny's shooting. Sam explains what happened and how Jake saved the day. Patrick says he'll never be comfortable with her being at risk. Sam hopes that them discussing it calmly helps to ease the tension of them disagreeing. Patrick asks if Sam misses the adrenaline from her old life with Jason. Sam says she doesn't miss the fear, like what Carly is going through, but she does gets the attraction. However Sam assures Patrick she loves him and wants a life with him. At the end, Patrick gets Sonny's test results and says it doesn't look good. 

Anna goes to see Jordan in her office. They talk about TJ and Jordan vents to Anna about TJ's fondness for Sonny. Then they talk about Julian's potential involvement. Later Anna tells Jordan that Sloane betrayed her and won't turn Nikolas in. Jordan says she thinks she can still go after Nikolas. Fearing Sloane will expose her for Carlos' murder, Anna talks Jordan out of going after Nikolas. Jordan wonders why Anna changed her mind, but agrees to table it for now. 

At the PCPD, Lulu tells Dante that Olivia saw Julian on the pier before Sonny was shot. Then Morgan comes out of nowhere and attacks Julian. Dante and some officers pull Morgan off. Julian is ready to leave, but Morgan threatens to come after Julian if he sees him on the streets. Dante ushers Morgan out and after Dante ends up punching Julian when he makes a comment about Dante having a wandering eye. Meanwhile Morgan returns to GH and tells Carly and Michael about what happened with Julian. Later Carly finds Sonny's wedding vows in his suit jacket. Then Morgan goes to visit Sonny and tells him he's going to kill Julian!

End of show!

I'm a little disappointed that Michael embraced Sonny again. Will he stick with the Quartermaine's now or get involved with the mob? I hope the new writer's undue the mob stuff, but it's not looking good. I do think the show has been more eventful lately and there is always good acting on GH. I guess we'll have to see if the current storylines can pick up more steam!

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Coming Up On Today's GH

I saw Julian!
No recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here's the scoop on today's episode. Spoilers are courtesy of --> GHH!

Olivia tells that she saw Julian on the docks the day of the shooting.

Ric makes a scene during a crisis.

Julian vehemently denies any mob involvement or in the shooting.

Paul decides his future.

Sam tries to help Jake make sense of things.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Witness to Murder

Remember, you killed Carlos!
Here's What Happened - 

In Jordan's office, Anna and Agent Sloane continue to have a tense conversation. Sloane reminds Anna that she killed Carlos and he helped her cover it up. He says he's a, "Witness to murder!" Sloane advises Anna to find a way to take the heat off him or he'll reveal her secret. He informs her that he kept the gun she used to kill Carlos as insurance. Anna is appalled by Sloane's cunning. He defends himself by reminding Anna about her misdeeds. Anna says Sloane is half the man Duke was, but Sloane says Duke went bad. Anna defends Duke and gets emotional talking him. At the end, Sloane says he cares about Anna, but won't lose everything for her. 

Julian visits Ava in her jail cell and tells her that Diane agreed to represent her. Ava isn't sure it will do much good, because the charges are so serious. Julian reminds her that Sonny is getting married, which reminds Ava that Carly is about to be Avery's mom. She asks Julian to stop their wedding. Julian remarks that the wedding might not take place, because trouble always follows Sonny. Then Julian talks about his dead baby and tells her Olivia named him Leo. He also notes that something seemed off with Olivia when he saw her on the pier. Ava asks why he was on the pier. Julian says he was just going for a walk. After Ava vows to get Avery back.  

Sam and TJ standby at the warehouse while the paramedics work on Sonny. Later TJ leaves with one of the officers to help with the case and Sam rides with Sonny to the hospital. When they arrive at GH, Patrick and the nurse's take Sonny into surgery. Sonny regains consciousness momentarily, but then crushes. Meanwhile out in the lobby, Sam is upset and decides to call Alexis. She leaves her a message to call her back asap.

Jake shocks the wedding party at Sonny's house when he walks in with a bloody shirt. Carly goes cold when she sees him and asks what's going on. He announces that Sonny was shot, but is still alive. Jake explains what happened with TJ and Charlie at the warehouse. Carly, Michael and Morgan take off for the hospital with Jake and Dante goes to the PCPD. Maxie and Lulu stay behind to wait for news. Maxie gets upset and wonders if all the power and money Sonny has is worth his life. After Sabrina joins them with Avery and they all have champagne. Maxie advises Sabrina to get used to violence since she's dating the son of a mob boss. Later they fill Sabrina in on how Michael killed Claudia. Sabrina looks worried, but says she believes in Michael. At the end, Sabrina sings to Avery.

Jordan gets word that TJ was involved in a shooting on the docks at the PCPD. She panics, but then TJ shows up. She hugs him and TJ explains what happened to Sonny. When she hears about Charlie's involvement, Jordan rants about how dangerous Sonny is. Then Dante arrives and TJ tells him he thinks Charlie works for Julian. TJ blames himself for Sonny getting shot, but Dante and Jordan insist it's not his fault. Later TJ tells them the story again. He glorifies Sonny actions by saying Sonny was 'amazing' and then says Jake Doe took down all the bad guys before they could finish Sonny off. At the end, Dante runs into Julian at the station. 

Carly, Jake, Michael and Morgan arrive at GH. Sam tells Jake in private that Sonny might not make it. Then they have a conversation about Jake's shooting skills. Meanwhile Carly and her sons run into the operating room. Carly tries to tell Sonny she loves him, but Patrick makes all of them leave. After Carly overhears Sam telling Jake that he saved Sonny's life. Sam explains to Carly, Michael and Morgan what Jake did. Jake is humble. Then he tells Carly the last thing Sonny said was that he loves her. At the end, Patrick comes out and tells everyone that Sonny is stable and is receiving a blood transfusion. Carly wants assurance that Sonny is out of the woods, but Patrick looks worried.

End of show!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tell Carly I Love Her

You always come!
Today's Recap - 

At Wyndermere, Hayden probes Nikolas about Jake. Nik swears he doesn't know who Jake really is, but Hayden doesn't believe him. Nikolas decides to fill Hayden in on her plan with Ric to defraud Jake. She doesn't understand why she would have messed with Jake and thinks she must have been working with Nikolas. He tries to distract her with sex talk by reminding her there are better things she can do with her mouth. Hayden resists and suggests they take an evening swim instead. After she complains about how cold the pool is so Nik wraps a blanket around her.

Anna thinks about Agent Sloane in Jordan's office and then he walks in. She hopes to hear good news about Nikolas, but Sloane tells her that he's not turning Nik in. Sloane explains that he's been working for Nikolas and doesn't want to cross him. Anna says if Sloane made a different choice they could have tried to make things work between them. She tells him she was thinking they should explore their feelings, but he's not the man she thought he was. Sloane doesn't think that makes sense, but Anna says they were never meant to be. Later he tells Anna if he goes to jail, she's going as well for Carlos' murder. 

On the docks, Sam and Jake wonder why Sloane didn't back them about Nikolas. They hear a shot go off and Jake instinctively covers Sam. Once they realize the coast is clear, they run to see what happened. Meanwhile, Sonny gets shot at the warehouse where TJ is being held by an unseen gunman. Sonny falls to the floor in a pool of blood while TJ screams. Charlie freaks out about who the gunman was as two of Charlie friends storm inside. Charlie wants to shoot Sonny again, but Jake bursts in and kills all the bad guys. Sam calls an ambulance while Jake tries to help Sonny. As Sonny clings to life he tells Jake, "I knew you'd come, you always do!" At the end, Sonny tells Jake to tell Carly he loves her as the ambulance arrives. 

At Carly's house, Bobby, Maxie, Valerie, Lulu and Maxie are all excited for the wedding to begin. Bobby tells Carly in private how beautiful she looks and Carly says she feels like her life is about to begin again. Valerie misses her mom watching Carly and Bobby. Lulu notices and offers to be there for her. After the all leave for Sonny's house. Once they all arrive, Maxie checks on the groom while Valerie, Lulu, Bobby and Carly wait in the lobby.

In the living room of Sonny's house, Michael and Morgan chat right before Sabrina walks in. Dante joins them and everyone wonders where Sonny is. In private, Dante and Morgan discuss the downside of alcohol. Dante says he made the worst mistake of his life under the influence of alcohol. Before he can explain what he's talking about Maxie interrupts. She tells Morgan to take Carly and the girls upstairs and after grills Dante about where Sonny is. Dante says he can't reach Sonny. 

Meanwhile Michael and Sabrina take a moment to enjoy Avery. Sabrina gives her a baby headband to where for the wedding. Michael tells Sabrina he's lucky to have her. After Michael brings Avery down to see the group and Lulu holds her. Right then Dante and Lulu decide to have another kid. Bobby notices that Valerie looks upset. Valerie says she feeling sick so Bobby takes her home. Upstairs Carly and Morgan have a private chat. Morgan says he doesn't know how he'll handle it if he's really bipolar. Carly says it will be worth it to get answers. After Maxie comes to tell Carly that Sonny is missing. Carly assumes that Sonny is planning a surprise. At the end, Jake walks in as the wedding group is commenced in the living room. Carly is in the middle of speech about Sonny. Her face turns cold when she sees Jake standing there with blood on his shirt.

End of show!

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Labor Day Break

I'm taking a mini vacation for the long weekend. I'll be back on Tuesday! In the meantime, here are a few scoops for what's coming up on General Hospital! Spoilers are courtesy of ---> GHH!

Apparently, Sonny ends up being shot before his wedding to Carly.

 Jake worries about Carly being in the line of fire. 

 Sonny and Carly get a second chance to say their, "I do's" from his hospital bed.

Anna is caught up by Jordan at a crime scene in PC.

Something about Valerie catches Bobbie's attention.

Kristina Davis may make an appearance when Sonny is on his death bed.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Starting to Remember

Thursday's Recap - 

Hayden has a memory of kissing Nikolas and making threats about Jake at Wyndermere. Nikolas says they used to kiss a lot and he doesn't recall her talking about Jake. Outside Sam and Jake head to Wyndermere to confront Nikolas. Jake advises Sam to take it slow and not go in guns blazing. They knock on the door and tell Nikolas they want to check on Hayden. Sam pushes her way inside and asks Hayden if she's had anymore memories. Sam also wonders if Nikolas knows who Jake really is. Nikolas swears he doesn't and thinks Hayden might have had contact with Helena in the past. After Sam warns Nik that she knows he fixed the election and can prove it.

Agent Sloane (played by Robb Derringer again) finds Carly and Sonny's smashed wedding cake outside of Kelly's. Then Anna walks up to him and Sloane asks if there is a chance for them. Anna tells Sloane she's not sure they have a romantic future, but she needs his help. She asks him to come forward with the information on Nikolas, but Sloane refuses. Anna gets emotional and says she needs him to come through for her. At the end, Anna goes to see Jordan and asks for her help. Meanwhile Sloane heads to Wyndermere.

At Sonny's house, Sonny talks to Graciela about the wedding preparations. Then Ric stops by to wish Sonny well. Ric tells Sonny that the Mayor released one of Julian's old henchmen, Charlie, from jail after convincing him to testify against Julian. After Sonny tells Ric about Morgan's troubles and that he hopes Michael shows up for the wedding. Then Morgan comes downstairs and rambles to Ric. Later Graciela tells Sonny that TJ hasn't arrived with the cake yet.

Michael goes to Carly's house and tells her about his dream of Sonny. Michael says he can't forgive Sonny for killing AJ, but that he'll be at the wedding. He explains that he wants to support Morgan, because Kiki dumped him. Carly gets concerned and wonders where Morgan is. She calls Sonny and he tells her that Morgan is with him. Then Sonny tells her to hurry up so he can marry the hell out of her. After Michael wishes her happiness and tells Carly she's the best mom in the world. They hug and he leaves so she can get ready.

Dante and Jordan talk in Jordan's office about releasing Charlie from custody. They also wonder what Ric's involvement might be and they discuss TJ. Dante assures Jordan that Sonny will protect TJ. Meanwhile Charlie pulls a bag off TJ's head in an unknown warehouse. TJ is tied to a chair and questioned. Charlie tells TJ he's the one who hijacked Sonny's shipments. TJ assumes that Julian is his boss. Later Charlie has TJ make a call to Sonny and give Sonny the address to the warehouse. TJ tells Sonny he has to come alone or they'll shoot him. At the end Michael, Dante and Morgan convene at Sonny's house while Sonny heads to the warehouse to help TJ.

End of show!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Anna's Back!

Remember Duke!
Here's What Happened - 

TJ calls Molly to come to Kelly's for help with Carly and Sonny's wedding cake. Apparently he picked the cake up that Maxie ordered and somehow smashed some of it. Molly offers help him conduct some cake surgery to repair it. She gives it her best try, but ultimately decides it's hopeless and tosses the cake in the garbage. After they decide to bake their own cake instead and end up doing a nice job. 

Carly gets a visit from Jake at her house while she's on the phone with Sonny. She neglects to tell Sonny that Jake dropped by. Jake brings flowers and they have a chat about Carly's wedding day worries. She tells Jake about her feelings that Morgan is bipolar. Carly explains how Sonny is bipolar too. She describes how she used to work with Jason to hide Sonny's condition before he was diagnosed. She says she wishes Jason was around to help Morgan now. Later Carly says she hopes Michael will show up at the wedding. Jake leaves and after Sam calls him asking to see him. 

Michael has a nightmare about fighting with Sonny the night Connie was killed. He wakes up next to Sabrina and she comforts him. Michael talks about whether or not to go to his parents wedding and says he would only consider going for Morgan's sake. Sabrina says she'll join him in whatever decision he makes. Michael appreciates it and they end up fooling around.

Morgan shows up drunk at Sonny's house saying he was playing poker all night. Morgan says he lost a lot of money, but wants to celebrate Sonny's wedding nonetheless. Then Morgan starts ranting about how Kiki dumped him. He blames Sonny for him inheriting bipolar disorder. Then Morgan says if he's not bipolar that means he's just a loser. Morgan goes on to say Michael is better than him and Sonny should hate him. Sonny tries to reason with Morgan. He insists that he's going to stand by him and get Morgan treatment. They hug as Sonny promises he'll always love him. Later Sonny convinces Morgan to take a shower, sober up, get through the wedding and says tomorrow they can see a doctor. 

At Wyndermere, Spencer shows Hayden and Nikolas his smashing first day of school outfit. Then he tells Nik that he's changed, but still hopes he can win back Emma. Spencer says maybe if he can get Emma back, Nik and Hayden can get back together too. Nikolas says they were never a couple in the first place. Spencer reminds Nik that he saw them kissing. Hayden tells Spencer she doesn't remember that. Nik explains that Hayden is just a house guest. After Spencer leaves for school and Hayden says she wishes she could remember their kiss. Later Nik offers to stay home from work and hang out with Hayden.

Anna returns to Port Charles and pays Patrick, Emma and Sam a visit at their house. Anna gives Emma a present, which is a Teddy bear playing bagpipes. Anna tells Emma she hopes it reminds her of Duke. In private, Anna tells Patrick that she tried to visit Robin but couldn't track her down. Then she says she's glad Patrick has Sam now. Later Patrick takes Emma to school leaving Sam and Anna alone. Sam asks if Anna feels awkward with her living in Robin's house. Anna says it hasn't been Robin's house for a long time. Anna tells Sam that she doesn't have a job right now so Sam asks if she wants to help with her PI investigation into Nikolas. Anna's interested and tells Sam about Nikolas fixing Mayor Lomax's election. Anna offers to speak with Sloane about how to handle the Nikolas situation.

At the end, Sam tells Jake she's finally got Nikolas where she wants him. At Wyndermere, Hayden and Nik chat and she remembers threatening to reveal the truth about Jake. Meanwhile Michael goes to see Carly and Morgan tells Sonny that he's ready to see a doctor. At Kelly's, TJ gets grabbed by two masked strangers and drops the newly made cake on the ground as he's being dragged away!

End of show!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You're The Perfect Wife For Me

5th times the charm!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Michael's finds Morgan drinking at the Haunted Star bar. Morgan tells him that his relationship with Kiki is over because he slept wit Ava. Morgan confides in Michael that he felt like he didn't have control over himself around Ava. Michael tells him that Carly told him about him possibly being bipolar. Michael advises Morgan to find out one way or another. Morgan says he'll consider going to Kevin Collins, but doesn't know how he'll get through Carly and Sonny's wedding. He asks Michael to come to support him. Michael says he can't, but promises Morgan he'll be there for him otherwise. 

Ava thinks about her situation from her jail cell. Then she gets a visit from Kiki who confronts her for sleeping with Morgan. Ava tells Kiki she was too weak to fight her feelings for Morgan. Kiki is disgusted and tells Ava she never wants to see her again. Ava pleads with Kiki not to walk away from her. Kiki says she wants Ava in jail and away from Avery for life.

Julian feels guilty for not being able to help Ava. Alexis overhears him talking to Ava's picture in his bedroom. Then Alexis tells him that Silas's killer has been caught. Later Alexis says that she's leaving town to visit Kristina. They decide to have embark on some romance since they won't see each other for awhile. After they have pillow talk about Ava. Alexis offers to call Diane to help.

Maxie goes to the PCPD to see Nathan and finds him in a funk over arresting Madeline. Then Madeline is walked out in handcuffs. Nathan tells her off and has the guards take Madeline out of his sight. Later Maxie tries to comfort Nathan so he'll forget about Madeline. She tells Nathan she's going to star in a movie. 

Nina shares her snacks with Franco in their jail cells. Franco tells her that the real killer has been caught and it's Madeline. Nina is upset and can't believe how awful her mother is. Franco advises her not to think about Madeline anymore. Later Madeline is brought down to the cells. She tells Nina that Ric is framing her, but Nina doesn't believe her. She tells Madeline to go to hell and screams that she hates her. At the end, Nina and Franco are alone again. Franco tells Nina she's finally free of Madeline and soon they'll be free of the charges. He promises Nina she's safe with him. Nina responds by telling Franco she loves him. 

At Sonny's house, Carly tries to soothe Avery while she teethes. Carly starts talking to her about the upcoming wedding and Sonny walks in. He's happy to see Carly taking care of Avery. Then he tells her Ric isn't guilty of killing Silas. Later Carly tells Sonny that she asked Michael to check on Morgan. Sonny asks if Michael is coming to the wedding. Carly says she doesn't know, but there is still time. Sonny tells Carly how happy he is to be marrying her again. Sonny says, "You are the perfect wife for me." At the end, Carly tells Sonny she's leaving since it's the night before their wedding. Sonny tells her he can't wait to see her tomorrow!

End of show!

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