Thursday, August 27, 2015

Your Mother's a Liar

Ava's Innocent!
Thursday's Recap - 

Maxie goes to The Haunted Star at Dillon's behest. He says he wants her help, but Maxie acts demanding so Dillon tells her to forget it. Maxie gets annoyed and brings up how Dillon cheated on Georgie with Lulu. Later they soften toward each other and Dillon finally tells Maxie that he wants her help with the costume design for his film. He describes how his main character, Marjorie, is effortlessly well dressed (he describes her similar to Lulu), but Maxie doesn't think he has the budget to pull it off. At the end she agrees to use her contacts to help him, because Maxie says Georgie would have wanted her to. 

Sonny and Carly talk at his house about Ava. Sonny says he won't have closure until Ava is convicted for Connie's murder, but he worries that Ava will use one of her tricks to get off. Carly thinks Ava will use Morgan's feelings for her to get control over him. Sonny thinks Ava destroyed Morgan's pride and this time he'll stay away. Carly doesn't agree and brings up Morgan's weird behavior of late. She thinks they need to take action immediately and get him to a doctor. 

Morgan goes to see Ava in jail. He accuses her of playing him the whole time. She swears that she loves him and it's not true. He asks why she didn't tell him the truth in the first place. Ava answers because he sent Sonny to kill her in the past. Morgan says he regrets doing that. Later Ava thinks that deep down Morgan knew all along that she was Ava, at least subconsciously. Ava says they could have their love again if he'd just reach out to her. Morgan says thats not an option, especially because she's going to prison. He asks her to let them go and keep quiet about them sleeping together. Ava doesn't want to let go, but Morgan insists they have to for Kiki's sake.

Julian waits outside of Ric's office and hears him on the phone talking about bringing Ava to justice. Julian walks in and threatens to go after Ric and his family in the media if he doesn't drop the investigate against Ava. Ric gets a text from Madeline so he hurries to get the papers for control of Nina's money from Nathan. After Julian searches Ric's office, but is interrupted by Jordan. She asks what he's doing in there. Julian claims he's waiting for Ric, but Jordan tells him Ric is held up. Julian makes an excuse to get out of there and walks out. 

Nathan thinks he knows who killed Silas at the PCPD. He tells Jordan and Dante he doesn't think the real murderer has been revealed yet. Later Ric shows up and asks Nathan if he has the papers that were with Nina's things. To Ric's surprise, Nathan has Dante arrest him for Silas's murder. They bring him into the interrogation room and Dante reads Ric his rights. Ric refuses to talk until his lawyer gets there. 

Kiki heads to the PCPD to speak with Franco. She thinks Nina is guilty for Silas's murder, but Franco says Ava's the real killer. Kiki doesn't believe him and asks how he could lie to her when he knew all along Denise was Ava. Franco apologizes, but explains that Ava used Nina to force his hand. He explains that Ava wanted him to get the recording of her admitting to killing Connie. Franco hints that he might know what Silas wanted to tell her before he was killed. Kiki asks him to tell her the truth, but Franco thinks the truth will hurt her more. At the end, Franco says, "Your mother's a liar," and then tells Kiki that Silas wanted to tell her something about Morgan.

End of show!

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