Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Yes, I'll Marry You

Liz is just the best!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Paul gives Dillon a check for half a million dollars at the Quartermaine's for his film. Dillon refuses saying Paul can't buy back all the years they lost as father and son. Paul says he read his script out of curiosity and because of it, he thinks they have a lot in common. Paul talks about his soon to be ex-wife Jenny cheating on him and says they're similar to the characters in Dillon's screenplay. They also talk about the woman, Marjorie, that Dillon dated in LA. Then Paul asks if Dillon is ready to date again. Dillon brings up Valerie, but Paul can tell Dillon's not that into her. At the end, Dillon accepts Paul's check afterall and debates calling Lulu about it. 

Dante comes home to find Lulu in tears. She explains that she read Dillon's screenplay and was very moved by it. Dante asks what it's about and Lulu says it's about a couple whose relationship is destroyed from cheating. Lulu tries to assure him that it's not the same as him kissing Valerie, but Dante looks guilty. Lulu feels like reading the script gave her insight. After she reminds him that they haven't had sex in awhile. They have an awkward conversation about it and then start making out. They make love and at the end, Lulu says the situation with Valerie is behind them.

Jordan tells Valerie in her office at the PCPD that she's going to bring Silas's killer to justice. Then she asks how Valerie is doing with the Dante situation. Valerie assures her she's moving on and says she dating Dillon. Jordan wonders if Dillon might be too close to Lulu. Valerie hopes dating Dillon will widen her social circle. At the end, Dillon calls Valerie and invites her out for another date, but neither of them seem too excited about it. 

At GH, Sam asks Patrick if there is any news about Hayden. He tells her there's not much to report and after they talk about Sam's visit with Kiki. Meanwhile Nikolas asks Hayden to move into Wyndermere with him in her hospital room. Hayden asks why he wants her there. He answers since she doesn't have anyone to turn to or anywhere to go, he figured she'd need a place to stay. Nik thinks Dr. Obrecht will be kicking her out soon and says his image needs an upgrade. Hayden doesn't believe him and wants to know what he really wants. She wonders if he wants sex, but Nik promises her he doesn't expect that. However he does say they had great chemistry in the past. At the end, Hayden accepts his offer to move in.

Jake asks Liz to marry him on the stairs by the nurses' station. She panics and runs off without answering him. Jake is confused and ends up talking to Patrick about it. Patrick thinks maybe Liz is freaked out about his working with Sam and/or her last proposal from Ric. Meanwhile Liz runs to the chapel and talks to god about what to do. She asks for a sign and then Sam walks in. They end up chatting and Liz tells her about Jake's proposal. Liz says she didn't answer him because of her. Sam starts gushing about how great Jake is and tells her about the pain she felt losing Jason and now Silas. Sam advises her to follow her heart. Liz thanks her and hugs Sam. At the end, Liz finds Jake in the hallway and tells him, "Yes!" Meanwhile Sam lights a candle in the chapel and talks to Jason.

End of show!

Jake needs to learn he's Jason asap. This is taking as long as the Fluke debacle did!

Have a great night!

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