Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trust In Liesl

Today's Show - 

At Sonny's place, Carly and Sonny decide not to go to Silas's memorial service to avoid Morgan. TJ comes downstairs and feels like he should move out when they get married. Sonny says no way, because he's part of the family now. Then Jordan walks in. Sonny gives Jordan a file on criminals associated with Julian. She reluctantly accepts the file and then says TJ is coming home with her. Jordan says it's not safe for TJ at Sonny's. Carly jumps in and asks where she was when Shawn was taking care of TJ. Then TJ speaks up and tells Jordan he's not going anywhere with her. Jordan decides to leave, but warns Sonny that she will get her son back. After Carly tries to comfort TJ and advises him not to write Jordan off.

Alexis finds Julian working out shirtless in his living room. She's anxious for coffee and finds a gift basket from Sonny on his doorstep. Alexis dives in, starts enjoying the goodies and sees a newspaper which includes a story about Serge (the Russian guy Sonny killed). Julian swears he doesn't know why Sonny sent that to him. Alexis says she trusts him, but worries about Sonny. Then Julian gets a call from Jordan asking him to meet her. Alexis decides to go with him as his attorney. At the end, they arrive at Jordan's office and she questions Julian about the names in the file Sonny gave her. Jordan says she rounding these men up and asks if Julian has anything to tell her. 

Over at GH, Morgan comforts Kiki outside of the chapel. She expresses doubts about Franco being guilty and asks why someone would want Silas dead. Kiki wonders what Silas wanted to tell her before he died. Meanwhile inside the chapel, Ava talks to Silas's picture. A ghost of him appears and confronts her for being at the scene of his murder. Ava can't believe her eyes, starts crying and tells Silas that she loves him. Silas screams that Ava betrayed him and Kiki. He yells, "You are nothing!" Silas thinks Ava can't bare to face Kiki. Then Kiki and Morgan walk in and ask what's wrong. "Denise" says she was just talking to the picture and she hugs Kiki. In the background, Silas's ghost continues to torment Ava so she makes an excuse to leave. At the end, Kiki vows to find out what Silas wanted to tell her. Meanwhile Ava tries to go home, but Silas's ghost keeps following her. 

Franco makes a call from the interrogation room to Shadybrook. He gets Nina on the phone and she asks him why he didn't tell Nathan what he knows. He assures Nina that he believes in her and says he thinks Ava killed Silas. He explains how Denise is really Ava and how Ava got a picture of her with the knife. Franco asks Nina to trust him and says he's got Dr. Obrecht investigating for him. Later Scotty shows up to represent him. Scotty explains that Lomax removed him and now he's an attorney for hire. Scotty senses that Franco is hiding something, but says he'll speak to the new DA on his behalf. 

Dr. Obrecht goes to see Ric, the new DA, to discuss Franco's case. She offers to take him to breakfast to discuss it further, but Ric says he plans to throw the book at Franco. Later Dr. Obrecht goes to the PCPD and tells Franco that she couldn't get the recording from Scotty's office. Meanwhile at Shadybrook, Nina panics that Dr. Obrecht won't come through for her. She decides to take matters into her own hands. Back in Ric's office, Scotty shows up and has an argument with Ric. At the end, Ava finds Nina waiting for her in Julian's apartment. 

End of show!

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