Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Murder Weapon

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Today's Show - 

Ava listens to the news at Julian's apartment and hears a report about Sonny's recent shipment trouble. Then she gets a visit from Carly who warns "Denise" that she knows what's shes been up to with Morgan. Carly says Ava was a sexual predator and her identical face is confusing Morgan. Then Carly brings up Kiki and accuses Denise of hurting her. Denise advises Carly to mind her own business. Carly tells Denise there will hell to pay if she finds out anything other than a kiss happened with her and Morgan. Denise threatens her right back.

At The Floating Rib, Valerie and Dillon play pool on their date. Dillon tells her that he thought about cancelling because he heard Dante kissed her, but decided not to let that stop him. Later Lulu and Dante walk in and decide to say hi. Lulu suggests they all hang out together. They all sit down at a booth and struggle to make awkward conversation. Later Dante gets called into work and leaves Lulu to enjoy another beer with Dillon and Valerie. Lulu and Dillon end up flirting when they have a moment alone. 

Brad and Felix briefly discuss Felix's new relationship with an unknown guy named Donnie at GH. After Brad tells Felix that he told Lucas about being married and Lucas never came home. Felix thinks once Lucas cools off he'll be ready to hear him out. He advises Brad to find Lucas and tell him everything. At the end, Brad tries calling Lucas again.

Lucas thinks about Brad calling off the wedding at Carly's place. Morgan walks in and they talk about Kiki. Morgan acts weird and Lucas wonders where Carly is. After they discuss Sonny's work problems and Lucas tells Morgan that Brad is already married. Morgan wonders if maybe there is more to the story with Brad, but Lucas has trouble giving him the benefit of the doubt. Then Lucas mentions that Carly and Sonny are getting married again. Morgan continues to act off so Lucas asks what's wrong. Morgan swears everything is fine. At the end, Morgan sees a news report about Silas being dead just as Carly walks in.

At Shadybrook, Nina magically appears in front of Nathan and claims she was there the whole time. She tells him she'll be safe in Shadybrook and he shouldn't worry. Nathan tells her he thinks someone is framing her for Avery's kidnapping. He assures Nina she can trust him and asks what she knows. Before Nina can confide in Nathan, he gets called into work. Later Nina sees the news and hears the report about Silas's dead body being found.

Franco cleans up the murder scene at Silas's apartment and runs into Kiki in the hallway on his way out. Franco tries to stop her from going inside the apartment, but she Kiki ignores him. When she enters she screams at the sight of Silas dead on the floor. She cries manically as Franco holds her. He tells her not to call the police, which makes Kiki realize he already knew Silas was dead before she walked in. She calls the police anyway and assumes Franco killed Silas. He swears he didn't kill him and says he doesn't know who did. They Dante and Nathan burst in. They end up arresting Franco and Kiki calls him a killer!

End of show!

Kiki's hysteria wasn't too believable today (in my opinion), but I'm still liking this plot. I just wish Silas didn't have to die. I'd rather see Kiki get killed, lol!

Have a great night!

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