Thursday, August 6, 2015

Silas Sliced

Here's What Happened - 

Jake wakes Liz with coffee and informs her he took the boys to camp. Then he tells her Hayden woke up, but her memory is lost. However Jake says he still plans to continue his search to find his real identity. Later Liz calls Nikolas. They meet up at The Floating Rib and discuss Hayden. She tells him about Hayden's memory problem and worries that she'll remember everything. Nikolas says, "I'll take care of it." Liz asks what he means, exactly. He answers that there are ways to deal with Hayden. At the end, Liz decides to ask if Nik had Hayden shot. 

Dr. Obrecht talks to Patrick at the nurses station about Silas. Dr. O wonders who might have killed Silas, but Patrick doesn't want to get into it. Then they discuss Hayden's condition. Meanwhile Hayden gets a visit from Sam in her hospital room. Hayden claims not to know who Sam is, but Sam doesn't believe her. She strongly advises Hayden to come clean. Then Patrick walks in and Hayden asks him to get Sam away from her. Patrick pulls Sam out of room and asks why she cares if Hayden is lying. Jake interrupts them and asks to visit Hayden. He goes into her room and asks if Hayden remembers Nikolas. Outside Sam tells Patrick that she's been looking into Nikolas with Jake and she doesn't trust Elizabeth. 

At the PCPD, Dante brings Kiki coffee and she rants about Franco. Meanwhile Franco thinks about finding Nina holding the knife that killed Silas. Nathan walks in the interrogation room and brings Franco a donut. Nathan starts to question Franco and advises him to come clean, but Franco won't talk. Later Dr. Obrecht comes to the police station and Nathan allows her to visit Franco. Once alone, Franco tells Dr. O about finding Nina at the scene of Silas's murder. She advises him not to take the wrap for Nina.

Nina finally gets to make a call at Shadybrook. She tries Franco, but gets his voicemail. She decides to try calling Ric instead so he comes to Shadybrook to see her. They talk about Silas's murder and after Nina insists that she didn't kidnap Avery. Later Nathan shows up and tells her they arrested Franco. Nina insists that Franco is innocent and asks Ric to be his lawyer. Ric says he'll get Franco a public defender and leaves. After Nina pleads with Nathan to believe Franco is innocent.

Ava gets a call from Morgan and they talk about Silas's death. She looks over a newspaper article with the title 'Silas Sliced' on it. Someone knocks on the door so "Denise" quickly gets off the phone. When she opens the door, Dante is standing there. Dante asks why Denise called Silas. She claims she wanted to invite him to dinner party for Kiki. Then Dante asks her how she knows Franco. She tells him that they're only dating to make Nina jealous. Later Dante tells her that Franco was arrested for Silas's murder. Meanwhile at the PCPD, Franco realizes that Ava must of killed Silas. 

Morgan gets a visit from Kiki at Carly's house. She explains how she was the one who found Silas. Kiki starts to cry so Morgan hugs her. She tells Morgan that Silas left her a message so she came home early. Later she tells Morgan about Franco being arrested with the murder weapon. Kiki tells him that Franco swore he didn't kill Silas. Meanwhile we flash to Ava remembering leaving Silas's apartment on the night of the murder. 

End of show!

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