Thursday, August 20, 2015

Morgan's Out of Control

In the genes!
Thursday's Recap - 

Carly and Sonny discuss Morgan and the possibility of his being bipolar at Carly's place. Carly wants to make Morgan see a psychologist, but Sonny thinks that will be a challenge. Then Michael walks in. He tells them he's been busy getting AJ's clinic rolling and they tell him they picked September 2nd as their wedding date. Michael breaks it to them that he won't be able to make it. Sonny decides to leave and after Carly and Michael talk privately. He tells Carly it's an adjustment seeing her with Sonny again and he might not be ready to let Sonny back in his life. Later Carly tells Michael she thinks Morgan is bipolar and says he's been acting out of control for a year. She asks Michael to tell her about anytime Morgan might have been acting off. Michael tells her about seeing Morgan in the Metro Court bar the night Silas was killed and says he seemed upset. Carly assumes the worst.

TJ and Molly play with water guns in their bathing suits at Sonny's house. Then TJ orders food from Graciela and Molly notes that he seems comfortable at Sonny's. Later TJ says he might not want to go back to living in the college dorms in September. TJ explains he likes living at Sonny's, but Molly fears TJ is going to get in over his head. Then she talks about Alexis being blind to Julian and thinks TJ is becoming the same way with Sonny. She thinks everyone around Sonny gets hurt. Right then Sonny walks in and hears her. Molly feels awful, but Sonny tells her it's okay. After when Sonny is alone, one of his body guard tells him they're ready to make a move on Julian when Sonny is ready to give the order. At the end, Sonny wonders if he really does hurt everyone.

Nina looks for trial footage at Shadybrook to see what's going on with Franco, but has no success. She tells Heidi, who continues to be non-responsive, that she needs to expose Ava. She decides she needs to be at the courthouse, but is stopped by Madeline on her way out. They get into a conversation and Nina tells Madeline that Ava is alive. Madeline says that's ridiculous. Nina remembers that Franco told her never to tell so she then pretends she was just confused. After Madeline wheels poor Heidi away and tries to get Nina to sign more papers. Nina gets suspicious and refuses to sign anything before she reads everything over. Madeline is visibly disappointed, but leaves the papers with Nina and walks away.

At Julian's place, "Denise" tells Julian that she's really Ava. She explains how she became Denise, but Julian has trouble believing her. Once he realizes it's true, they hug. Then he asks if she killed Silas. Ava denies it, but says she needs the evidence that Scotty has (the recording of her admitting to killing Connie) to be free. She asks Julian to steal the recording for her so she can become Ava again. She says they can rule Port Charles and get rid of Sonny for good. Ava assumes Julian was behind Sonny's shipment disappearing and the recent mob deaths. He never confirms or denies it. Later "Denise" gets a subpoena from the court. At the end, Julian thinks about what Ava asked him to do alone. 

At the Courthouse, Morgan takes the stand. Ric questions him and asks why Morgan was at Silas's apartment the day of the murder. Morgan answers that he was with Kiki and stayed behind to clean up. Morgan says while there he got a threatening visit from Franco. Ric shows Morgan a knife and Morgan identifies it as the weapon Franco threatened to kill him with. Morgan recounts the fight he had with Franco, but he omits the part about him sleeping with Denise. Franco yells that Morgan is lying, but is quickly quieted by the judge and Scotty. After Scotty questions Morgan and asks why he didn't tell anyone about this sooner. Morgan answers that Franco said he would kill him if he told. Later after court is in recess, Kiki asks Morgan to tell her the truth about these things going forward. At the end, Franco suggests to Kiki that Morgan is lying to her. After court resumes and Scotty calls Denise to the stand.

End of show!

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