Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mob War

There's a traitor at this table!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Sonny calls a meeting between the five families at Ryan's Bar in NYC. He meets with every family head and says one of them is a traitor. He addresses, Serge, the head of the Russian family and says his missing shipments showed up in Serge's territory. Serge claims all he did was sell stuff that came his way. Sonny wants the name of the person who gave it to him. Serge will only tell him that it was a middle man from Julian's organization. He also tells Sonny that his time is coming to an end. Sonny doesn't appreciate that and shoots Serge dead. At the end, Sonny warns the rest of the families that he'll kill whoever he has to in order to hold onto his territory. 

Sam learns that Silas is dead from a news report while relaxing at home with Patrick. She tells Patrick about it and gets emotional. Sam wonders who would kill Silas and feels she owed him for saving Danny. She has flashbacks of when she first met Silas and when he started treating Danny. Later Sam says she thinks Silas was a transitional relationship for her between Jason and Patrick. 

At Carly's house, Morgan acts off while he and Carly listen to the news about Silas's death. Carly urges Morgan to call Kiki so he can be the first person to tell her. Morgan doesn't think he can help Kiki and says all he does is hurt her. Carly gets suspicious and assumes he's talking about something that happened with Denise. She tells Morgan that she warned Denise to stay away from him. Morgan orders Carly to stay out of it. Carly advises Morgan not to hurt Kiki or else he'll lose her for good.  

Dante tries to comfort Kiki at the PCPD. She tells Dante she came home early, because Silas left her a message. Kiki explains that Franco was already there and tried to stop her from entering Silas's apartment. She says she thinks Franco killed Silas. Nearby Franco is taken into the interrogation room with Jordan. When she tries to get Franco to tell her what happened, he tells Jordan to go to hell. At the end, Kiki runs up to Franco as he's coming out of interrogation and slaps him across the face. 

Madeline arrives at Shadybrook just as Nina is arguing with a guard to use his phone. They speak in private and Madeline tries to get Nina to sign more papers. Nina tells her being in Shadybrook is a mistake, because she's not crazy. She tells Madeline that Franco knows who really took Avery. Nina also says Franco has gone to great lengths to protect her. Madeline wants to know what she's talking about, but Nina is reluctant to tell her. Then Nina insists that Madeline let her use her cell phone and makes a grab for it. Madeline gets the guard to return her phone before Nina can make a call. At the end, Madeline assures Nina that Shadybrook is the right place for her.

Ava watches the news and sees a report about Silas's murder. Out loud she blames herself. Julian comes out from the bedroom and makes her a martini. She tells Julian that Silas was murdered and gets choked up talking about him. Ava has flashbacks of some of her time with Silas. Julian worries how Kiki will take the news. He talks about Ava and tells "Denise" about how Ava was selfish and passed Kiki off as Franco's kid most of her life. At the end, Ava sees a vision of Silas. She tears up thinking of him as she has another martini.

End of show!

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