Monday, August 10, 2015

Marry Me

Guilt Ridden!
Here's What Happened - 

Scotty orders Jordan to release Franco in his office at the PCPD. She refuses and says Franco is a flight risk. Then Major Lomax walks in and backs Jordan up. Lomax says the people want Franco locked up. Scotty gets defensive and says they have no evidence against Franco. Lomax pressures Scotty to comply or threatens to ruin him. Scotty responds that he'll take her on and they can test her approval ratings. 

In the interrogation room, Ava shows Franco a picture of Nina hoovering over Silas with a knife and threatens to show the cops if he says anything against her. Franco says he knows Ava killed Silas and we get a fake flashback of how Franco thinks she did it. Ava laughs it off and runs through a scenario where Nina is the murderer. Ava orders him to get the recording she wants from Scotty and she'll leave Nina alone. 

Nathan tells Nina at Shadybrook that there might be another suspect in Silas's murder. She asks who it is. Nathan tells her his mother wants him to speak with Franco about a secret Silas was keeping. He senses that Nina knows something about Silas's secret, but Nina plays dumb. At the end, Nina wonders if Franco would sell her out but she hopes they believe in each other. Meanwhile Nathan goes to speak with Franco, but he refuses to talk.

Sonny and Carly ask Morgan if he killed Silas at Sonny's place. They start to question him and Carly runs down a possible scenario where Morgan is guilty. We get a fake flashback of what might have happened. Sonny offers to cover it up. Morgan gets defensive and storms out. After they find out Franco was arrested for the murder, but Carly still has doubts about Morgan.

Kiki has a bad dream about Silas at Carly's house. After she gets a visit from Sam who tries to comfort her. Kiki tells Sam about Franco being arrested. Sam wonders if Franco killed Silas because he was jealous that Silas turned out to be her father. Kiki gets emotional and thanks Sam for caring about her. At the end, Morgan checks on Kiki and she says she thinks Franco might be innocent. 

In Hayden's hospital room, Nikolas stops in for a visit. Hayden tells him that Jake told her about him and asks if Nikolas will tell her about their history together. Nikolas says they had some issues while he thinks of his moments with Hayden. At the end, he tells Hayden he wants her to move in with him.

Jake and Liz talk discuss Hayden's memory at the Nurses' station. Then Jake asks Liz about her relationship with Nikolas. He tells her that he's been investigating Nik with Sam to help Michael get ELQ back. He apologizes for keeping it from her and asks Liz to forgive him. She tells Jake she understands. He's moved by her generosity and spontaneously asks Liz to marry him.

End of show!

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