Monday, August 17, 2015

I Feel Bad

Should I tell the truth?
Here's What Happened - 

Olivia returns to Port Charles and pays a visit to Lulu and Dante. She says she starting to feel bad for telling Julian their baby died. Olivia asks if Julian is really out of the mob. Dante answers that no one knows for sure. He also says that Sonny's mob stuff is heating up. After Olivia asks if they think she should bring the baby back and tell the truth. At the end, Lulu and Dante are alone and Dante says he hopes Olivia makes the right decision. 

Alexis hears Julian ranting on the phone at his apartment and asks what's wrong. He explains that Brad and Lucas called off their engagement, because Brad is already married. Alexis says she thought he was talking about the article about Sonny. Julian asks if she trusts that he's out of the mob or not. Alexis says she's keeping her eyes open. Julian talks about how when Olivia's baby died he knew he had to change. He admits that he dreams of what raising a child would have been like. At the end, Olivia knocks on Julian's door. 

Jordan stops at Sonny's house to talk about the man that was shot. They get into a conversation about Shawn. Sonny says what Jordan did to Shawn was betrayal. Then he says he's certain that Julian is behind the shooting. Sonny tells Jordan if she doesn't act quickly he thinks Julian will kill more people. At the end, Jordan tells Sonny she'll look further into Julian. 

After accepting Jake's ring, Liz gets a call from Nikolas. He tells her that he's keeping an eye on Hayden. Liz tells him that Jake proposed to her and he knows Nikolas is connected to Hayden. Then Liz asks if Nik is going to hurt Hayden, but Jake comes downstairs so she rushes off the phone. After Liz tells Jake that she told Nikolas about his investigation and his suspicions about Hayden. Jake is visibly annoyed, but tells Liz it's okay. Then he promises Liz there is nothing that Hayden can remember that will take him away from her. 

Meanwhile Hayden starts having memory flashes of breaking a vase at Wyndermere. Nikolas comes in the room and Hayden asks him why she was upset enough to break a vase. Then she asks who Elizabeth is and says she remembers feeling hostile toward her. Nikolas tells Hayden that Liz is just a woman he was previously involved with that Hayden was jealous of. Hayden asks if Nikolas was into her back and he says yes. Then they kiss. 

At GH, Brad tells Lucas that Rosalie is his wife. Lucas is shocked and confused. Brad explains that he and Rosalie are friends from college. He says Rosalie agreed to marry him so his parents didn't find out he was gay. Lucas asks what was in it for Rosalie and why Brad never told him about this before. They don't really answer him so Lucas runs out. Brad chases him down and says he has to stay married to Rosalie so they can never testify against each other. 

End of show!

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