Friday, August 7, 2015

Did Morgan Do It?

Bad Boy!
Friday's Recap - 

Sam explains to Patrick at GH that she doesn't trust Liz to not warn Nikolas about her investigation into him with Jake. She apologizes for not telling him about it and asks for Patrick's forgiveness. Patrick doesn't love the idea, but says he's not upset. Meanwhile, Hayden tells Jake in her hospital room that she doesn't remember Nikolas Cassadine. Later Jake talks with Patrick and Sam about keeping secrets from Liz. In private, Sam asks if Jake believes Hayden is telling the truth. He says he doesn't know, but they need to keep looking into Nikolas.

Liz accuses Nik of having Hayden shot at The Floating Rib. After she pressures him, Nikolas finally admits that it's true. He says he's done being trapped and won't let it happen again. Liz asks if he's going to kill Hayden now that she's awake. Nik thinks that's what Liz really wants him to do. Liz asks him not to hurt her for the sack of their souls. Nik asks how Liz wants to handle Hayden. She says they need to hope Hayden doesn't remember. Later Liz goes back to GH and Patrick tells her that Sam thinks Hayden is lying about her memory loss. Meanwhile, Nikolas goes to see Hayden in her hospital room.

Sonny and Carly hang out with Avery at Sonny's house and Carly tells him that Avery said, "Mama!" After Carly tells Sonny that she warned Denise to stay away from Morgan. Sonny says Morgan admitted to sleeping with Denise and Silas caught them in bed together. Carly panics and tells Sonny that Silas was found dead. She wonders if Morgan could be the killer. Sonny doesn't want to believe it, but agrees they need to talk to Morgan immediately.

Morgan visits "Denise" at Julian's apartment. He tells her about Kiki finding Silas dead and the cops arresting Franco. Denise tells him that Dante already came to talk to her, but she thinks they are in the clear. After Morgan says they have to end things for real. Denise agrees and they say a tearful goodbye. Later Ava goes to see Franco at the PCPD. Meanwhile Morgan goes to Sonny's place and Carly asks him if he killed Silas. 

Franco tells Dr. Obrecht that Ava is alive and probably the one who killed Silas at the PCPD. Dr. O is shocked to learn Ava is alive, but wonders why she'd turn on Silas after he helped her so much. Franco tells her about Ava sleeping with Morgan and says Silas found out about it. He thinks they need to hire a private investigator to prove Ava's the killer. Dr. O thinks Nathan will be able to figure out the truth. 

Nina tells Nathan at Shadybrook that Franco is innocent and she's certain of it. Nathan explains they found the murder weapon on Franco and a partial fingerprint at the crime scene. Nathan says without any evidence to the contrary he has to continue his investigation. Nina pleads with Nathan to explore every other possible suspect. She makes Nathan pinky swear that he'll keep an open mind. At the end, Dr. O calls Nathan and tells him to speak with Franco. Meanwhile back at the PCPD, Ava tells Franco she'll tell the police Nina was at the scene of the crime if he tries to incriminate her. 

End of show!

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