Friday, August 14, 2015

Brad and Rosalie - WTF!

Things that make you go, hmmm!
Friday's Recap - 

Nikolas comes to pick Hayden up at the hospital. Patrick gives Nik attitude when Rosalie's drops off some clothes for Hayden to wear. Nearby Brad tries to talk to Lucas about their relationship. Lucas says he has to examine Hayden, but after they can talk. Later Lucas releases Hayden and Nikolas wheels her out. After Rosalie asks Lucas on a date, but Lucas turns her down. Patrick takes it upon himself to walk Rosalie out and then Brad tries to talk to Lucas again. In private, Brad says he didn't marry for love.

Jake comes to see Carly. She rants about a scathing newspaper article suggesting that Sonny killed the guy Dante found shot. Then Jake shows her an engagement ring for Liz. Carly thinks it's too soon for them to get married, but wishes him well. After he tells Carly he's working with Sam to get ELQ back for Michael. Jake explains that he kept it from Elizabeth, because there looking into Nikolas. Carly thinks he should focus on finding out who he really is and Jake calls Carly his best friend. Then Sonny walks in and Jake steps out. In private, Sonny tells Carly he thinks Jake is dangerous. Carly decides to ask Sonny about the newspaper article. He assures her it's nothing too worry about. 

Liz thinks about Hayden's memory at her house. She debates calling Nikolas, but then Sam stops by with NuDanny for a visit with little Jake. Sam notices a picture of Liz and Jason together. After the boys meet. Sam looks on delighted, but Liz looks nauseous. Then Liz tells Sam she said "yes" to Jake. Later Jake comes home and Sam congratulates him. Jake gives little Jake a motorcycle toy and then gets down on one knee to give Liz the ring. Liz happily accepts. Meanwhile Sam heads to GH to tell Patrick that Liz and Jake are engaged. 

Nathan wakes up to find Maxie on her tablet reading the article about Sonny. Then they talk about Valerie and her feelings toward Dante. Nathan feels bad for knowing that Dante had sex with Valerie. Maxie notices he looks upset and asks what's going on. He says he was thinking about the drama with Madeline and Nina. Then they start making out.

Dante see the news article about Sonny, but tells Lulu he thinks Sonny is innocent this time at their apartment. After they talk about Olivia and then Lulu tells Dante she's letting Dillon film at the Haunted Star. Dante says he can accept her working with Dillon, if Lulu can accept him working with Valerie. They end up having sex on the couch. At the end, Olivia knocks on the door!

Dillon goes to Wyndermere to see Valerie. She says she's moving out, because Hayden is moving in. They briefly talk about Dante and Lulu and later Nikolas comes home with Hayden. Dillon snarks at Nikolas and Valerie tells Nikolas she's leaving. Later Nikolas calls Liz to tell her that he moved Hayden in to keep an eye on her. Meanwhile Hayden starts to remember. 

Back at GH, Rosalie sees Lucas and Brad talking and asks what Brad is doing at GH. Brad then explains to Lucas that Rosalie is his wife!

End of show!

Is it possible that Brad and Rosalie never saw each other in PC all this time?

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  1. I so don't get this at all......they should have had a new person......she's been around brad, no build up, to this, no nothing...and that's why gh is going in the toilet....



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