Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ava Needs Your Help

Wednesday's Recap - 

At the courthouse, Julian pleads not guilty. Ric lobbies for no bail, but Alexis convinces the judge to allow Julian bail. After Sonny tells Alexis that Julian is playing her for a fool. Then Sonny scolds Ric for not keeping Julian locked up. Meanwhile Dante comes home and talks with Olivia about Julian. Olivia shows Dante a newspaper article about Julian and she worries that telling the truth will compromise baby Leo. 

Carly gets frustrated with Morgan at her house and he snaps at her. Morgan says he doesn't want Kiki to know about Carly and Sonny accusing him of killing Silas. Then Kiki walks in the room. Kiki tells Carly about the message Silas left for her before he was killed. Later Morgan takes Kiki to the courthouse to testify in Franco's trial. After Sonny stops by Carly's place to tell her that Julian made bail. Carly tells Sonny that she's still having doubts about Morgan. She wonders if Morgan is bi-polar. Sonny is resistant to the idea at first and feels like if it's true, it's his fault. 

Franco waits for his trial to start at the courthouse. Meanwhile Nina sits with her non responsive friend at Shadybrook and rants about Franco's innocence. She decides to call Scotty's phone to speak with Franco. Once on the phone, Franco tells her that Ric is prosecuting him. Nina wants to come forward, but Franco assures her that Scotty will get him off somehow. She also tells him she confronted Ava and they say they love each other. At the end, Nina hopes that Ava/Denise will be exposed so Franco can go free.

Ava gets a visit from Dr. Obrecht at Julian's place. She threatens to tell Kiki about Ava's affair with Morgan if Ava doesn't come forward as Silas's killer. Ava says that's insane and that if Dr. Obrecht exposes her, she'll be exposing Nina too. Then Julian comes home and interrupts them. He asks what's going on. Dr. O answers that she was encouraging "Denise" to go support Kiki in court. At the end, Julian asks "Denise" what's really going on with her and Dr. Obrecht. She answers, "Ava needs your help!"

Later Franco's trial begins. Ric says the jury must find Franco guilty, followed by Scotty telling the jury that the prosecution has no case. Ric calls Scotty's assistant to the stand. She says she heard Franco and Silas saying the name Nina during a confrontation they had on the day Silas died. Scotty cross examines her and suggests that she didn't heard correctly. After Dante takes the stand and then Kiki. Scotty gets Kiki to admit that she doesn't know of a reason that Franco would kill Silas. At the end, Ric calls Morgan to the stand.

End of show!

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