Friday, August 28, 2015

Ava Is The Disease

Starsky & Hutch!
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At the PCPD, Ric refuses to talk to Dante and Nathan without his lawyer present in the interrogation room. Dante steps out and talks with Jordan. She tells Dante about seeing Julian in Ric's office. They agree it's suspicious. Later Jordan tells Mayor Lomax that they had to let Ric go and the mayor isn't happy.

Alexis talks to Nina at the courthouse before her hearing begins and advises her to think of herself before Franco. Madeline walks in claiming that she's there to support Nina, but Nina thinks it's just about the papers for control of her money. Later Nina's hearing starts. She pleads not guilty, but blurts out that Franco is innocent. Then Ric walks in to support Nina. The judge denies Nina bail and she's taken back to her cell. After Ric shows Madeline that he did acquire the papers for Nina's money, but he notices that Silas's signature is on them.

Dillon's leading actress bails on him at The Haunted Star so he asks Lulu to star in his movie. Lulu is resistant. Then Maxie walks in and Dillon asks her to talk Lulu into acting for him. Lulu says she doesn't have any acting experience and thinks Maxie should be in the film instead.

Morgan tells Ava to keep quiet about their affair at her jail cell. Ava promises she will so Morgan leaves. After Julian pays her a visits and finds Ava in tears. He tells Ava he couldn't get the recording, but tried. Then they discuss Morgan and Ava tells Julian it's over for good. Julian thinks she's better off without Morgan. Ava asks him to keep quiet about her affair with Morgan.

At Sonny's house, Carly and Sonny debate how to address Morgan's issues. Then Morgan walks in all keyed up about dumping Ava. They think something is off with him and Carly says Morgan should see Kevin Collins. Sonny chimes in and says they think Morgan might be bipolar. Morgan gets defensive, but Sonny tries to talk to him about what he goes through with his illness. Morgan insists that Ava is the disease and quickly leaves to avoid the subject. Morgan says Kiki can save him, but Carly and Sonny have their doubts.

Franco talks to Kiki from his cell and tells her that Morgan and Ava slept together. Kiki doesn't believe him at first, but Franco explains how he found out and manages to convince Kiki. She starts to wonder if Morgan killed Silas. Franco says he still thinks the murderer is Ava. At the end, Kiki returns to Silas's apartment and cries over a picture of them together. Then Morgan knocks on the door. Meanwhile Nina returns to her cell at the PCPD and tells Franco that Ric and Madeline came to her hearing. Franco says whoever really killed Silas will be found. At the end, we get a flashback of Madeline visiting Silas before he died.

End of show!

Sonny was good today, otherwise kind of a boring Friday. Apparently the ratings are way down. Not surprising. Read here - > Low Ratings

Have a great weekend!

P.S. You can catch up with GH with my end of week recap over on --> SoapHub! It should be up by Sunday!

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