Monday, August 31, 2015

Coming Up on Today's GH

No recap today, I'll be back tomorrow! In the meantime, here's whats coming up on today's episode! Spoilers are courtesy of GHH!

Kiki lays into Morgan for his actions.

Carly fears for Morgan.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Ava Is The Disease

Starsky & Hutch!
Today's Show - 

At the PCPD, Ric refuses to talk to Dante and Nathan without his lawyer present in the interrogation room. Dante steps out and talks with Jordan. She tells Dante about seeing Julian in Ric's office. They agree it's suspicious. Later Jordan tells Mayor Lomax that they had to let Ric go and the mayor isn't happy.

Alexis talks to Nina at the courthouse before her hearing begins and advises her to think of herself before Franco. Madeline walks in claiming that she's there to support Nina, but Nina thinks it's just about the papers for control of her money. Later Nina's hearing starts. She pleads not guilty, but blurts out that Franco is innocent. Then Ric walks in to support Nina. The judge denies Nina bail and she's taken back to her cell. After Ric shows Madeline that he did acquire the papers for Nina's money, but he notices that Silas's signature is on them.

Dillon's leading actress bails on him at The Haunted Star so he asks Lulu to star in his movie. Lulu is resistant. Then Maxie walks in and Dillon asks her to talk Lulu into acting for him. Lulu says she doesn't have any acting experience and thinks Maxie should be in the film instead.

Morgan tells Ava to keep quiet about their affair at her jail cell. Ava promises she will so Morgan leaves. After Julian pays her a visits and finds Ava in tears. He tells Ava he couldn't get the recording, but tried. Then they discuss Morgan and Ava tells Julian it's over for good. Julian thinks she's better off without Morgan. Ava asks him to keep quiet about her affair with Morgan.

At Sonny's house, Carly and Sonny debate how to address Morgan's issues. Then Morgan walks in all keyed up about dumping Ava. They think something is off with him and Carly says Morgan should see Kevin Collins. Sonny chimes in and says they think Morgan might be bipolar. Morgan gets defensive, but Sonny tries to talk to him about what he goes through with his illness. Morgan insists that Ava is the disease and quickly leaves to avoid the subject. Morgan says Kiki can save him, but Carly and Sonny have their doubts.

Franco talks to Kiki from his cell and tells her that Morgan and Ava slept together. Kiki doesn't believe him at first, but Franco explains how he found out and manages to convince Kiki. She starts to wonder if Morgan killed Silas. Franco says he still thinks the murderer is Ava. At the end, Kiki returns to Silas's apartment and cries over a picture of them together. Then Morgan knocks on the door. Meanwhile Nina returns to her cell at the PCPD and tells Franco that Ric and Madeline came to her hearing. Franco says whoever really killed Silas will be found. At the end, we get a flashback of Madeline visiting Silas before he died.

End of show!

Sonny was good today, otherwise kind of a boring Friday. Apparently the ratings are way down. Not surprising. Read here - > Low Ratings

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P.S. You can catch up with GH with my end of week recap over on --> SoapHub! It should be up by Sunday!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Your Mother's a Liar

Ava's Innocent!
Thursday's Recap - 

Maxie goes to The Haunted Star at Dillon's behest. He says he wants her help, but Maxie acts demanding so Dillon tells her to forget it. Maxie gets annoyed and brings up how Dillon cheated on Georgie with Lulu. Later they soften toward each other and Dillon finally tells Maxie that he wants her help with the costume design for his film. He describes how his main character, Marjorie, is effortlessly well dressed (he describes her similar to Lulu), but Maxie doesn't think he has the budget to pull it off. At the end she agrees to use her contacts to help him, because Maxie says Georgie would have wanted her to. 

Sonny and Carly talk at his house about Ava. Sonny says he won't have closure until Ava is convicted for Connie's murder, but he worries that Ava will use one of her tricks to get off. Carly thinks Ava will use Morgan's feelings for her to get control over him. Sonny thinks Ava destroyed Morgan's pride and this time he'll stay away. Carly doesn't agree and brings up Morgan's weird behavior of late. She thinks they need to take action immediately and get him to a doctor. 

Morgan goes to see Ava in jail. He accuses her of playing him the whole time. She swears that she loves him and it's not true. He asks why she didn't tell him the truth in the first place. Ava answers because he sent Sonny to kill her in the past. Morgan says he regrets doing that. Later Ava thinks that deep down Morgan knew all along that she was Ava, at least subconsciously. Ava says they could have their love again if he'd just reach out to her. Morgan says thats not an option, especially because she's going to prison. He asks her to let them go and keep quiet about them sleeping together. Ava doesn't want to let go, but Morgan insists they have to for Kiki's sake.

Julian waits outside of Ric's office and hears him on the phone talking about bringing Ava to justice. Julian walks in and threatens to go after Ric and his family in the media if he doesn't drop the investigate against Ava. Ric gets a text from Madeline so he hurries to get the papers for control of Nina's money from Nathan. After Julian searches Ric's office, but is interrupted by Jordan. She asks what he's doing in there. Julian claims he's waiting for Ric, but Jordan tells him Ric is held up. Julian makes an excuse to get out of there and walks out. 

Nathan thinks he knows who killed Silas at the PCPD. He tells Jordan and Dante he doesn't think the real murderer has been revealed yet. Later Ric shows up and asks Nathan if he has the papers that were with Nina's things. To Ric's surprise, Nathan has Dante arrest him for Silas's murder. They bring him into the interrogation room and Dante reads Ric his rights. Ric refuses to talk until his lawyer gets there. 

Kiki heads to the PCPD to speak with Franco. She thinks Nina is guilty for Silas's murder, but Franco says Ava's the real killer. Kiki doesn't believe him and asks how he could lie to her when he knew all along Denise was Ava. Franco apologizes, but explains that Ava used Nina to force his hand. He explains that Ava wanted him to get the recording of her admitting to killing Connie. Franco hints that he might know what Silas wanted to tell her before he was killed. Kiki asks him to tell her the truth, but Franco thinks the truth will hurt her more. At the end, Franco says, "Your mother's a liar," and then tells Kiki that Silas wanted to tell her something about Morgan.

End of show!

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P.S. Are you going to check out Winterthorne ??

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Coming Up On Today's GH

Morgan is shocked when Scott produces eviden

No official recap today. In the meantime according to GHH, here is what's coming up on today's GH:

Morgan is shocked when Scott produces evidence that Ava is alive.

Nina and Franco bond even tighter.

Julian wonders how much he should tell Alexis. 

Another discovery is made by Dante and Nathan.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I Killed Silas

I'm a guilty man!
Here's What Happened - 

At the Quartermaine's, Tracy sees a copy of Dillon's script and decides to read it. Paul sees her and tells her about giving Dillon money for his film. Tracy is surprised he had so much money and thinks it might be to extravagant. Paul says he just wants a chance to get close to Dillon. He also tells Tracy he's there if she needs someone to lean on. Paul assumes that Tracy misses Luke. Tracy gets upset and says it's a complex situation. Paul tells Tracy that he needs to lean on her since Jenny broke his heart. Tracy thinks he just wants more sex. Paul suggests they just be friends and asks if she wants to have dinner together. At the end, they sit down to dinner and toast to Dillon.

Valerie and Dante talk at the PCPD talk about her moving into her own place. Then they have an awkward conversation about them sleeping together. Dante says they need to forgive themselves and move on. Meanwhile Ava and Nina are both brought to the police station in handcuffs. They get into a verbal argument. Dante hears them fighting, goes to investigate and Nathan explains to him that "Denise" is really Ava. Later Dante and Valerie decide to meet Dillon and Lulu at the Haunted Star and leave together. After Nathan is forced to lock Nina up.

At the Haunted Star, Dillon starts loading his equipment onto the boat. After he teases Lulu that he got Valerie pregnant. At first she's shocked, but then realizes he was joking. Dillon explains that it was because she was pushing Valerie on him. He thinks maybe Lulu is still worried that Valerie is into Dante. Lulu swears that's not the case. Later Dillon asks her to read his script with him and play the girl who broke his heart. Lulu isn't comfortable at first, but Dillon talks her into it. They start reading the script and it gets a little personal. Right then Dante and Valerie walk in. Dante tells them about Denise really being Ava.

Carly goes to Sonny's house to tell him that she spoke with Madeline about mental illness. Sonny's in a mood and explains its because Ava is alive. He tells Carly how Silas helped Ava and kidnapped Avery to save Ava. Sonny says he's going to make Ava pay for killing Connie. Then Carly realizes Morgan has been sleeping with Ava again. She worries that Morgan is going to want to kill Ava when he finds out the truth.

Back at the courthouse Franco announces to the judge, "I killed Silas!" Scotty pleads with Franco to stop lying to protect Nina. However Franco ignores him, takes the stand and recounts a phony story about how he supposedly killed Silas. Ric lobbies to have Franco, Nina and Ava all held in custody and the judge agrees. Later Franco is taken to the PCPD and gets a cell across from Nina. She assures Franco that she knows he believes in her and says they're going to get out of trouble together.

Kiki wants to go support Ava, but Morgan stops her at the courthouse. He's angry at Ava and says Ava lies are too much for him to take. Later Kiki heads to the PCPD alone. She asks Ava to tell her that she didn't kill Silas. Ava convinces her it's not true and tells Kiki she came back to Port Charles to be a part of her and Avery's lives. Meanwhile Morgan heads to Sonny's house and fills them in on everything that happened at the courthouse. He seethes at Ava's betrayal and says he doesn't know what to do. Carly and Sonny hug him and Carly promises they'll get through it together. 

End of show!

I'm glad the whole Denise thing is over. Now can she please take off that awful wig!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

TGIF! Today's Scoop!

No recap today, I'll be back on Monday. You can also find my end of week recap up on --> SoapHub. It should be live by Sunday. In the meantime here's what is coming up on today's show. Scoops courtesy of GHH!

Olivia stops by to see Sonny, the subject matter is Julian.

Scott shares shocking information regarding Ava.

Carly and Madeline discuss their kids.

Nathan discovers something crucial.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Morgan's Out of Control

In the genes!
Thursday's Recap - 

Carly and Sonny discuss Morgan and the possibility of his being bipolar at Carly's place. Carly wants to make Morgan see a psychologist, but Sonny thinks that will be a challenge. Then Michael walks in. He tells them he's been busy getting AJ's clinic rolling and they tell him they picked September 2nd as their wedding date. Michael breaks it to them that he won't be able to make it. Sonny decides to leave and after Carly and Michael talk privately. He tells Carly it's an adjustment seeing her with Sonny again and he might not be ready to let Sonny back in his life. Later Carly tells Michael she thinks Morgan is bipolar and says he's been acting out of control for a year. She asks Michael to tell her about anytime Morgan might have been acting off. Michael tells her about seeing Morgan in the Metro Court bar the night Silas was killed and says he seemed upset. Carly assumes the worst.

TJ and Molly play with water guns in their bathing suits at Sonny's house. Then TJ orders food from Graciela and Molly notes that he seems comfortable at Sonny's. Later TJ says he might not want to go back to living in the college dorms in September. TJ explains he likes living at Sonny's, but Molly fears TJ is going to get in over his head. Then she talks about Alexis being blind to Julian and thinks TJ is becoming the same way with Sonny. She thinks everyone around Sonny gets hurt. Right then Sonny walks in and hears her. Molly feels awful, but Sonny tells her it's okay. After when Sonny is alone, one of his body guard tells him they're ready to make a move on Julian when Sonny is ready to give the order. At the end, Sonny wonders if he really does hurt everyone.

Nina looks for trial footage at Shadybrook to see what's going on with Franco, but has no success. She tells Heidi, who continues to be non-responsive, that she needs to expose Ava. She decides she needs to be at the courthouse, but is stopped by Madeline on her way out. They get into a conversation and Nina tells Madeline that Ava is alive. Madeline says that's ridiculous. Nina remembers that Franco told her never to tell so she then pretends she was just confused. After Madeline wheels poor Heidi away and tries to get Nina to sign more papers. Nina gets suspicious and refuses to sign anything before she reads everything over. Madeline is visibly disappointed, but leaves the papers with Nina and walks away.

At Julian's place, "Denise" tells Julian that she's really Ava. She explains how she became Denise, but Julian has trouble believing her. Once he realizes it's true, they hug. Then he asks if she killed Silas. Ava denies it, but says she needs the evidence that Scotty has (the recording of her admitting to killing Connie) to be free. She asks Julian to steal the recording for her so she can become Ava again. She says they can rule Port Charles and get rid of Sonny for good. Ava assumes Julian was behind Sonny's shipment disappearing and the recent mob deaths. He never confirms or denies it. Later "Denise" gets a subpoena from the court. At the end, Julian thinks about what Ava asked him to do alone. 

At the Courthouse, Morgan takes the stand. Ric questions him and asks why Morgan was at Silas's apartment the day of the murder. Morgan answers that he was with Kiki and stayed behind to clean up. Morgan says while there he got a threatening visit from Franco. Ric shows Morgan a knife and Morgan identifies it as the weapon Franco threatened to kill him with. Morgan recounts the fight he had with Franco, but he omits the part about him sleeping with Denise. Franco yells that Morgan is lying, but is quickly quieted by the judge and Scotty. After Scotty questions Morgan and asks why he didn't tell anyone about this sooner. Morgan answers that Franco said he would kill him if he told. Later after court is in recess, Kiki asks Morgan to tell her the truth about these things going forward. At the end, Franco suggests to Kiki that Morgan is lying to her. After court resumes and Scotty calls Denise to the stand.

End of show!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ava Needs Your Help

Wednesday's Recap - 

At the courthouse, Julian pleads not guilty. Ric lobbies for no bail, but Alexis convinces the judge to allow Julian bail. After Sonny tells Alexis that Julian is playing her for a fool. Then Sonny scolds Ric for not keeping Julian locked up. Meanwhile Dante comes home and talks with Olivia about Julian. Olivia shows Dante a newspaper article about Julian and she worries that telling the truth will compromise baby Leo. 

Carly gets frustrated with Morgan at her house and he snaps at her. Morgan says he doesn't want Kiki to know about Carly and Sonny accusing him of killing Silas. Then Kiki walks in the room. Kiki tells Carly about the message Silas left for her before he was killed. Later Morgan takes Kiki to the courthouse to testify in Franco's trial. After Sonny stops by Carly's place to tell her that Julian made bail. Carly tells Sonny that she's still having doubts about Morgan. She wonders if Morgan is bi-polar. Sonny is resistant to the idea at first and feels like if it's true, it's his fault. 

Franco waits for his trial to start at the courthouse. Meanwhile Nina sits with her non responsive friend at Shadybrook and rants about Franco's innocence. She decides to call Scotty's phone to speak with Franco. Once on the phone, Franco tells her that Ric is prosecuting him. Nina wants to come forward, but Franco assures her that Scotty will get him off somehow. She also tells him she confronted Ava and they say they love each other. At the end, Nina hopes that Ava/Denise will be exposed so Franco can go free.

Ava gets a visit from Dr. Obrecht at Julian's place. She threatens to tell Kiki about Ava's affair with Morgan if Ava doesn't come forward as Silas's killer. Ava says that's insane and that if Dr. Obrecht exposes her, she'll be exposing Nina too. Then Julian comes home and interrupts them. He asks what's going on. Dr. O answers that she was encouraging "Denise" to go support Kiki in court. At the end, Julian asks "Denise" what's really going on with her and Dr. Obrecht. She answers, "Ava needs your help!"

Later Franco's trial begins. Ric says the jury must find Franco guilty, followed by Scotty telling the jury that the prosecution has no case. Ric calls Scotty's assistant to the stand. She says she heard Franco and Silas saying the name Nina during a confrontation they had on the day Silas died. Scotty cross examines her and suggests that she didn't heard correctly. After Dante takes the stand and then Kiki. Scotty gets Kiki to admit that she doesn't know of a reason that Franco would kill Silas. At the end, Ric calls Morgan to the stand.

End of show!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Coming up on Today's GH...

No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime according to GHH, here's what is coming up on today's show!

Olivia feels obliged to tell the truth about her baby.

Julian declares his innocence...again!

Maxie and Valerie attempt to find common ground.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

I Feel Bad

Should I tell the truth?
Here's What Happened - 

Olivia returns to Port Charles and pays a visit to Lulu and Dante. She says she starting to feel bad for telling Julian their baby died. Olivia asks if Julian is really out of the mob. Dante answers that no one knows for sure. He also says that Sonny's mob stuff is heating up. After Olivia asks if they think she should bring the baby back and tell the truth. At the end, Lulu and Dante are alone and Dante says he hopes Olivia makes the right decision. 

Alexis hears Julian ranting on the phone at his apartment and asks what's wrong. He explains that Brad and Lucas called off their engagement, because Brad is already married. Alexis says she thought he was talking about the article about Sonny. Julian asks if she trusts that he's out of the mob or not. Alexis says she's keeping her eyes open. Julian talks about how when Olivia's baby died he knew he had to change. He admits that he dreams of what raising a child would have been like. At the end, Olivia knocks on Julian's door. 

Jordan stops at Sonny's house to talk about the man that was shot. They get into a conversation about Shawn. Sonny says what Jordan did to Shawn was betrayal. Then he says he's certain that Julian is behind the shooting. Sonny tells Jordan if she doesn't act quickly he thinks Julian will kill more people. At the end, Jordan tells Sonny she'll look further into Julian. 

After accepting Jake's ring, Liz gets a call from Nikolas. He tells her that he's keeping an eye on Hayden. Liz tells him that Jake proposed to her and he knows Nikolas is connected to Hayden. Then Liz asks if Nik is going to hurt Hayden, but Jake comes downstairs so she rushes off the phone. After Liz tells Jake that she told Nikolas about his investigation and his suspicions about Hayden. Jake is visibly annoyed, but tells Liz it's okay. Then he promises Liz there is nothing that Hayden can remember that will take him away from her. 

Meanwhile Hayden starts having memory flashes of breaking a vase at Wyndermere. Nikolas comes in the room and Hayden asks him why she was upset enough to break a vase. Then she asks who Elizabeth is and says she remembers feeling hostile toward her. Nikolas tells Hayden that Liz is just a woman he was previously involved with that Hayden was jealous of. Hayden asks if Nikolas was into her back and he says yes. Then they kiss. 

At GH, Brad tells Lucas that Rosalie is his wife. Lucas is shocked and confused. Brad explains that he and Rosalie are friends from college. He says Rosalie agreed to marry him so his parents didn't find out he was gay. Lucas asks what was in it for Rosalie and why Brad never told him about this before. They don't really answer him so Lucas runs out. Brad chases him down and says he has to stay married to Rosalie so they can never testify against each other. 

End of show!

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Brad and Rosalie - WTF!

Things that make you go, hmmm!
Friday's Recap - 

Nikolas comes to pick Hayden up at the hospital. Patrick gives Nik attitude when Rosalie's drops off some clothes for Hayden to wear. Nearby Brad tries to talk to Lucas about their relationship. Lucas says he has to examine Hayden, but after they can talk. Later Lucas releases Hayden and Nikolas wheels her out. After Rosalie asks Lucas on a date, but Lucas turns her down. Patrick takes it upon himself to walk Rosalie out and then Brad tries to talk to Lucas again. In private, Brad says he didn't marry for love.

Jake comes to see Carly. She rants about a scathing newspaper article suggesting that Sonny killed the guy Dante found shot. Then Jake shows her an engagement ring for Liz. Carly thinks it's too soon for them to get married, but wishes him well. After he tells Carly he's working with Sam to get ELQ back for Michael. Jake explains that he kept it from Elizabeth, because there looking into Nikolas. Carly thinks he should focus on finding out who he really is and Jake calls Carly his best friend. Then Sonny walks in and Jake steps out. In private, Sonny tells Carly he thinks Jake is dangerous. Carly decides to ask Sonny about the newspaper article. He assures her it's nothing too worry about. 

Liz thinks about Hayden's memory at her house. She debates calling Nikolas, but then Sam stops by with NuDanny for a visit with little Jake. Sam notices a picture of Liz and Jason together. After the boys meet. Sam looks on delighted, but Liz looks nauseous. Then Liz tells Sam she said "yes" to Jake. Later Jake comes home and Sam congratulates him. Jake gives little Jake a motorcycle toy and then gets down on one knee to give Liz the ring. Liz happily accepts. Meanwhile Sam heads to GH to tell Patrick that Liz and Jake are engaged. 

Nathan wakes up to find Maxie on her tablet reading the article about Sonny. Then they talk about Valerie and her feelings toward Dante. Nathan feels bad for knowing that Dante had sex with Valerie. Maxie notices he looks upset and asks what's going on. He says he was thinking about the drama with Madeline and Nina. Then they start making out.

Dante see the news article about Sonny, but tells Lulu he thinks Sonny is innocent this time at their apartment. After they talk about Olivia and then Lulu tells Dante she's letting Dillon film at the Haunted Star. Dante says he can accept her working with Dillon, if Lulu can accept him working with Valerie. They end up having sex on the couch. At the end, Olivia knocks on the door!

Dillon goes to Wyndermere to see Valerie. She says she's moving out, because Hayden is moving in. They briefly talk about Dante and Lulu and later Nikolas comes home with Hayden. Dillon snarks at Nikolas and Valerie tells Nikolas she's leaving. Later Nikolas calls Liz to tell her that he moved Hayden in to keep an eye on her. Meanwhile Hayden starts to remember. 

Back at GH, Rosalie sees Lucas and Brad talking and asks what Brad is doing at GH. Brad then explains to Lucas that Rosalie is his wife!

End of show!

Is it possible that Brad and Rosalie never saw each other in PC all this time?

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day Off

No recap today. I'll be back tomorrow! Enjoy GH!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trust In Liesl

Today's Show - 

At Sonny's place, Carly and Sonny decide not to go to Silas's memorial service to avoid Morgan. TJ comes downstairs and feels like he should move out when they get married. Sonny says no way, because he's part of the family now. Then Jordan walks in. Sonny gives Jordan a file on criminals associated with Julian. She reluctantly accepts the file and then says TJ is coming home with her. Jordan says it's not safe for TJ at Sonny's. Carly jumps in and asks where she was when Shawn was taking care of TJ. Then TJ speaks up and tells Jordan he's not going anywhere with her. Jordan decides to leave, but warns Sonny that she will get her son back. After Carly tries to comfort TJ and advises him not to write Jordan off.

Alexis finds Julian working out shirtless in his living room. She's anxious for coffee and finds a gift basket from Sonny on his doorstep. Alexis dives in, starts enjoying the goodies and sees a newspaper which includes a story about Serge (the Russian guy Sonny killed). Julian swears he doesn't know why Sonny sent that to him. Alexis says she trusts him, but worries about Sonny. Then Julian gets a call from Jordan asking him to meet her. Alexis decides to go with him as his attorney. At the end, they arrive at Jordan's office and she questions Julian about the names in the file Sonny gave her. Jordan says she rounding these men up and asks if Julian has anything to tell her. 

Over at GH, Morgan comforts Kiki outside of the chapel. She expresses doubts about Franco being guilty and asks why someone would want Silas dead. Kiki wonders what Silas wanted to tell her before he died. Meanwhile inside the chapel, Ava talks to Silas's picture. A ghost of him appears and confronts her for being at the scene of his murder. Ava can't believe her eyes, starts crying and tells Silas that she loves him. Silas screams that Ava betrayed him and Kiki. He yells, "You are nothing!" Silas thinks Ava can't bare to face Kiki. Then Kiki and Morgan walk in and ask what's wrong. "Denise" says she was just talking to the picture and she hugs Kiki. In the background, Silas's ghost continues to torment Ava so she makes an excuse to leave. At the end, Kiki vows to find out what Silas wanted to tell her. Meanwhile Ava tries to go home, but Silas's ghost keeps following her. 

Franco makes a call from the interrogation room to Shadybrook. He gets Nina on the phone and she asks him why he didn't tell Nathan what he knows. He assures Nina that he believes in her and says he thinks Ava killed Silas. He explains how Denise is really Ava and how Ava got a picture of her with the knife. Franco asks Nina to trust him and says he's got Dr. Obrecht investigating for him. Later Scotty shows up to represent him. Scotty explains that Lomax removed him and now he's an attorney for hire. Scotty senses that Franco is hiding something, but says he'll speak to the new DA on his behalf. 

Dr. Obrecht goes to see Ric, the new DA, to discuss Franco's case. She offers to take him to breakfast to discuss it further, but Ric says he plans to throw the book at Franco. Later Dr. Obrecht goes to the PCPD and tells Franco that she couldn't get the recording from Scotty's office. Meanwhile at Shadybrook, Nina panics that Dr. Obrecht won't come through for her. She decides to take matters into her own hands. Back in Ric's office, Scotty shows up and has an argument with Ric. At the end, Ava finds Nina waiting for her in Julian's apartment. 

End of show!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Yes, I'll Marry You

Liz is just the best!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Paul gives Dillon a check for half a million dollars at the Quartermaine's for his film. Dillon refuses saying Paul can't buy back all the years they lost as father and son. Paul says he read his script out of curiosity and because of it, he thinks they have a lot in common. Paul talks about his soon to be ex-wife Jenny cheating on him and says they're similar to the characters in Dillon's screenplay. They also talk about the woman, Marjorie, that Dillon dated in LA. Then Paul asks if Dillon is ready to date again. Dillon brings up Valerie, but Paul can tell Dillon's not that into her. At the end, Dillon accepts Paul's check afterall and debates calling Lulu about it. 

Dante comes home to find Lulu in tears. She explains that she read Dillon's screenplay and was very moved by it. Dante asks what it's about and Lulu says it's about a couple whose relationship is destroyed from cheating. Lulu tries to assure him that it's not the same as him kissing Valerie, but Dante looks guilty. Lulu feels like reading the script gave her insight. After she reminds him that they haven't had sex in awhile. They have an awkward conversation about it and then start making out. They make love and at the end, Lulu says the situation with Valerie is behind them.

Jordan tells Valerie in her office at the PCPD that she's going to bring Silas's killer to justice. Then she asks how Valerie is doing with the Dante situation. Valerie assures her she's moving on and says she dating Dillon. Jordan wonders if Dillon might be too close to Lulu. Valerie hopes dating Dillon will widen her social circle. At the end, Dillon calls Valerie and invites her out for another date, but neither of them seem too excited about it. 

At GH, Sam asks Patrick if there is any news about Hayden. He tells her there's not much to report and after they talk about Sam's visit with Kiki. Meanwhile Nikolas asks Hayden to move into Wyndermere with him in her hospital room. Hayden asks why he wants her there. He answers since she doesn't have anyone to turn to or anywhere to go, he figured she'd need a place to stay. Nik thinks Dr. Obrecht will be kicking her out soon and says his image needs an upgrade. Hayden doesn't believe him and wants to know what he really wants. She wonders if he wants sex, but Nik promises her he doesn't expect that. However he does say they had great chemistry in the past. At the end, Hayden accepts his offer to move in.

Jake asks Liz to marry him on the stairs by the nurses' station. She panics and runs off without answering him. Jake is confused and ends up talking to Patrick about it. Patrick thinks maybe Liz is freaked out about his working with Sam and/or her last proposal from Ric. Meanwhile Liz runs to the chapel and talks to god about what to do. She asks for a sign and then Sam walks in. They end up chatting and Liz tells her about Jake's proposal. Liz says she didn't answer him because of her. Sam starts gushing about how great Jake is and tells her about the pain she felt losing Jason and now Silas. Sam advises her to follow her heart. Liz thanks her and hugs Sam. At the end, Liz finds Jake in the hallway and tells him, "Yes!" Meanwhile Sam lights a candle in the chapel and talks to Jason.

End of show!

Jake needs to learn he's Jason asap. This is taking as long as the Fluke debacle did!

Have a great night!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Marry Me

Guilt Ridden!
Here's What Happened - 

Scotty orders Jordan to release Franco in his office at the PCPD. She refuses and says Franco is a flight risk. Then Major Lomax walks in and backs Jordan up. Lomax says the people want Franco locked up. Scotty gets defensive and says they have no evidence against Franco. Lomax pressures Scotty to comply or threatens to ruin him. Scotty responds that he'll take her on and they can test her approval ratings. 

In the interrogation room, Ava shows Franco a picture of Nina hoovering over Silas with a knife and threatens to show the cops if he says anything against her. Franco says he knows Ava killed Silas and we get a fake flashback of how Franco thinks she did it. Ava laughs it off and runs through a scenario where Nina is the murderer. Ava orders him to get the recording she wants from Scotty and she'll leave Nina alone. 

Nathan tells Nina at Shadybrook that there might be another suspect in Silas's murder. She asks who it is. Nathan tells her his mother wants him to speak with Franco about a secret Silas was keeping. He senses that Nina knows something about Silas's secret, but Nina plays dumb. At the end, Nina wonders if Franco would sell her out but she hopes they believe in each other. Meanwhile Nathan goes to speak with Franco, but he refuses to talk.

Sonny and Carly ask Morgan if he killed Silas at Sonny's place. They start to question him and Carly runs down a possible scenario where Morgan is guilty. We get a fake flashback of what might have happened. Sonny offers to cover it up. Morgan gets defensive and storms out. After they find out Franco was arrested for the murder, but Carly still has doubts about Morgan.

Kiki has a bad dream about Silas at Carly's house. After she gets a visit from Sam who tries to comfort her. Kiki tells Sam about Franco being arrested. Sam wonders if Franco killed Silas because he was jealous that Silas turned out to be her father. Kiki gets emotional and thanks Sam for caring about her. At the end, Morgan checks on Kiki and she says she thinks Franco might be innocent. 

In Hayden's hospital room, Nikolas stops in for a visit. Hayden tells him that Jake told her about him and asks if Nikolas will tell her about their history together. Nikolas says they had some issues while he thinks of his moments with Hayden. At the end, he tells Hayden he wants her to move in with him.

Jake and Liz talk discuss Hayden's memory at the Nurses' station. Then Jake asks Liz about her relationship with Nikolas. He tells her that he's been investigating Nik with Sam to help Michael get ELQ back. He apologizes for keeping it from her and asks Liz to forgive him. She tells Jake she understands. He's moved by her generosity and spontaneously asks Liz to marry him.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Did Morgan Do It?

Bad Boy!
Friday's Recap - 

Sam explains to Patrick at GH that she doesn't trust Liz to not warn Nikolas about her investigation into him with Jake. She apologizes for not telling him about it and asks for Patrick's forgiveness. Patrick doesn't love the idea, but says he's not upset. Meanwhile, Hayden tells Jake in her hospital room that she doesn't remember Nikolas Cassadine. Later Jake talks with Patrick and Sam about keeping secrets from Liz. In private, Sam asks if Jake believes Hayden is telling the truth. He says he doesn't know, but they need to keep looking into Nikolas.

Liz accuses Nik of having Hayden shot at The Floating Rib. After she pressures him, Nikolas finally admits that it's true. He says he's done being trapped and won't let it happen again. Liz asks if he's going to kill Hayden now that she's awake. Nik thinks that's what Liz really wants him to do. Liz asks him not to hurt her for the sack of their souls. Nik asks how Liz wants to handle Hayden. She says they need to hope Hayden doesn't remember. Later Liz goes back to GH and Patrick tells her that Sam thinks Hayden is lying about her memory loss. Meanwhile, Nikolas goes to see Hayden in her hospital room.

Sonny and Carly hang out with Avery at Sonny's house and Carly tells him that Avery said, "Mama!" After Carly tells Sonny that she warned Denise to stay away from Morgan. Sonny says Morgan admitted to sleeping with Denise and Silas caught them in bed together. Carly panics and tells Sonny that Silas was found dead. She wonders if Morgan could be the killer. Sonny doesn't want to believe it, but agrees they need to talk to Morgan immediately.

Morgan visits "Denise" at Julian's apartment. He tells her about Kiki finding Silas dead and the cops arresting Franco. Denise tells him that Dante already came to talk to her, but she thinks they are in the clear. After Morgan says they have to end things for real. Denise agrees and they say a tearful goodbye. Later Ava goes to see Franco at the PCPD. Meanwhile Morgan goes to Sonny's place and Carly asks him if he killed Silas. 

Franco tells Dr. Obrecht that Ava is alive and probably the one who killed Silas at the PCPD. Dr. O is shocked to learn Ava is alive, but wonders why she'd turn on Silas after he helped her so much. Franco tells her about Ava sleeping with Morgan and says Silas found out about it. He thinks they need to hire a private investigator to prove Ava's the killer. Dr. O thinks Nathan will be able to figure out the truth. 

Nina tells Nathan at Shadybrook that Franco is innocent and she's certain of it. Nathan explains they found the murder weapon on Franco and a partial fingerprint at the crime scene. Nathan says without any evidence to the contrary he has to continue his investigation. Nina pleads with Nathan to explore every other possible suspect. She makes Nathan pinky swear that he'll keep an open mind. At the end, Dr. O calls Nathan and tells him to speak with Franco. Meanwhile back at the PCPD, Ava tells Franco she'll tell the police Nina was at the scene of the crime if he tries to incriminate her. 

End of show!

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Silas Sliced

Here's What Happened - 

Jake wakes Liz with coffee and informs her he took the boys to camp. Then he tells her Hayden woke up, but her memory is lost. However Jake says he still plans to continue his search to find his real identity. Later Liz calls Nikolas. They meet up at The Floating Rib and discuss Hayden. She tells him about Hayden's memory problem and worries that she'll remember everything. Nikolas says, "I'll take care of it." Liz asks what he means, exactly. He answers that there are ways to deal with Hayden. At the end, Liz decides to ask if Nik had Hayden shot. 

Dr. Obrecht talks to Patrick at the nurses station about Silas. Dr. O wonders who might have killed Silas, but Patrick doesn't want to get into it. Then they discuss Hayden's condition. Meanwhile Hayden gets a visit from Sam in her hospital room. Hayden claims not to know who Sam is, but Sam doesn't believe her. She strongly advises Hayden to come clean. Then Patrick walks in and Hayden asks him to get Sam away from her. Patrick pulls Sam out of room and asks why she cares if Hayden is lying. Jake interrupts them and asks to visit Hayden. He goes into her room and asks if Hayden remembers Nikolas. Outside Sam tells Patrick that she's been looking into Nikolas with Jake and she doesn't trust Elizabeth. 

At the PCPD, Dante brings Kiki coffee and she rants about Franco. Meanwhile Franco thinks about finding Nina holding the knife that killed Silas. Nathan walks in the interrogation room and brings Franco a donut. Nathan starts to question Franco and advises him to come clean, but Franco won't talk. Later Dr. Obrecht comes to the police station and Nathan allows her to visit Franco. Once alone, Franco tells Dr. O about finding Nina at the scene of Silas's murder. She advises him not to take the wrap for Nina.

Nina finally gets to make a call at Shadybrook. She tries Franco, but gets his voicemail. She decides to try calling Ric instead so he comes to Shadybrook to see her. They talk about Silas's murder and after Nina insists that she didn't kidnap Avery. Later Nathan shows up and tells her they arrested Franco. Nina insists that Franco is innocent and asks Ric to be his lawyer. Ric says he'll get Franco a public defender and leaves. After Nina pleads with Nathan to believe Franco is innocent.

Ava gets a call from Morgan and they talk about Silas's death. She looks over a newspaper article with the title 'Silas Sliced' on it. Someone knocks on the door so "Denise" quickly gets off the phone. When she opens the door, Dante is standing there. Dante asks why Denise called Silas. She claims she wanted to invite him to dinner party for Kiki. Then Dante asks her how she knows Franco. She tells him that they're only dating to make Nina jealous. Later Dante tells her that Franco was arrested for Silas's murder. Meanwhile at the PCPD, Franco realizes that Ava must of killed Silas. 

Morgan gets a visit from Kiki at Carly's house. She explains how she was the one who found Silas. Kiki starts to cry so Morgan hugs her. She tells Morgan that Silas left her a message so she came home early. Later she tells Morgan about Franco being arrested with the murder weapon. Kiki tells him that Franco swore he didn't kill Silas. Meanwhile we flash to Ava remembering leaving Silas's apartment on the night of the murder. 

End of show!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mob War

There's a traitor at this table!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Sonny calls a meeting between the five families at Ryan's Bar in NYC. He meets with every family head and says one of them is a traitor. He addresses, Serge, the head of the Russian family and says his missing shipments showed up in Serge's territory. Serge claims all he did was sell stuff that came his way. Sonny wants the name of the person who gave it to him. Serge will only tell him that it was a middle man from Julian's organization. He also tells Sonny that his time is coming to an end. Sonny doesn't appreciate that and shoots Serge dead. At the end, Sonny warns the rest of the families that he'll kill whoever he has to in order to hold onto his territory. 

Sam learns that Silas is dead from a news report while relaxing at home with Patrick. She tells Patrick about it and gets emotional. Sam wonders who would kill Silas and feels she owed him for saving Danny. She has flashbacks of when she first met Silas and when he started treating Danny. Later Sam says she thinks Silas was a transitional relationship for her between Jason and Patrick. 

At Carly's house, Morgan acts off while he and Carly listen to the news about Silas's death. Carly urges Morgan to call Kiki so he can be the first person to tell her. Morgan doesn't think he can help Kiki and says all he does is hurt her. Carly gets suspicious and assumes he's talking about something that happened with Denise. She tells Morgan that she warned Denise to stay away from him. Morgan orders Carly to stay out of it. Carly advises Morgan not to hurt Kiki or else he'll lose her for good.  

Dante tries to comfort Kiki at the PCPD. She tells Dante she came home early, because Silas left her a message. Kiki explains that Franco was already there and tried to stop her from entering Silas's apartment. She says she thinks Franco killed Silas. Nearby Franco is taken into the interrogation room with Jordan. When she tries to get Franco to tell her what happened, he tells Jordan to go to hell. At the end, Kiki runs up to Franco as he's coming out of interrogation and slaps him across the face. 

Madeline arrives at Shadybrook just as Nina is arguing with a guard to use his phone. They speak in private and Madeline tries to get Nina to sign more papers. Nina tells her being in Shadybrook is a mistake, because she's not crazy. She tells Madeline that Franco knows who really took Avery. Nina also says Franco has gone to great lengths to protect her. Madeline wants to know what she's talking about, but Nina is reluctant to tell her. Then Nina insists that Madeline let her use her cell phone and makes a grab for it. Madeline gets the guard to return her phone before Nina can make a call. At the end, Madeline assures Nina that Shadybrook is the right place for her.

Ava watches the news and sees a report about Silas's murder. Out loud she blames herself. Julian comes out from the bedroom and makes her a martini. She tells Julian that Silas was murdered and gets choked up talking about him. Ava has flashbacks of some of her time with Silas. Julian worries how Kiki will take the news. He talks about Ava and tells "Denise" about how Ava was selfish and passed Kiki off as Franco's kid most of her life. At the end, Ava sees a vision of Silas. She tears up thinking of him as she has another martini.

End of show!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Murder Weapon

That's not mine!
Today's Show - 

Ava listens to the news at Julian's apartment and hears a report about Sonny's recent shipment trouble. Then she gets a visit from Carly who warns "Denise" that she knows what's shes been up to with Morgan. Carly says Ava was a sexual predator and her identical face is confusing Morgan. Then Carly brings up Kiki and accuses Denise of hurting her. Denise advises Carly to mind her own business. Carly tells Denise there will hell to pay if she finds out anything other than a kiss happened with her and Morgan. Denise threatens her right back.

At The Floating Rib, Valerie and Dillon play pool on their date. Dillon tells her that he thought about cancelling because he heard Dante kissed her, but decided not to let that stop him. Later Lulu and Dante walk in and decide to say hi. Lulu suggests they all hang out together. They all sit down at a booth and struggle to make awkward conversation. Later Dante gets called into work and leaves Lulu to enjoy another beer with Dillon and Valerie. Lulu and Dillon end up flirting when they have a moment alone. 

Brad and Felix briefly discuss Felix's new relationship with an unknown guy named Donnie at GH. After Brad tells Felix that he told Lucas about being married and Lucas never came home. Felix thinks once Lucas cools off he'll be ready to hear him out. He advises Brad to find Lucas and tell him everything. At the end, Brad tries calling Lucas again.

Lucas thinks about Brad calling off the wedding at Carly's place. Morgan walks in and they talk about Kiki. Morgan acts weird and Lucas wonders where Carly is. After they discuss Sonny's work problems and Lucas tells Morgan that Brad is already married. Morgan wonders if maybe there is more to the story with Brad, but Lucas has trouble giving him the benefit of the doubt. Then Lucas mentions that Carly and Sonny are getting married again. Morgan continues to act off so Lucas asks what's wrong. Morgan swears everything is fine. At the end, Morgan sees a news report about Silas being dead just as Carly walks in.

At Shadybrook, Nina magically appears in front of Nathan and claims she was there the whole time. She tells him she'll be safe in Shadybrook and he shouldn't worry. Nathan tells her he thinks someone is framing her for Avery's kidnapping. He assures Nina she can trust him and asks what she knows. Before Nina can confide in Nathan, he gets called into work. Later Nina sees the news and hears the report about Silas's dead body being found.

Franco cleans up the murder scene at Silas's apartment and runs into Kiki in the hallway on his way out. Franco tries to stop her from going inside the apartment, but she Kiki ignores him. When she enters she screams at the sight of Silas dead on the floor. She cries manically as Franco holds her. He tells her not to call the police, which makes Kiki realize he already knew Silas was dead before she walked in. She calls the police anyway and assumes Franco killed Silas. He swears he didn't kill him and says he doesn't know who did. They Dante and Nathan burst in. They end up arresting Franco and Kiki calls him a killer!

End of show!

Kiki's hysteria wasn't too believable today (in my opinion), but I'm still liking this plot. I just wish Silas didn't have to die. I'd rather see Kiki get killed, lol!

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Just One More Day

Sorry I got caught up & can't recap today's show. I know GH is getting good. I'll be back tomorrow.

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