Friday, July 10, 2015

The Sum Total

I'm your father!
Today's Show - 

Luke meets Jake on Cassadine Island and asks if Helena ever mentioned him. Then Laura walks in and is shocked to see Jake. Shortly after Lucky walks in and greets Jake. Lucky is thrilled and tells Jake that he's his father. Luke, Laura and Lucky take a moment in private and Lucky wonders if Nikolas knew Jake was on Cassadine Island. Laura is certain he knew nothing. Luke says that Helena took Jake from the hospital after the accident. Laura decides to talk to Jake one on one and explain why their taking him to Port Charles. Meanwhile Lucky and Luke have a heart to heart. Lucky tells Luke that he taught him how to live and was his mentor. Luke fills Lucky in on his childhood with Tim Spencer. Lucky assures Luke he was nothing like Tim as a father. Luke says in life you get the sum total of the choices you make. Then he tells Lucky he was the pride of his life. Later Lucky explains to Jake that he's taking him to his mother. Jake thinks he doesn't have a mom, but Lucky assures him that he does.

At Kelly's, Sam and Nikolas run into each other again. He asks her why she was snooping at Wyndermere with Jake. Sam makes an excuse, but then asks Nikolas how he knows Hayden. Nikolas tells her that they were old friends. He swears he didn't know about Hayden's lies. Sam thinks its "curious" that Hayden got shot shortly after being at Nik's house.

Monica walks into the Quartermaine's and chats with Dillon. He gives Monica the rundown of what really happened with Luke and Laura. Dillon hopes it will be a relief for Tracy when she hears the truth. Later Monica says she wishes the house was still full of Quartermaine's. At the end, Jake stops by for a visit. 

Dante tells Valerie at the PCPD that Lulu came home. He says Lulu told him the truth and she wasn't having an affair. Dante says he wants to make his marriage work and apologizes to her. He asks Valerie to keep their night together a secret. She promises she won't say anything. Meanwhile Carly drops Rocco off at Lulu's and questions her about leaving town with Dillon. Lulu explains what happened and Carly calms down. Then Carly talks about getting Jocelyn's test results and how wonderful it was that Liz donated Jake's organs. Later Carly lets it slip that Sonny told her Dante kissed Valerie. At the end, Dante comes home. Lulu tells him she knows all about what he did with Valerie.

At Elizabeth's house, Jake quickly gets off the phone with Sam when Liz walks in. She overheard him say Nikolas's name and asks what he was talking about. Jake says he was just talking about ELQ stuff. Then they talk about Liz going with Carly to get Jocelyn's test results. After Liz explains to Jake how Jason asked her to donate Jake's organs and at first she was angry at him. Liz starts to get consumed with guilt. After they say 'I love you' to each other. She comes close to telling him the truth, but doesn't go through with it. At the end, Liz is alone and Lucky brings Jake to her porch with Luke. Lucky is apprehensive so Luke tells him to knock while he and Jake stand back. Lucky agrees and wraps on the door. Liz answers and is shocked to see him.

End of show!

P.S. Excessive plastic surgery is always a mistake. Great Lucky scenes today!

Have a great weekend!

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