Monday, July 27, 2015

The End of An Era - Luke Spencer Departs Port Charles!

Bon Voyage!
Monday's Recap - 

Kiki knocks on Ava's door, while Franco is inside debating whether or not to tell her "Denise" slept with Morgan. Franco lets Kiki in and "Denise" tells Kiki she agreed to be Franco's fake girlfriend to help him make Nina jealous. Then Denise and Kiki discuss Avery. Denise says she's going to find a way into Avery's life. Later Kiki tells them she's leaving town for a few days. At the end, Franco tells Ava to hurry up and help him get Nina back asap so Denise decides to invite Nina to breakfast.

Nathan finds Avery's blanket in Nina's hotel room. Nina assumes that Ric betrayed her and told Nathan. Ric assures her that's not the case. Nathan explains that Madeline told him she's hearing things. Nathan wants to take the blanket to the PCPD as evidence. He also wants Nina to come with him. Ric tells Nina if she leaves she'll end up in jail. She agrees and asks Nathan to leave. After Ric tells Nina in private that he's the only person she can trust. 

Madeline wants to talk to Maxie about her relationship with Nathan at the Metro Court. Madeline doesn't think Maxie is good enough for Nathan and she suggests that Maxie is ill bred. Meanwhile Valerie thinks about Dante as she walks into the Metro Court. Maxie sees her and calls Valerie a home wrecking bitch in front of Madeline. Later Madeline asks Valerie why Maxie thinks that about her. Maxie and Valerie end up having a tense conversation and Valerie walks out. After Madeline and Maxie argue and Nathan overhears it. At the end, Nathan tells Madeline he likes that Maxie stood up to her. 

At the Floating Rib, Dillon asks Morgan to read his latest film script and let him know if the dialogue is believable. Morgan tells him about dating Kiki and Dillon mentions dating a woman in LA who cheated on him. After Dillon starts gushing about Lulu. Morgan reminds him she's married to Dante. Later Valerie storms in looking for a double vodka on the rocks. She tells Dillon about her run in with Maxie. Then Kiki walks in and fills Morgan in on her visit with Denise and Franco. Meanwhile Dillon suggests to Valerie that she go on a date with him to prove she's not interested in Dante.

Lulu and Dante talk about starting anew at The Haunted Star. Dante tries to give Lulu a gift of jewelry, but Lulu won't accept it. She says she can't forget that he kissed Valerie. Then Laura walks in and tells Lulu that Luke is leaving town. Lulu takes off to see Luke one last time. After Laura wants to talk to Dante about Valerie. Dante tells Laura he loves Lulu and plans on making it up to her. Laura is understanding and advises Dante to just keep loving Lulu.

Sonny's security guards grab Luke on the docks thinking he's trying to sabotage Sonny's shipment. Sonny insists they let Luke go and asks for time alone with Luke. In private they have a friendly chat and Sonny tells Luke someone is trying to make a move on his territory. Then Luke says he's leaving Port Charles for good. They say their goodbyes and joke about Frank Smith. Luke gives Sonny the gun he used to kill Frank. Luke tells Sonny he's off to "zen it" and Sonny gets choked up. Later Lulu comes to say her goodbye to Luke. They hug and say they love each other. At the end, Luke tells Sonny to take care of Port Charles. Meanwhile Lulu heads back to The Haunted Star and gives Laura a letter from Luke.

Back at the docks, Luke says good luck to Port Charles and walks off into the fog to catch a boat to nowhere!

End of show!

That's the end of the line for Luke Spencer, arguably the most iconic of all soap opera characters. I can't say his exit was very eventful. Honestly it was mostly boring and poorly written. Much like the Luke/Fluke storyline that dragged for the last year, Luke's final scenes were really much ado about nothing. I wasn't crazy about what Tony Geary had to say in his exit interview, but it does seem that Ron Carlivati went out of his way to write Luke's history into a giant pile of crap! 

Am I being too cynical? What do you think of Luke's exit?

Have a great night!


  1. I don't agree or blame Ron for the horrible Fluke story really. I think it smells like it has TG's ideas allll over it...really do. Then RC had to basically tap dance around Tony's back surgery etc. Personally I am looking at FV and TG for all the crappy stuff the past year.

    1. Yeah I'm sure Tony & Frank played a roll as well.


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