Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lying About Everything

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Here's What Happened - 

Liz goes to Wyndermere to see Nikolas. She tells him that she hasn't heard from Lucky and she thinks Lulu knows something and isn't telling her. Nik says he hasn't from Laura either. He leaves Laura a voice message and assures Liz everything will be okay. After Liz tells Nik about Danny running up to Jake at the park on the 4th of July. Nik tells her that they can call off their plan and arrange for Jason to find out who he really is, if she wants. Liz doesn't want to lose Jake or have Nik lose ELQ. At the end, Liz goes to GH and Patrick tells her that Hayden has had a change in her condition.

Jake and Sam talk at Kelly's about keeping their investigation a secret from Liz and Patrick. They agree it's not ideal, but necessary. Jake is worried that Liz won't be able to be impartial where Nikolas is concerned. Later they talk about Jason again. Sam talks about how loyal Jason was to Michael and Carly. After Jake asks how they should start digging into Nik's affairs. She asks how he feels about breaking into Nik's safe at Wyndermere. At the end, they head off to Spoon Island.

Dillon and Lulu arrive at the Port Charles airport. Lulu says she's happy that everything worked out with Lucky, but lying to Dante and Liz has been hard. Dillon jokes that he finally had an adventure with Luke and Laura. Then he talks about Tracy and is hopeful Tracy will forgive Luke. Later Maxie and Nathan run into them before Maxie leaves for Portland. Maxie and Dillon briefly discuss Georgie. After Lulu explains what really happened with Lucky and Frank Smith. Nathan asks why Lulu didn't trust Dante. Lulu tries to explain what happened and says she doesn't want Dante to get the wrong idea about her and Dillon. At the end, Maxie and Nathan say a sweet goodbye and Dillon tells Lulu it was fun being with her.

At the Quartermaine's, Sabrina asks Tracy to have breakfast with her as friends. Tracy says she can't, because she's leaving town. She explains that she's going to LA to ask Brooklyn what Nikolas is holding over her. Sabrina wishes her well, but says she hopes Tracy will be back soon. Then Tracy leaves for the airport. At the end, Dillon comes back to the Q"s and Sabrina tells him that Tracy left town. Meanwhile Tracy runs into an unseen person at the airport.

At the hospital, Brad jokes with Lucas that he's the hottest doctor at GH. Lucas responds that Brad is the world's sexiest Lab Tech. They agree they've been very busy and not been able to spend much time together. Lucas asks if Brad has been able to track down his family yet for a dinner get together. Brad says no. Later Patrick walks over and asks if they've set a date for their wedding yet. Brad responds by asking when Patrick plans to give Sam a ring. Later Patrick tells Lucas in private that he thinks Sam is still grieving Jason. He says when the time is right he and Sam will know it. Then Lucas confides in Patrick that he's been wondering why Brad is dragging his feet regarding his family. 

Over by the hospital vending machines, Felix sees that Brad is upset and asks what's wrong. Brad says he's lying to Lucas about everything. Felix assumes Brad is cheating on Lucas, but Brad explains that's not the case. Felix asks what's going on, but Lucas interrupts them before Brad can answer him. Lucas senses some awkwardness and asks Brad if something is wrong. Brad quickly makes up an excuse, but Lucas doesn't seem convinced that something isn't upsetting him.

Dante wakes up in bed with Valerie at his apartment and looks almost surprised to see her there. Valerie asks him if he regrets their night together. Dante says that Lulu trashed their marriage and being with her felt right in the moment. Valerie says she's not sorry it happened, even though she knows it's wrong. Dante tells her that he knows he shouldn't have broken his vows, but it meant something to him. Then he kisses her. After he says he doesn't want to lose Valerie as his friend. Then he tells Valerie to shower at his place before work and he leaves. At the end, Lulu comes home and hears the shower running.

End of show!

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