Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lost & Found

Time to move forward!
Thursday's Recap - 

Bobby meets Valerie at the Metro Court and wants to talk about Lucas' wedding. Valerie says she doesn't want to get involved in someone else's relationship again. Bobby pushes to know what she's talking about. Valerie admits that Dante kissed her and Lulu knows about it. Bobby offers to be there for Valerie whenever she needs her. They talk about her mother Patricia briefly and Bobby gives her a picture of young Patricia. Then Bobby gets a message from Michael saying he's tearing down the Elm Street house. At the end, the ghost of young Patricia comes to give Valerie a hug.

Maxie goes to The Haunted Star to see Lulu. She gets an earful from Lulu about Dante thinking she was having an affair with Dillon and kissing Valerie. Maxie tells Lulu that she got a weird feeling when she saw Dante and Valerie together on July 4th. Lulu realizes that Dante and Valerie didn't mention seeing her. Later they have a drink and Lulu says she hopes things can go back to normal.

Dante works out at the gym and thinks about sleeping with Valerie. Nathan sees him and tries to get Dante to talk to him. Dante ends up opening up to Nathan that he slept with Valerie. Nathan promises to keep quiet about it, even from Maxie. At the end, Maxie comes to the gym and tells Nathan about what Lulu told her. Meanwhile Dante brings Lulu flowers at The Haunted Star and promises he's committed to her.

At GH, Brad tells Lucas they can't get married. Brad explains that he's already married to someone else. Lucas is in shock and feels like Brad used him like a homewrecker. Brad swears it's not like that so Lucas insists that he explain everything to him. Before Brad can spill the details, Lucas is called to the ER.

Sabrina and Michael hang out at the Q's boat house. They briefly talk about Luke and his plans for AJ's clinic. Sabrina ends up pushing Michael in the water and later they have some sexy time in the boat house. After Michael tells Sabrina he's falling for her and she says she feels the same. 

Luke goes to the Elm Street house with a gun. He thinks about killing himself and sees a vision of Tim Spencer. Tim tells Luke, "You're old, miserable and alone!" Tim encourages Luke to kill himself, but then Luke sees a young version of his sister Patricia. She tries to convince Luke not to end things, but Luke says he can't live with having killed his "mama." After he sees his mother (played by Laura Wright) who tells him she understands he was trying to protect her. Mama insists that Luke was lost, but is now found and can begin his life again. At the end, Luke puts the gun down and they hug. After Bobby shows up and Luke tells her he's made a decision about his life.

End of show!

I liked Luke's scenes today. I also thought Bobby looked pretty good. How about you?

Have a great night!

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