Monday, July 6, 2015

Jake's Alive!

In on it!
Monday's Recap - 

Liz and Jake watch the fireworks with Aiden in the park. Nearby Sam, Patrick and Danny enjoy the fireworks as well. After Danny runs off and goes over to Jake, Liz and Aiden. Danny runs right up to Jake and they have a cute moment together. Seeing Jake with Danny makes Liz uncomfortable. Then Liz, Patrick and Aiden step away leaving Sam, Jake and Danny alone together. They start talking about their investigation into Nikolas and agree not to tell Liz or Patrick about it. Later they talk about Jason.

Silas sees Sam and Patrick enjoying themselves at the park and feels uncomfortable. Nina sees him and they talk about his relationship with Sam for a moment. Later Silas asks Nina about her marriage to Ric and her feelings for Franco. Nina tells him about Franco's relationship with Denise. Silas doesn't like what he hears and Nina notices. She asks what's wrong. Silas answers that Denise's presence has had an "effect" on him. 

Liz tells Patrick she's been thinking about Lucky. Liz explains that she hasn't heard from him in awhile and is worried something has happened to him. Then they return to Sam and Jake. Liz tells Jake that Aiden needs to go home so they leave. After Sam and Patrick have a quick run in with Nina and Silas. It gets awkward and Silas sticks up for Nina. After Sam wonders if Silas would ever go back to Nina. Meanwhile Liz tells Jake at her house that she hasn't been able to find Lucky. He offers to use his resources to help find Lucky. At the end, Liz says she thinks Jake's ghost haunts Lucky and she feels like Jake is "with" her all the time. 

At Kelly's, Denise tells Franco she's really Ava as the fireworks go off. He's reluctant to believe her so Ava explains how Silas saved her. Then she reminds him how he left her on the bridge before she fell. Ava fills Franco in on how she became "Denise" and tells him how Avery's bone marrow saved her. Franco realizes Silas kidnapped Avery, not Nina. He wants to tell Nina the truth, but Ava convinces him not to. At the end, they agree to continue their fake relationship.

At Dante's place, Valerie cries about her mom as they watch the fireworks. Then Dante gets a call from Leslie looking for Lulu. Dante makes an excuse for why Lulu can't come to the phone. After Dante drinks and vents to Valerie about Lulu supposedly cheating on him with Dillon. He tells Valerie about how many things he and Lulu have endured together. Then he kisses Valerie again and this time she doesn't stop him. They end up having sex while Lulu is trying to call Dante from British Columbia. 

In British Columbia, Frank Smith is shot by Lucky who comes out of nowhere with his gun blazing. Laura and Luke help him and they manage to take down Frank and all his guards. After they have a reunion. Outside Lulu hears gunshots and worries with Dillon. She opens the warehouse door and runs to hug Lucky when she sees him. Later they all want to check on Ethan, but unbeknownst to them Frank Smith clings to life on the floor. He manages to draw his gun. Dillon sees him and screams out. Luke fires at Frank again. As he lay dying, Frank tells Luke that Lucky was "in on it" and says Luke should chew on that. Luke gets angry and shoots him dead. At the end, Luke asks Lucky about what Frank said. Lucky says he was forced to play along, because Jake's life was at stake. Lucy tells them that, "Jake's Alive!"

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you haven't heard, there are rumors a foot and a few photos online from this past weekend showing Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller frolicking in the ocean. Read here: Real Life Love?

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