Monday, July 13, 2015

Jake, This Is Your Mom

Monday's Recap - 

Lucky knocks on Liz's door as little Jake and Luke stand nearby. Liz answers and immediately hugs Lucky. She invites him in and he explains that he was off the grid, because he was kidnapped. Then Liz gets Aiden to see Lucky. Aiden tells Lucky about mommy's new friend, Jake. After Liz brings up little Jake saving Jocelyn. Lucky tells her that Jocelyn must have gotten a kidney from another kid, because little Jake is alive. Liz gets upset and doesn't know what to think. Lucky explains that Helena kidnapped Jake. Then Luke brings Jake inside. Luke says, "Jake, this is your mom." Little Jake promises to watch over his mother and they hug. Liz and Lucky take a moment outside alone. They're both overjoyed and hug each other. Then Luke tells Liz it's wonderful seeing her with Jake again. He also says she has awesome resilience for such a tiny little thing. Later Luke asks Lucky in private what he's afraid of. Lucky answers that he feels like there is darkness within him and he's afraid it will effect his kids. Luke advises him to face his fears and he'll be on the road to victory. After Lucky promises to check in with Liz before he decides anything about his future.

Jordan tells Valerie at the PCPD that she's uncomfortable with her relationship with Dante. Valerie says she doesn't have to worry, because Dante called the whole thing off. Jordan tells Valerie she's sorry if she got hurt, but she needs to deal with her drama on her own time. Meanwhile, Lulu tells Dante at their apartment that she knows all about him and Valerie. Dante assumes she knows he slept with Valerie so he immediately asks for her forgiveness. Lulu replies that she can forgive him if it was just one kiss. Dante realizes she doesn't know the whole story, but admits to kissing Valerie. At the end, they agree to try and put the past behind them. After Dante calls Valerie to tell her that Lulu knows they kissed. He asks her again to keep quiet. 

At GH, Sam tells Patrick she wants to take him to dinner. They talk about some of the hospital gossip and Patrick tells her that Hayden is getting better. Sam is hopeful that if Hayden wakes up she can tell them who Jake really is. Meanwhile, Nikolas worries about Sam looking into his relationship with Hayden at Wyndermere. Then Laura stops by. She explains that she's not getting back together with Luke. Laura also tells Nikolas about little Jake being alive. At the end, Laura can tell Nikolas is a little off. He's about to tell her about Jason when Lucky walks in.

Jake knocks on the Quartermaine's door and Monica answers. He tells her he came to see Michael, but Monica says Michael is out on a date. She offers to let Jake wait and gets him a drink and some snacks. He looks at a picture of Jason and AJ together. Jake asks Monica to tell him about Jason. She gives him some history on her marriage to Alan and how Jason was a product an affair Alan had. Monica says Jason was the heart of the Quartermaine family. Jake says he's heard a lot of good things about Jason. Later Jake realizes that Michael's probably not coming home anytime soon. He thanks Monica for her time and says it was great talking with her. At the end, Luke comes to the Quartermaine's looking for Tracy. Meanwhile Jake goes back to Liz's house and meets little Jake.

End of show!

I loved hearing Monica talk about her history with Alan and Jason today. It got me choked up and GH hasn't genuinely moved me in a long while! I loved GH so much in the 80's & 90's. I was just a kid myself, but I remember so much of the show's history. Not too mention the terrific Liz, Jake and Lucky scenes. I'll take more scenes like that any day. Good episode today!

Have a great night!

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