Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I'm Still Broken

Brotherly bonding!
Here's What Happened - 

Sonny and Carly talk about Dante's relationship with Lulu in Sonny's bedroom. Carly tells him that she let it slip to Lulu that Dante kissed Valerie. Then Carly tells him about Jocelyn's cancer free test results. She brings up little Jake's organ donation to save Jocelyn. They start talking about Jason and how much they miss him. At the end, Sonny is swept up and tells Carly she's the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. 

At the Quartermaine's, Luke asks Dillon where Tracy is. He explains to Dillon that little Jake is really alive and was kept by Helena. Then Luke decides to go looking for Tracy and heads upstairs. He goes to Tracy's bedroom and finds Tracy in bed with Paul Hornsby. Tracy asks Paul to give her some alone time with Luke. Luke quickly tells Tracy his reunion with Laura was a lie. He explains what happened with Frank and Jennifer Smith. Tracy hears him out, but can't get over the fact that Luke lied to her and involved Dillon. She refuses to get back together with him. Luke says he's nothing giving up on her.  

Meanwhile Dillon sends Lulu a text to let her know Luke is at the Q's. Paul comes downstairs to bond with Dillon. He explains that Luke just found him in bed with Tracy. Paul also tells Dillon that his marriage to Jenny is over. Dillon doesn't like the idea of him sleeping with Tracy. Then Paul tells Dillon he wants to be a better father to him and no one is getting in the way of that. 

Lulu overhears Dante on the phone with Valerie and asks what they were talking about. Dante says he just wanted Valerie to know that Lulu knows they kissed. Lulu gets angry that he's worried about Valerie's feelings. Then Dante sees a text from Dillon on Lulu's phone and gets annoyed. After they agree to calm down and just need time to get back on track. At the end, they get into bed and Lulu thanks Dante for changing the sheets. 

Lucky interrupts Nikolas and Laura's conversation at Wyndermere. He tells them about Liz's reunion with little Jake. Laura decides to give them some brotherly alone time and leaves. After Nikolas swears to Lucky that he had no idea little Jake was alive. Lucky assures Nik that he believes him. After Lucky confides with him that he's feeling uneasy about reuniting with his kids. Lucky says, "I'm still broken." Nikolas tells Lucky he's nothing like Luke and is a good father. Lucky disagrees and says he thinks he should leave the kids with Liz and the new guy she's dating. Nik starts acting funny and ends up admitting to Lucky that Jake is really Jason. Lucky doesn't like what he hears and feels like he should tell Jason the truth. Nik tells him if he stays quiet and wants to leave town, he can do so knowing Liz and the kids will be taken care of.

Jake goes to Liz's house and meets little Jake. She explains that Luke and Lucky brought little Jake home. Big Jake takes a moment to chat with little Jake about motorcycles. It triggers a memory for big Jake and he shares it with Liz. She decides to put little Jake to bed so they say goodnight to each other. Liz asks Jake to stay with her and the kids for the night. Jake agrees and decides to help put little Jake to bed with her. At the end, Lucky returns to Liz's place and sees her with little and big Jake through the window. The sight makes him decide to walk away.

End of show!

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