Friday, July 24, 2015

"I'm Leaving Port Charles" + Ron Carlivati Out!

Thanks for the memories!
Here's What Happened - 

Nathan and Maxie run into Madeline at The Metro Court. Madeline pushes to be introduced to Maxie so Nathan tells her Maxie is his girlfriend. Madeline sits down and gives Maxie grief for falling down on the red carpet during The Nurses Ball. After Madeline tells Nathan that she's worried about Nina and tells him that Nina is hearing a baby crying. Madeline asks Nathan to check on Nina for her. At the end, Madeline talks to Maxie alone.

Nina comes home to find a crib in her hotel room with a crying baby doll inside. The doll has X's for eyes and lips. Nina runs into the bedroom and then Ric comes out from the balcony, turns off his crying baby app and has the crib rolled out of the door. When Nina comes back into the room, Ric tells her there was never a baby doll or a crib. He's starts playing the crying app again and Nina freaks out thinking she's going crazy. She convinces herself that she kidnapped Avery and blocked it out. At the end, Nathan stops by.

Morgan works out at the gym and thinks of his tryst with Ava/Denise. Then Kiki stops by and tells Morgan that she's leaving for her friends bachelorette party tomorrow. Morgan seems downright happy to hear it and after they decide to go out for the night. Kiki says she wants to see Denise first. Meanwhile at Julian's place, Ava gets a visit from Franco. She asks if he got the recording from Scotty, but Franco says no. Then Franco wants to know who was really in the bedroom during his last visit. He gets Ava to admit Morgan was there. Franco yells at her for hurting Kiki. Ava feels guilty, but says she has an undeniable attraction to Morgan. Franco offers to spill the beans to Kiki so Ava doesn't have to. At the end, Kiki knocks on the door. 

Bobby finds Luke alone with a gun on the table at the Elm Street house. Luke tells her that he's leaving Port Charles. He explains that it's over with Tracy. Luke talks about his experience with the ghosts of the house and "mama" advising him to find himself. Bobby gets emotional at the thought of him leaving. Luke convinces her its for the best and thanks her for bringing him to Port Charles so many years ago. They say goodbye to each other and we get a flashback of Luke and Bobby from the 70's.  

Laura joins Scotty at the Metro Court bar. She tells him she was never back with Luke and explains what happened with Frank and Jennifer Smith. They talk about the past and after Laura tells him about Lucky leaving town. Later Laura says there is something bothering her. Scotty offers to listen and keep her confidence. Then Bobby shows up and tells them Luke is leaving town. Meanwhile back at the Elm Street house, Luke is alone and tells the ghost of his teenage self he's sorry he wasted so much time. His young self tells him there is still time to get it right and they walk out of the house together.

End of show!

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P.S. In case you haven't heard, Ron Carlivati is out at GH as head writer. Read here ---> Fired! I don't think this is much of a shock given the poor ratings and storylines of late. Hopefully the new writers can put a little life back into the show!


  1. This shoiw has been dragging, especially with the Jake/Jason issue

  2. Of course we know valerie is probably going to end up pregnant. Can't STAND HER!!!!!!!

  3. and when, these story lines are way to long, hopefully the new writers will liven up GH. GIVE THE VIEWERS, YOUR FANS, SOMETHING.

  4. Of course Valerie will be pregnant! Can anyone have sex on soaps without getting knocked up? lol Let's hope the new writer's ramp things up. Ron started out strong, but something went very,very wrong along the way.


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