Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'll Love You Forever

No fun anymore!
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie returns to her apartment to find Nathan waiting for her with a welcome home sign and flowers. They tell each other how much they love one another and end up taking a sexy shower together. After Maxie wants an update on Dante and Lulu, but Nathan distracts her with more kissing. At the end, they eat dinner and Maxie says she's still suspicious of Valerie. Nathan ends up changing the subject with even more sex. 

Jordan and Dante talk in her office about TJ and the mob violence. Jordan asks Dante to pick Sonny up. Dante thinks he and Nathan can build a case without another useless arrest on Sonny's record. After Jordan tells Dante that Valerie told her about their night together. Dante gets a little defensive. Jordan warns him that Valerie might not be as okay with everything as he thinks. She also warns him to keep his personal life away from his job.

Lulu confronts Valerie at the PCPD. They talk privately in the interrogation room. Lulu questions Valerie about why she didn't ask her directly about her relationship with Dillon. Valerie defends her actions as best she can. Then Lulu asks for Valerie's side of what happened with Dante. Valerie tells her that they kissed, but it stopped there. At the end, Lulu tells Dante she talked to Valerie and everything should get back to normal again.

Sonny and TJ talk about the gunshot that his security guard took at his house. Then Julian stops by. TJ makes himself scarce and after Julian assures Sonny he wasn't behind the recent attack. Sonny is very skeptical, but Julian swears that he wants out for Alexis and because Olivia's baby died. Sonny thinks Julian is weak and warns him not to lie to him. Later Sonny makes preparations for more mob activities with one of his guards.

Sam and Alexis talk at the Metro Court about Nikolas and his ELQ takeover. Then they discuss Julian and whether or not he's back in the mob. Alexis says she's sure that Julian is out, but Sam has doubts. They agree to give Julian the benefit of the doubt. At the end, Julian make a phone call ordering someone to "get it done" and then he goes to sit with Sam and Alexis.  

Tracy shows up at The Haunted Star to talk to Luke about their future. She tells him she forgives him for lying to her, but she refuses to remarry him. Tracy explains that the last year was hard on her and she's not having fun anymore. Tracy says she needs time and Luke needs to start over. She tells him, "You're not you!" Tracy advises him to come to terms with his past. Luke doesn't like what he hears, but Tracy insists they need time apart. At the end, Luke agrees he needs to rediscover himself. They say a touching goodbye and agree to love each other forever.

End of show!

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