Thursday, July 16, 2015

I Did It For Us

I ate carbs!
Thursday's Recap - 

Julian and Alexis meet at the Metro Court and discuss Sonny. Julian tells her he plans on keeping Sonny's name is his newspaper to keep the heat off him. Alexis reads some of the articles and likes what she sees. Julian says, "I did it for us." After they talk about Julian's problems with Denise and her dating Franco. Alexis teases Julian about eating carbs over the stress he's under with Denise. At the end, they agree to go on a date together, but don't know where they can have any privacy since Molly is at Alexis's place and Denise is at Julian's. 

Michael stops by Sonny's house. Carly and Sonny tell him about getting married again and ask him to come to the wedding. Carly says they know they belong together now. However Michael still says he doesn't think he can attend. Carly convinces him to keep an open mind so Michael agrees to think about it. After he asks Sonny to consider letting Denise visit Avery. Sonny says he doesn't trust Denise and can't allow that. 

Nina wonders if she could end up back in Shadybrook in her hotel room. Ric promises to look after her, but then he plays the baby crying app again to confuse her. Later Nina heads out and Ric decides to call Madeline to come over. When Madeline arrives, they discuss their plan to "gaslight" Nina. Then they kiss. After Ric senses that Madeline genuinely thinks Nina is better off in an institution. He asks what made Nina so crazy in the first place. Madeline doesn't want to answer and distracts Ric with sex. After he shows Madeline the baby blanket he's using to make Nina think she took Avery. Ric feels certain that Nina is dependent on him for everything.

Franco drops by Scotty's office in an attempt to get the recording of Sonny killing AJ. He distracts Scotty by asking for his "fatherly" advice to get Nina away from Ric. Then Franco tells him he's dating Denise. Scotty is surprised, but says Denise is off the hook for Ava's crimes. Franco brings up the recording. Scotty says it's in his desk drawer, but as evidence its of no use to anyone. Later Scotty leaves Franco alone in his office for awhile. Franco tries to open Scotty's desk drawer in search of the recording, but Scotty comes back before he can get inside.

Kiki tells Silas at the hospital that she convinced Michael to talk to Sonny about allowing her to see Avery. Silas warns her about getting to close to Denise. Kiki feels that Denise would never do anything to hurt her. Then they talk about her relationship with Morgan. Kiki asks Silas to get to know Morgan. Silas worries that she's getting too serious with Morgan. Then Nina walks in and interrupts. Kiki quickly leaves and after Nina tells Silas she thinks she losing her mind. She tells him about hearing a baby crying. Silas assures her that she's changed and everything will be okay. Nina's not so sure and thinks maybe she did kidnap Avery. Silas tells her he's "certain" she's innocent. 

Morgan goes to see Denise at Julian's apartment to ask why she told Silas about them kissing. Denise explains that she made a mistake and won't tell anyone else. Morgan pushes to know why she told Silas in the first place. Denise lies and says Silas was hitting on her so she told him she was seeing Franco. After Denise tells Morgan she thinks about him all the time. Morgan says he can't stop thinking of her either. They start making out just as Kiki is about to knock on the door. 

End of show!

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