Thursday, July 9, 2015

Helena's Parting Gift

Alive and kicking!
Thursday's Recap - 

Tracy brings Paul to the Quartermaine's to see Dillon. Alice checks Paul out and warns him not to hurt Tracy. Later Paul tells Tracy he knows how she feels about Luke, because the same thing happened to him. Paul says Jenny Eckert left him. They end up agreeing that it's good to see each other again.

Dillon and TJ meet at Kelly's for the first time. As they're getting introduced, Sonny walks in. He quickly asks Dillon why he was in British Columbia with Lulu. Dillon tries to explain the situation. Sonny advises him to talk to Dante and straighten things out. After TJ and Sonny talk. Sonny advises him to make peace with Jordan.

Dante tells Lulu at their apartment that he's sorry and needs her forgiveness. Lulu is confused and asks what he's talking about. Before Dante can answer, Dillon knocks on the door. He assures Dante that nothing happened between he and Lulu. After Dante lies to Lulu and says he trash talked to Valerie about her. Then he leaves for work. Once alone, Lulu calls Dillon and thanks him for trying to smooth things over with Dante. At the end, Lulu finds a smashed picture of her and Dante in the dresser drawer.

At the PCPD, Valerie and Jordan talk about TJ living with Sonny. Jordan says she wants to find a reason to arrest Sonny. Then she asks Valerie where Dante is. Valerie blurts out that Lulu is having an affair. She also admits to Jordan that she slept with Dante. Valerie thinks she has a connection to Dante. Jordan thinks she might be expecting too much. At the end, Dante arrives at work and runs into Valerie.

At GH, Carly talks to Liz about little Jake. She thanks Liz for Jake giving his organs to Jocelyn. Carly asks if Liz will come with her to make sure Jocelyn test results are negative. Liz says yes and later Silas comes to give Carly the results. He tells them Jocelyn is clear and in full remission. Carly is thrilled and she hugs Liz.

Luke and Laura head to Cassadine Island to find out if Jake is alive. They decide to split up. Luke goes into the house and sees Helena. She tells Luke that Nikolas has stripped her of her power, but she's proud of him. Helena explains that she knows she's at the end of her run so it's time to give Luke a parting gift. She explains what happened to Jake off camera. At the end, Jake comes out and says to Luke, "My name is Jake, what's yours?"

End of show!

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