Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dodge is Back!

So hot!
Thursday's Recap - 

Nik finds Spencer waiting for him at ELQ. Spencer wants to know why Nik lied and stole ELQ. Nikolas answers that he did for Spencer, because the Cassadine's are cash poor. Spencer says he knows Courtney was a "townie" and he realizes money isn't everything. Nik says he'll think over what Spencer said. Then he takes Spencer to the park to see the fireworks. Meanwhile Jake tells Sam outside of Kelly's that she can help Michael save ELQ. Jake wants her help to blackmail Nikolas. Jake thinks Nikolas is keeping a secret. Sam agrees to team up with him. 

Franco runs into Kiki at Kelly's. He tells her that he thinks Denise and Morgan are fooling around. He explains that he's not really dating Denise. Kiki doesn't think she has anything to worry about. Meanwhile Denise knocks on Silas's door and Morgan answers. She tells him its his fault she can't see Avery. Denise asks Morgan to go convince Sonny she's not interested in him. Morgan says he is attracted to her and can't stop thinking about her, but he'll try to talk to Sonny. 

Dante goes back to his apartment in Port Charles and gets a visit from Valerie. He offers her a beer and tells her about finding Lulu's clothes in Dillon's room in British Columbia. He's convinced Lulu is having an affair. Valerie isn't sure he should assume the worst, but Dante can't help it. At the end, he takes Valerie's hand and says he wants to stay with her.

In British Columbia, Luke finds Ethan inside the warehouse. Ethan warns him not to come to close, because he's standing on a pressure bomb. Ethan says he's getting tired and about to die any moment. Ethan gets emotional and tells Luke to go save Lucky, because he's a lost cause. Luke ignores him and goes to work on the bomb. Later Luke tells Ethan he's got all his grace and none of his flaws. They express their love for each other. Then Luke cuts a wire, tells Ethan to give him his hand and he pulls Ethan off the bomb successfully. 

Nearby Lulu pretends to go into labor to avoid going into the security guard's van. However the guards discover a bag of sand under her shirt. Dillon tries to fight their way to freedom and Lulu helps. They end up getting the upper hand, but one of the guards gets loose. Later a bunch of guards gather Lulu, Dillon, Holly and Laura and walk them into the warehouse where Ethan and Luke are at gun point. At the end they finally meet the person behind all of this, but we don't get to see the person's face.

End of show!

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  1. Lulu is a traitor ratting her brother Nikolas out to the Quartermaines. Nikolas is her brother and saved her life not to mention the other countless favors he has done for her All of a sudden Lucky (who she hasn't seen in ages and can give a crap about her and is never there for her) comes around and he is beloved brother what a bunch of crap. Can't wait till Luke is off the canvas. I was starting to like Sam but she is another traitor sticking with the Quartermaines because Jason loved Michael what crap Nikolas is family and has always been there for Sam she is another traitor. Lulu, Sam, Jake, all are a bunch of hypocrites. Hopefully Nik keeps ELQ and his mother, Laura, (another one who can be a traitor) sides with her son Nikolas for once in her life stands by him! I can no longer stand Lulu, Sam or Jake biggest hypocrites ever!!!!! Like the change in Spencer still think the kid is an excellent actor.

  2. I hope that Sam and Jake get together and take their kid and leave Port Charles. Two of the biggest traitors and hypocrites either. Can't wait until Jake aka Jason finds out he was a hitman for the Mob and Sonny. Let's see if he reverts to his former life if he does after calling Nik out for everyday business like corporate raiding then I want him and his hypocrite wife to take their kid and leave.


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