Monday, July 20, 2015

Can I Move In?

You're hard to read!
Monday's Recap - 

Dante makes plans to have dinner with Lulu at the PCPD from his phone, then he runs into Valerie. He pulls Valerie into the interrogation room for privacy and asks if she's okay with everything. She assures him that she is, but Dante says Lulu is still upset. Valerie realizes that Lulu is going to question her. Later Dante apologizes for leading her on. Valerie forgives him, but is clearly hurt. 

Luke goes to see Lulu at The Haunted Star. He tells Lulu that he found Tracy in bed with Paul Hornsby. After Luke fills Lulu in about little Jake being alive. Then Lulu tells Luke about Dante thinking she was having an affair with Dillon and his subsequently kissing Valerie. Lulu thinks she needs to hear Valerie's side of things. Luke wishes her well and Lulu heads out. At the end, Lulu goes to the PCPD to see Valerie. 

Dillon tries to smooth things over with Tracy at the Quartermaine's. He promises her that he didn't want to lie to her and says Luke hated lying to her as well. Then Paul comes in with pancakes for breakfast, but it turns out that Dillon doesn't like them. Dillon asks if they're back together, but Paul says his night with Tracy was just a one time thing. Dillon thinks that means that Luke and Tracy still have a chance. Paul chimes in that he thinks Tracy is better off without Luke, which annoys Dillon. At the end, Dillon tells Paul he needs to stay out of Tracy's business. Meanwhile, Tracy goes to The Haunted Star to see Luke. 

Liz brings little Jake to see Patrick for a check up at GH. Patrick is shocked to see him alive so Liz explains how Helena took him and Lucky brought him home. Later Patrick examines Jake and finds him to be in great health. Then Liz talks to Patrick about Lucky and says she suspects that Lucky already left town. After Patrick thinks Liz needs to tell Sam about little Jake since he and Danny are brothers. At the end, Patrick runs into Jake and he tells him that Liz went to Wyndermere.

Jake visits Carly at Sonny's place. He tells her that little Jake is alive and explains what happened. Jake says he's surprised that little Jake isn't more afraid, but Carly says Jason wasn't afraid of anything either. Carly wishes Jason was alive to see his son. Then she wonders who really gave Jocelyn a kidney. Carly starts to worry, but Jake assures her that Jocelyn's kidney will be okay. Later Jake notices her ring. Carly tells him she's marrying Sonny and promises it won't effect their friendship. 

Laura visits Nikolas at Wyndermere and Nik tells her that Lucky left town. Laura says she wishes he'd stayed around long enough to settle little Jake in. Then she starts questioning Nikolas about why he seems so guarded. She assumes it's because of his ELQ takeover. Later Laura tells him she's been over Luke for a long time so Nik asks if there is anyone new in Laura's life. She says no and then asks if she can move into Wyndermere. Nik tells her of course and says he's thrilled she's staying in town. At the end, Liz and little Jake stop by. In private, Nik explains to Liz that Lucky left because he told him that Jake is really Jason. Unbeknownst to them, Laura overhears.

End of show!

So that's it for Lucky. That was pretty quick. I guess that's a wrap for Ethan and Holly too.

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you haven't heard, Anthony Geary gave an exit interview to TV Insider's Michael Logan. Read here - > Luke Out! All I have to say is that I won't miss Luke. I haven't cared about the character or felt that Tony showed much gusto in his portrayal of Luke for years. I think his lack of gratitude for Luke & Laura is just sad. I can understand being tired of a job after so many years, but no one forced you to stay. Like it or not that's the character that made you. It's classier to keep quiet and go live in Amsterdam in peace, in my opinion. What do you think?


  1. I read that low-class bitchy interview and realized TG is a bigger jackazz than I EVER imagined. His ego is way above his acting ability.


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