Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gone Fishing

I'll be on vacation the rest of this week and back on August 3rd. You can find my end of week recap over here -- > Soaphub, it should be up on Sunday. In the meantime, here is what's coming up on General Hospital this week, according to GHH

7/28 Dillon offers Valerie a solution (regarding herself, Lulu and Dante).
Nathan suspects that Nina is being set up.
Franco confronts Morgan about Denise.
Denise goes on and on to Nina about her "boyfriend", Franco. 

7/29 Morgan and Denise are caught in a comprising situation.
Sonny's organization takes another hit.

7/30 Nikolas is queried by Scott regarding his ELQ takeover.
Franco confronts Madeline about conspiring with Ric.

07/31 - Nathan is far from convinced that Nina is losing her mind.
Laura stops by to visit with Liz.
Laura informs Liz that she knows that Jake Doe is really Jason.

Have a great week!

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Have a great week!

News Update 07/31/2015 -  Michael Easton (Silas) is out at GH. Read here ---> Murdered! Also for some good news, Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina) is returning to GH & Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) and Michelle Stafford (Nina) are both expecting in real life. Read here --->  Good News!

Monday, July 27, 2015

The End of An Era - Luke Spencer Departs Port Charles!

Bon Voyage!
Monday's Recap - 

Kiki knocks on Ava's door, while Franco is inside debating whether or not to tell her "Denise" slept with Morgan. Franco lets Kiki in and "Denise" tells Kiki she agreed to be Franco's fake girlfriend to help him make Nina jealous. Then Denise and Kiki discuss Avery. Denise says she's going to find a way into Avery's life. Later Kiki tells them she's leaving town for a few days. At the end, Franco tells Ava to hurry up and help him get Nina back asap so Denise decides to invite Nina to breakfast.

Nathan finds Avery's blanket in Nina's hotel room. Nina assumes that Ric betrayed her and told Nathan. Ric assures her that's not the case. Nathan explains that Madeline told him she's hearing things. Nathan wants to take the blanket to the PCPD as evidence. He also wants Nina to come with him. Ric tells Nina if she leaves she'll end up in jail. She agrees and asks Nathan to leave. After Ric tells Nina in private that he's the only person she can trust. 

Madeline wants to talk to Maxie about her relationship with Nathan at the Metro Court. Madeline doesn't think Maxie is good enough for Nathan and she suggests that Maxie is ill bred. Meanwhile Valerie thinks about Dante as she walks into the Metro Court. Maxie sees her and calls Valerie a home wrecking bitch in front of Madeline. Later Madeline asks Valerie why Maxie thinks that about her. Maxie and Valerie end up having a tense conversation and Valerie walks out. After Madeline and Maxie argue and Nathan overhears it. At the end, Nathan tells Madeline he likes that Maxie stood up to her. 

At the Floating Rib, Dillon asks Morgan to read his latest film script and let him know if the dialogue is believable. Morgan tells him about dating Kiki and Dillon mentions dating a woman in LA who cheated on him. After Dillon starts gushing about Lulu. Morgan reminds him she's married to Dante. Later Valerie storms in looking for a double vodka on the rocks. She tells Dillon about her run in with Maxie. Then Kiki walks in and fills Morgan in on her visit with Denise and Franco. Meanwhile Dillon suggests to Valerie that she go on a date with him to prove she's not interested in Dante.

Lulu and Dante talk about starting anew at The Haunted Star. Dante tries to give Lulu a gift of jewelry, but Lulu won't accept it. She says she can't forget that he kissed Valerie. Then Laura walks in and tells Lulu that Luke is leaving town. Lulu takes off to see Luke one last time. After Laura wants to talk to Dante about Valerie. Dante tells Laura he loves Lulu and plans on making it up to her. Laura is understanding and advises Dante to just keep loving Lulu.

Sonny's security guards grab Luke on the docks thinking he's trying to sabotage Sonny's shipment. Sonny insists they let Luke go and asks for time alone with Luke. In private they have a friendly chat and Sonny tells Luke someone is trying to make a move on his territory. Then Luke says he's leaving Port Charles for good. They say their goodbyes and joke about Frank Smith. Luke gives Sonny the gun he used to kill Frank. Luke tells Sonny he's off to "zen it" and Sonny gets choked up. Later Lulu comes to say her goodbye to Luke. They hug and say they love each other. At the end, Luke tells Sonny to take care of Port Charles. Meanwhile Lulu heads back to The Haunted Star and gives Laura a letter from Luke.

Back at the docks, Luke says good luck to Port Charles and walks off into the fog to catch a boat to nowhere!

End of show!

That's the end of the line for Luke Spencer, arguably the most iconic of all soap opera characters. I can't say his exit was very eventful. Honestly it was mostly boring and poorly written. Much like the Luke/Fluke storyline that dragged for the last year, Luke's final scenes were really much ado about nothing. I wasn't crazy about what Tony Geary had to say in his exit interview, but it does seem that Ron Carlivati went out of his way to write Luke's history into a giant pile of crap! 

Am I being too cynical? What do you think of Luke's exit?

Have a great night!

Friday, July 24, 2015

"I'm Leaving Port Charles" + Ron Carlivati Out!

Thanks for the memories!
Here's What Happened - 

Nathan and Maxie run into Madeline at The Metro Court. Madeline pushes to be introduced to Maxie so Nathan tells her Maxie is his girlfriend. Madeline sits down and gives Maxie grief for falling down on the red carpet during The Nurses Ball. After Madeline tells Nathan that she's worried about Nina and tells him that Nina is hearing a baby crying. Madeline asks Nathan to check on Nina for her. At the end, Madeline talks to Maxie alone.

Nina comes home to find a crib in her hotel room with a crying baby doll inside. The doll has X's for eyes and lips. Nina runs into the bedroom and then Ric comes out from the balcony, turns off his crying baby app and has the crib rolled out of the door. When Nina comes back into the room, Ric tells her there was never a baby doll or a crib. He's starts playing the crying app again and Nina freaks out thinking she's going crazy. She convinces herself that she kidnapped Avery and blocked it out. At the end, Nathan stops by.

Morgan works out at the gym and thinks of his tryst with Ava/Denise. Then Kiki stops by and tells Morgan that she's leaving for her friends bachelorette party tomorrow. Morgan seems downright happy to hear it and after they decide to go out for the night. Kiki says she wants to see Denise first. Meanwhile at Julian's place, Ava gets a visit from Franco. She asks if he got the recording from Scotty, but Franco says no. Then Franco wants to know who was really in the bedroom during his last visit. He gets Ava to admit Morgan was there. Franco yells at her for hurting Kiki. Ava feels guilty, but says she has an undeniable attraction to Morgan. Franco offers to spill the beans to Kiki so Ava doesn't have to. At the end, Kiki knocks on the door. 

Bobby finds Luke alone with a gun on the table at the Elm Street house. Luke tells her that he's leaving Port Charles. He explains that it's over with Tracy. Luke talks about his experience with the ghosts of the house and "mama" advising him to find himself. Bobby gets emotional at the thought of him leaving. Luke convinces her its for the best and thanks her for bringing him to Port Charles so many years ago. They say goodbye to each other and we get a flashback of Luke and Bobby from the 70's.  

Laura joins Scotty at the Metro Court bar. She tells him she was never back with Luke and explains what happened with Frank and Jennifer Smith. They talk about the past and after Laura tells him about Lucky leaving town. Later Laura says there is something bothering her. Scotty offers to listen and keep her confidence. Then Bobby shows up and tells them Luke is leaving town. Meanwhile back at the Elm Street house, Luke is alone and tells the ghost of his teenage self he's sorry he wasted so much time. His young self tells him there is still time to get it right and they walk out of the house together.

End of show!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. In case you haven't heard, Ron Carlivati is out at GH as head writer. Read here ---> Fired! I don't think this is much of a shock given the poor ratings and storylines of late. Hopefully the new writers can put a little life back into the show!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lost & Found

Time to move forward!
Thursday's Recap - 

Bobby meets Valerie at the Metro Court and wants to talk about Lucas' wedding. Valerie says she doesn't want to get involved in someone else's relationship again. Bobby pushes to know what she's talking about. Valerie admits that Dante kissed her and Lulu knows about it. Bobby offers to be there for Valerie whenever she needs her. They talk about her mother Patricia briefly and Bobby gives her a picture of young Patricia. Then Bobby gets a message from Michael saying he's tearing down the Elm Street house. At the end, the ghost of young Patricia comes to give Valerie a hug.

Maxie goes to The Haunted Star to see Lulu. She gets an earful from Lulu about Dante thinking she was having an affair with Dillon and kissing Valerie. Maxie tells Lulu that she got a weird feeling when she saw Dante and Valerie together on July 4th. Lulu realizes that Dante and Valerie didn't mention seeing her. Later they have a drink and Lulu says she hopes things can go back to normal.

Dante works out at the gym and thinks about sleeping with Valerie. Nathan sees him and tries to get Dante to talk to him. Dante ends up opening up to Nathan that he slept with Valerie. Nathan promises to keep quiet about it, even from Maxie. At the end, Maxie comes to the gym and tells Nathan about what Lulu told her. Meanwhile Dante brings Lulu flowers at The Haunted Star and promises he's committed to her.

At GH, Brad tells Lucas they can't get married. Brad explains that he's already married to someone else. Lucas is in shock and feels like Brad used him like a homewrecker. Brad swears it's not like that so Lucas insists that he explain everything to him. Before Brad can spill the details, Lucas is called to the ER.

Sabrina and Michael hang out at the Q's boat house. They briefly talk about Luke and his plans for AJ's clinic. Sabrina ends up pushing Michael in the water and later they have some sexy time in the boat house. After Michael tells Sabrina he's falling for her and she says she feels the same. 

Luke goes to the Elm Street house with a gun. He thinks about killing himself and sees a vision of Tim Spencer. Tim tells Luke, "You're old, miserable and alone!" Tim encourages Luke to kill himself, but then Luke sees a young version of his sister Patricia. She tries to convince Luke not to end things, but Luke says he can't live with having killed his "mama." After he sees his mother (played by Laura Wright) who tells him she understands he was trying to protect her. Mama insists that Luke was lost, but is now found and can begin his life again. At the end, Luke puts the gun down and they hug. After Bobby shows up and Luke tells her he's made a decision about his life.

End of show!

I liked Luke's scenes today. I also thought Bobby looked pretty good. How about you?

Have a great night!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Today on General Hospital

No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here is what's coming up on today's show, according to GHH.

Michael wants Luke's permission to build the clinic on the property of his childhood home.

Luke's final visit to his childhood home brings on disturbing emotions. 

Liz's guilt regarding lying to Jake/Jason is overwhelming.

Laura questions Nik's behavior over the last several months.

Brad has bad news for Lucas.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'll Love You Forever

No fun anymore!
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie returns to her apartment to find Nathan waiting for her with a welcome home sign and flowers. They tell each other how much they love one another and end up taking a sexy shower together. After Maxie wants an update on Dante and Lulu, but Nathan distracts her with more kissing. At the end, they eat dinner and Maxie says she's still suspicious of Valerie. Nathan ends up changing the subject with even more sex. 

Jordan and Dante talk in her office about TJ and the mob violence. Jordan asks Dante to pick Sonny up. Dante thinks he and Nathan can build a case without another useless arrest on Sonny's record. After Jordan tells Dante that Valerie told her about their night together. Dante gets a little defensive. Jordan warns him that Valerie might not be as okay with everything as he thinks. She also warns him to keep his personal life away from his job.

Lulu confronts Valerie at the PCPD. They talk privately in the interrogation room. Lulu questions Valerie about why she didn't ask her directly about her relationship with Dillon. Valerie defends her actions as best she can. Then Lulu asks for Valerie's side of what happened with Dante. Valerie tells her that they kissed, but it stopped there. At the end, Lulu tells Dante she talked to Valerie and everything should get back to normal again.

Sonny and TJ talk about the gunshot that his security guard took at his house. Then Julian stops by. TJ makes himself scarce and after Julian assures Sonny he wasn't behind the recent attack. Sonny is very skeptical, but Julian swears that he wants out for Alexis and because Olivia's baby died. Sonny thinks Julian is weak and warns him not to lie to him. Later Sonny makes preparations for more mob activities with one of his guards.

Sam and Alexis talk at the Metro Court about Nikolas and his ELQ takeover. Then they discuss Julian and whether or not he's back in the mob. Alexis says she's sure that Julian is out, but Sam has doubts. They agree to give Julian the benefit of the doubt. At the end, Julian make a phone call ordering someone to "get it done" and then he goes to sit with Sam and Alexis.  

Tracy shows up at The Haunted Star to talk to Luke about their future. She tells him she forgives him for lying to her, but she refuses to remarry him. Tracy explains that the last year was hard on her and she's not having fun anymore. Tracy says she needs time and Luke needs to start over. She tells him, "You're not you!" Tracy advises him to come to terms with his past. Luke doesn't like what he hears, but Tracy insists they need time apart. At the end, Luke agrees he needs to rediscover himself. They say a touching goodbye and agree to love each other forever.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Can I Move In?

You're hard to read!
Monday's Recap - 

Dante makes plans to have dinner with Lulu at the PCPD from his phone, then he runs into Valerie. He pulls Valerie into the interrogation room for privacy and asks if she's okay with everything. She assures him that she is, but Dante says Lulu is still upset. Valerie realizes that Lulu is going to question her. Later Dante apologizes for leading her on. Valerie forgives him, but is clearly hurt. 

Luke goes to see Lulu at The Haunted Star. He tells Lulu that he found Tracy in bed with Paul Hornsby. After Luke fills Lulu in about little Jake being alive. Then Lulu tells Luke about Dante thinking she was having an affair with Dillon and his subsequently kissing Valerie. Lulu thinks she needs to hear Valerie's side of things. Luke wishes her well and Lulu heads out. At the end, Lulu goes to the PCPD to see Valerie. 

Dillon tries to smooth things over with Tracy at the Quartermaine's. He promises her that he didn't want to lie to her and says Luke hated lying to her as well. Then Paul comes in with pancakes for breakfast, but it turns out that Dillon doesn't like them. Dillon asks if they're back together, but Paul says his night with Tracy was just a one time thing. Dillon thinks that means that Luke and Tracy still have a chance. Paul chimes in that he thinks Tracy is better off without Luke, which annoys Dillon. At the end, Dillon tells Paul he needs to stay out of Tracy's business. Meanwhile, Tracy goes to The Haunted Star to see Luke. 

Liz brings little Jake to see Patrick for a check up at GH. Patrick is shocked to see him alive so Liz explains how Helena took him and Lucky brought him home. Later Patrick examines Jake and finds him to be in great health. Then Liz talks to Patrick about Lucky and says she suspects that Lucky already left town. After Patrick thinks Liz needs to tell Sam about little Jake since he and Danny are brothers. At the end, Patrick runs into Jake and he tells him that Liz went to Wyndermere.

Jake visits Carly at Sonny's place. He tells her that little Jake is alive and explains what happened. Jake says he's surprised that little Jake isn't more afraid, but Carly says Jason wasn't afraid of anything either. Carly wishes Jason was alive to see his son. Then she wonders who really gave Jocelyn a kidney. Carly starts to worry, but Jake assures her that Jocelyn's kidney will be okay. Later Jake notices her ring. Carly tells him she's marrying Sonny and promises it won't effect their friendship. 

Laura visits Nikolas at Wyndermere and Nik tells her that Lucky left town. Laura says she wishes he'd stayed around long enough to settle little Jake in. Then she starts questioning Nikolas about why he seems so guarded. She assumes it's because of his ELQ takeover. Later Laura tells him she's been over Luke for a long time so Nik asks if there is anyone new in Laura's life. She says no and then asks if she can move into Wyndermere. Nik tells her of course and says he's thrilled she's staying in town. At the end, Liz and little Jake stop by. In private, Nik explains to Liz that Lucky left because he told him that Jake is really Jason. Unbeknownst to them, Laura overhears.

End of show!

So that's it for Lucky. That was pretty quick. I guess that's a wrap for Ethan and Holly too.

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you haven't heard, Anthony Geary gave an exit interview to TV Insider's Michael Logan. Read here - > Luke Out! All I have to say is that I won't miss Luke. I haven't cared about the character or felt that Tony showed much gusto in his portrayal of Luke for years. I think his lack of gratitude for Luke & Laura is just sad. I can understand being tired of a job after so many years, but no one forced you to stay. Like it or not that's the character that made you. It's classier to keep quiet and go live in Amsterdam in peace, in my opinion. What do you think?

Friday, July 17, 2015


No recap today, I'll be back on Monday. In the meantime, according to GHH here is what's coming up on General Hospital today!

Julian and Alexis turn up the heat. 

Nina discovers Ric in bed with Madeline!

Sonny's grip on his Port Charles territory will be challenged.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. You can find my end of week recaps over on - >  Soaphub! It should be up by Sunday! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I Did It For Us

I ate carbs!
Thursday's Recap - 

Julian and Alexis meet at the Metro Court and discuss Sonny. Julian tells her he plans on keeping Sonny's name is his newspaper to keep the heat off him. Alexis reads some of the articles and likes what she sees. Julian says, "I did it for us." After they talk about Julian's problems with Denise and her dating Franco. Alexis teases Julian about eating carbs over the stress he's under with Denise. At the end, they agree to go on a date together, but don't know where they can have any privacy since Molly is at Alexis's place and Denise is at Julian's. 

Michael stops by Sonny's house. Carly and Sonny tell him about getting married again and ask him to come to the wedding. Carly says they know they belong together now. However Michael still says he doesn't think he can attend. Carly convinces him to keep an open mind so Michael agrees to think about it. After he asks Sonny to consider letting Denise visit Avery. Sonny says he doesn't trust Denise and can't allow that. 

Nina wonders if she could end up back in Shadybrook in her hotel room. Ric promises to look after her, but then he plays the baby crying app again to confuse her. Later Nina heads out and Ric decides to call Madeline to come over. When Madeline arrives, they discuss their plan to "gaslight" Nina. Then they kiss. After Ric senses that Madeline genuinely thinks Nina is better off in an institution. He asks what made Nina so crazy in the first place. Madeline doesn't want to answer and distracts Ric with sex. After he shows Madeline the baby blanket he's using to make Nina think she took Avery. Ric feels certain that Nina is dependent on him for everything.

Franco drops by Scotty's office in an attempt to get the recording of Sonny killing AJ. He distracts Scotty by asking for his "fatherly" advice to get Nina away from Ric. Then Franco tells him he's dating Denise. Scotty is surprised, but says Denise is off the hook for Ava's crimes. Franco brings up the recording. Scotty says it's in his desk drawer, but as evidence its of no use to anyone. Later Scotty leaves Franco alone in his office for awhile. Franco tries to open Scotty's desk drawer in search of the recording, but Scotty comes back before he can get inside.

Kiki tells Silas at the hospital that she convinced Michael to talk to Sonny about allowing her to see Avery. Silas warns her about getting to close to Denise. Kiki feels that Denise would never do anything to hurt her. Then they talk about her relationship with Morgan. Kiki asks Silas to get to know Morgan. Silas worries that she's getting too serious with Morgan. Then Nina walks in and interrupts. Kiki quickly leaves and after Nina tells Silas she thinks she losing her mind. She tells him about hearing a baby crying. Silas assures her that she's changed and everything will be okay. Nina's not so sure and thinks maybe she did kidnap Avery. Silas tells her he's "certain" she's innocent. 

Morgan goes to see Denise at Julian's apartment to ask why she told Silas about them kissing. Denise explains that she made a mistake and won't tell anyone else. Morgan pushes to know why she told Silas in the first place. Denise lies and says Silas was hitting on her so she told him she was seeing Franco. After Denise tells Morgan she thinks about him all the time. Morgan says he can't stop thinking of her either. They start making out just as Kiki is about to knock on the door. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Today on GH

I'm really Ava!
No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, according to GHH here is what's coming up on today's show!

Michael gets a request from Kiki.

Nina runs into trouble with Ric and it makes her doubt her sanity.

Nina seeks out Silas' assistance.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I'm Still Broken

Brotherly bonding!
Here's What Happened - 

Sonny and Carly talk about Dante's relationship with Lulu in Sonny's bedroom. Carly tells him that she let it slip to Lulu that Dante kissed Valerie. Then Carly tells him about Jocelyn's cancer free test results. She brings up little Jake's organ donation to save Jocelyn. They start talking about Jason and how much they miss him. At the end, Sonny is swept up and tells Carly she's the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. 

At the Quartermaine's, Luke asks Dillon where Tracy is. He explains to Dillon that little Jake is really alive and was kept by Helena. Then Luke decides to go looking for Tracy and heads upstairs. He goes to Tracy's bedroom and finds Tracy in bed with Paul Hornsby. Tracy asks Paul to give her some alone time with Luke. Luke quickly tells Tracy his reunion with Laura was a lie. He explains what happened with Frank and Jennifer Smith. Tracy hears him out, but can't get over the fact that Luke lied to her and involved Dillon. She refuses to get back together with him. Luke says he's nothing giving up on her.  

Meanwhile Dillon sends Lulu a text to let her know Luke is at the Q's. Paul comes downstairs to bond with Dillon. He explains that Luke just found him in bed with Tracy. Paul also tells Dillon that his marriage to Jenny is over. Dillon doesn't like the idea of him sleeping with Tracy. Then Paul tells Dillon he wants to be a better father to him and no one is getting in the way of that. 

Lulu overhears Dante on the phone with Valerie and asks what they were talking about. Dante says he just wanted Valerie to know that Lulu knows they kissed. Lulu gets angry that he's worried about Valerie's feelings. Then Dante sees a text from Dillon on Lulu's phone and gets annoyed. After they agree to calm down and just need time to get back on track. At the end, they get into bed and Lulu thanks Dante for changing the sheets. 

Lucky interrupts Nikolas and Laura's conversation at Wyndermere. He tells them about Liz's reunion with little Jake. Laura decides to give them some brotherly alone time and leaves. After Nikolas swears to Lucky that he had no idea little Jake was alive. Lucky assures Nik that he believes him. After Lucky confides with him that he's feeling uneasy about reuniting with his kids. Lucky says, "I'm still broken." Nikolas tells Lucky he's nothing like Luke and is a good father. Lucky disagrees and says he thinks he should leave the kids with Liz and the new guy she's dating. Nik starts acting funny and ends up admitting to Lucky that Jake is really Jason. Lucky doesn't like what he hears and feels like he should tell Jason the truth. Nik tells him if he stays quiet and wants to leave town, he can do so knowing Liz and the kids will be taken care of.

Jake goes to Liz's house and meets little Jake. She explains that Luke and Lucky brought little Jake home. Big Jake takes a moment to chat with little Jake about motorcycles. It triggers a memory for big Jake and he shares it with Liz. She decides to put little Jake to bed so they say goodnight to each other. Liz asks Jake to stay with her and the kids for the night. Jake agrees and decides to help put little Jake to bed with her. At the end, Lucky returns to Liz's place and sees her with little and big Jake through the window. The sight makes him decide to walk away.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Jake, This Is Your Mom

Monday's Recap - 

Lucky knocks on Liz's door as little Jake and Luke stand nearby. Liz answers and immediately hugs Lucky. She invites him in and he explains that he was off the grid, because he was kidnapped. Then Liz gets Aiden to see Lucky. Aiden tells Lucky about mommy's new friend, Jake. After Liz brings up little Jake saving Jocelyn. Lucky tells her that Jocelyn must have gotten a kidney from another kid, because little Jake is alive. Liz gets upset and doesn't know what to think. Lucky explains that Helena kidnapped Jake. Then Luke brings Jake inside. Luke says, "Jake, this is your mom." Little Jake promises to watch over his mother and they hug. Liz and Lucky take a moment outside alone. They're both overjoyed and hug each other. Then Luke tells Liz it's wonderful seeing her with Jake again. He also says she has awesome resilience for such a tiny little thing. Later Luke asks Lucky in private what he's afraid of. Lucky answers that he feels like there is darkness within him and he's afraid it will effect his kids. Luke advises him to face his fears and he'll be on the road to victory. After Lucky promises to check in with Liz before he decides anything about his future.

Jordan tells Valerie at the PCPD that she's uncomfortable with her relationship with Dante. Valerie says she doesn't have to worry, because Dante called the whole thing off. Jordan tells Valerie she's sorry if she got hurt, but she needs to deal with her drama on her own time. Meanwhile, Lulu tells Dante at their apartment that she knows all about him and Valerie. Dante assumes she knows he slept with Valerie so he immediately asks for her forgiveness. Lulu replies that she can forgive him if it was just one kiss. Dante realizes she doesn't know the whole story, but admits to kissing Valerie. At the end, they agree to try and put the past behind them. After Dante calls Valerie to tell her that Lulu knows they kissed. He asks her again to keep quiet. 

At GH, Sam tells Patrick she wants to take him to dinner. They talk about some of the hospital gossip and Patrick tells her that Hayden is getting better. Sam is hopeful that if Hayden wakes up she can tell them who Jake really is. Meanwhile, Nikolas worries about Sam looking into his relationship with Hayden at Wyndermere. Then Laura stops by. She explains that she's not getting back together with Luke. Laura also tells Nikolas about little Jake being alive. At the end, Laura can tell Nikolas is a little off. He's about to tell her about Jason when Lucky walks in.

Jake knocks on the Quartermaine's door and Monica answers. He tells her he came to see Michael, but Monica says Michael is out on a date. She offers to let Jake wait and gets him a drink and some snacks. He looks at a picture of Jason and AJ together. Jake asks Monica to tell him about Jason. She gives him some history on her marriage to Alan and how Jason was a product an affair Alan had. Monica says Jason was the heart of the Quartermaine family. Jake says he's heard a lot of good things about Jason. Later Jake realizes that Michael's probably not coming home anytime soon. He thanks Monica for her time and says it was great talking with her. At the end, Luke comes to the Quartermaine's looking for Tracy. Meanwhile Jake goes back to Liz's house and meets little Jake.

End of show!

I loved hearing Monica talk about her history with Alan and Jason today. It got me choked up and GH hasn't genuinely moved me in a long while! I loved GH so much in the 80's & 90's. I was just a kid myself, but I remember so much of the show's history. Not too mention the terrific Liz, Jake and Lucky scenes. I'll take more scenes like that any day. Good episode today!

Have a great night!

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Sum Total

I'm your father!
Today's Show - 

Luke meets Jake on Cassadine Island and asks if Helena ever mentioned him. Then Laura walks in and is shocked to see Jake. Shortly after Lucky walks in and greets Jake. Lucky is thrilled and tells Jake that he's his father. Luke, Laura and Lucky take a moment in private and Lucky wonders if Nikolas knew Jake was on Cassadine Island. Laura is certain he knew nothing. Luke says that Helena took Jake from the hospital after the accident. Laura decides to talk to Jake one on one and explain why their taking him to Port Charles. Meanwhile Lucky and Luke have a heart to heart. Lucky tells Luke that he taught him how to live and was his mentor. Luke fills Lucky in on his childhood with Tim Spencer. Lucky assures Luke he was nothing like Tim as a father. Luke says in life you get the sum total of the choices you make. Then he tells Lucky he was the pride of his life. Later Lucky explains to Jake that he's taking him to his mother. Jake thinks he doesn't have a mom, but Lucky assures him that he does.

At Kelly's, Sam and Nikolas run into each other again. He asks her why she was snooping at Wyndermere with Jake. Sam makes an excuse, but then asks Nikolas how he knows Hayden. Nikolas tells her that they were old friends. He swears he didn't know about Hayden's lies. Sam thinks its "curious" that Hayden got shot shortly after being at Nik's house.

Monica walks into the Quartermaine's and chats with Dillon. He gives Monica the rundown of what really happened with Luke and Laura. Dillon hopes it will be a relief for Tracy when she hears the truth. Later Monica says she wishes the house was still full of Quartermaine's. At the end, Jake stops by for a visit. 

Dante tells Valerie at the PCPD that Lulu came home. He says Lulu told him the truth and she wasn't having an affair. Dante says he wants to make his marriage work and apologizes to her. He asks Valerie to keep their night together a secret. She promises she won't say anything. Meanwhile Carly drops Rocco off at Lulu's and questions her about leaving town with Dillon. Lulu explains what happened and Carly calms down. Then Carly talks about getting Jocelyn's test results and how wonderful it was that Liz donated Jake's organs. Later Carly lets it slip that Sonny told her Dante kissed Valerie. At the end, Dante comes home. Lulu tells him she knows all about what he did with Valerie.

At Elizabeth's house, Jake quickly gets off the phone with Sam when Liz walks in. She overheard him say Nikolas's name and asks what he was talking about. Jake says he was just talking about ELQ stuff. Then they talk about Liz going with Carly to get Jocelyn's test results. After Liz explains to Jake how Jason asked her to donate Jake's organs and at first she was angry at him. Liz starts to get consumed with guilt. After they say 'I love you' to each other. She comes close to telling him the truth, but doesn't go through with it. At the end, Liz is alone and Lucky brings Jake to her porch with Luke. Lucky is apprehensive so Luke tells him to knock while he and Jake stand back. Lucky agrees and wraps on the door. Liz answers and is shocked to see him.

End of show!

P.S. Excessive plastic surgery is always a mistake. Great Lucky scenes today!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Helena's Parting Gift

Alive and kicking!
Thursday's Recap - 

Tracy brings Paul to the Quartermaine's to see Dillon. Alice checks Paul out and warns him not to hurt Tracy. Later Paul tells Tracy he knows how she feels about Luke, because the same thing happened to him. Paul says Jenny Eckert left him. They end up agreeing that it's good to see each other again.

Dillon and TJ meet at Kelly's for the first time. As they're getting introduced, Sonny walks in. He quickly asks Dillon why he was in British Columbia with Lulu. Dillon tries to explain the situation. Sonny advises him to talk to Dante and straighten things out. After TJ and Sonny talk. Sonny advises him to make peace with Jordan.

Dante tells Lulu at their apartment that he's sorry and needs her forgiveness. Lulu is confused and asks what he's talking about. Before Dante can answer, Dillon knocks on the door. He assures Dante that nothing happened between he and Lulu. After Dante lies to Lulu and says he trash talked to Valerie about her. Then he leaves for work. Once alone, Lulu calls Dillon and thanks him for trying to smooth things over with Dante. At the end, Lulu finds a smashed picture of her and Dante in the dresser drawer.

At the PCPD, Valerie and Jordan talk about TJ living with Sonny. Jordan says she wants to find a reason to arrest Sonny. Then she asks Valerie where Dante is. Valerie blurts out that Lulu is having an affair. She also admits to Jordan that she slept with Dante. Valerie thinks she has a connection to Dante. Jordan thinks she might be expecting too much. At the end, Dante arrives at work and runs into Valerie.

At GH, Carly talks to Liz about little Jake. She thanks Liz for Jake giving his organs to Jocelyn. Carly asks if Liz will come with her to make sure Jocelyn test results are negative. Liz says yes and later Silas comes to give Carly the results. He tells them Jocelyn is clear and in full remission. Carly is thrilled and she hugs Liz.

Luke and Laura head to Cassadine Island to find out if Jake is alive. They decide to split up. Luke goes into the house and sees Helena. She tells Luke that Nikolas has stripped her of her power, but she's proud of him. Helena explains that she knows she's at the end of her run so it's time to give Luke a parting gift. She explains what happened to Jake off camera. At the end, Jake comes out and says to Luke, "My name is Jake, what's yours?"

End of show!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Coming Up Today's Show

No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime according to GHH here's what coming up on today's episode!

Jake and Sam explore the connection between Nikolas and Hayden.

Dante learns from Lulu why she and Dillon left town and what really happened.

Dillon learns from Tracy that someone has come to see him.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lying About Everything

Set a date!
Here's What Happened - 

Liz goes to Wyndermere to see Nikolas. She tells him that she hasn't heard from Lucky and she thinks Lulu knows something and isn't telling her. Nik says he hasn't from Laura either. He leaves Laura a voice message and assures Liz everything will be okay. After Liz tells Nik about Danny running up to Jake at the park on the 4th of July. Nik tells her that they can call off their plan and arrange for Jason to find out who he really is, if she wants. Liz doesn't want to lose Jake or have Nik lose ELQ. At the end, Liz goes to GH and Patrick tells her that Hayden has had a change in her condition.

Jake and Sam talk at Kelly's about keeping their investigation a secret from Liz and Patrick. They agree it's not ideal, but necessary. Jake is worried that Liz won't be able to be impartial where Nikolas is concerned. Later they talk about Jason again. Sam talks about how loyal Jason was to Michael and Carly. After Jake asks how they should start digging into Nik's affairs. She asks how he feels about breaking into Nik's safe at Wyndermere. At the end, they head off to Spoon Island.

Dillon and Lulu arrive at the Port Charles airport. Lulu says she's happy that everything worked out with Lucky, but lying to Dante and Liz has been hard. Dillon jokes that he finally had an adventure with Luke and Laura. Then he talks about Tracy and is hopeful Tracy will forgive Luke. Later Maxie and Nathan run into them before Maxie leaves for Portland. Maxie and Dillon briefly discuss Georgie. After Lulu explains what really happened with Lucky and Frank Smith. Nathan asks why Lulu didn't trust Dante. Lulu tries to explain what happened and says she doesn't want Dante to get the wrong idea about her and Dillon. At the end, Maxie and Nathan say a sweet goodbye and Dillon tells Lulu it was fun being with her.

At the Quartermaine's, Sabrina asks Tracy to have breakfast with her as friends. Tracy says she can't, because she's leaving town. She explains that she's going to LA to ask Brooklyn what Nikolas is holding over her. Sabrina wishes her well, but says she hopes Tracy will be back soon. Then Tracy leaves for the airport. At the end, Dillon comes back to the Q"s and Sabrina tells him that Tracy left town. Meanwhile Tracy runs into an unseen person at the airport.

At the hospital, Brad jokes with Lucas that he's the hottest doctor at GH. Lucas responds that Brad is the world's sexiest Lab Tech. They agree they've been very busy and not been able to spend much time together. Lucas asks if Brad has been able to track down his family yet for a dinner get together. Brad says no. Later Patrick walks over and asks if they've set a date for their wedding yet. Brad responds by asking when Patrick plans to give Sam a ring. Later Patrick tells Lucas in private that he thinks Sam is still grieving Jason. He says when the time is right he and Sam will know it. Then Lucas confides in Patrick that he's been wondering why Brad is dragging his feet regarding his family. 

Over by the hospital vending machines, Felix sees that Brad is upset and asks what's wrong. Brad says he's lying to Lucas about everything. Felix assumes Brad is cheating on Lucas, but Brad explains that's not the case. Felix asks what's going on, but Lucas interrupts them before Brad can answer him. Lucas senses some awkwardness and asks Brad if something is wrong. Brad quickly makes up an excuse, but Lucas doesn't seem convinced that something isn't upsetting him.

Dante wakes up in bed with Valerie at his apartment and looks almost surprised to see her there. Valerie asks him if he regrets their night together. Dante says that Lulu trashed their marriage and being with her felt right in the moment. Valerie says she's not sorry it happened, even though she knows it's wrong. Dante tells her that he knows he shouldn't have broken his vows, but it meant something to him. Then he kisses her. After he says he doesn't want to lose Valerie as his friend. Then he tells Valerie to shower at his place before work and he leaves. At the end, Lulu comes home and hears the shower running.

End of show!

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Jake's Alive!

In on it!
Monday's Recap - 

Liz and Jake watch the fireworks with Aiden in the park. Nearby Sam, Patrick and Danny enjoy the fireworks as well. After Danny runs off and goes over to Jake, Liz and Aiden. Danny runs right up to Jake and they have a cute moment together. Seeing Jake with Danny makes Liz uncomfortable. Then Liz, Patrick and Aiden step away leaving Sam, Jake and Danny alone together. They start talking about their investigation into Nikolas and agree not to tell Liz or Patrick about it. Later they talk about Jason.

Silas sees Sam and Patrick enjoying themselves at the park and feels uncomfortable. Nina sees him and they talk about his relationship with Sam for a moment. Later Silas asks Nina about her marriage to Ric and her feelings for Franco. Nina tells him about Franco's relationship with Denise. Silas doesn't like what he hears and Nina notices. She asks what's wrong. Silas answers that Denise's presence has had an "effect" on him. 

Liz tells Patrick she's been thinking about Lucky. Liz explains that she hasn't heard from him in awhile and is worried something has happened to him. Then they return to Sam and Jake. Liz tells Jake that Aiden needs to go home so they leave. After Sam and Patrick have a quick run in with Nina and Silas. It gets awkward and Silas sticks up for Nina. After Sam wonders if Silas would ever go back to Nina. Meanwhile Liz tells Jake at her house that she hasn't been able to find Lucky. He offers to use his resources to help find Lucky. At the end, Liz says she thinks Jake's ghost haunts Lucky and she feels like Jake is "with" her all the time. 

At Kelly's, Denise tells Franco she's really Ava as the fireworks go off. He's reluctant to believe her so Ava explains how Silas saved her. Then she reminds him how he left her on the bridge before she fell. Ava fills Franco in on how she became "Denise" and tells him how Avery's bone marrow saved her. Franco realizes Silas kidnapped Avery, not Nina. He wants to tell Nina the truth, but Ava convinces him not to. At the end, they agree to continue their fake relationship.

At Dante's place, Valerie cries about her mom as they watch the fireworks. Then Dante gets a call from Leslie looking for Lulu. Dante makes an excuse for why Lulu can't come to the phone. After Dante drinks and vents to Valerie about Lulu supposedly cheating on him with Dillon. He tells Valerie about how many things he and Lulu have endured together. Then he kisses Valerie again and this time she doesn't stop him. They end up having sex while Lulu is trying to call Dante from British Columbia. 

In British Columbia, Frank Smith is shot by Lucky who comes out of nowhere with his gun blazing. Laura and Luke help him and they manage to take down Frank and all his guards. After they have a reunion. Outside Lulu hears gunshots and worries with Dillon. She opens the warehouse door and runs to hug Lucky when she sees him. Later they all want to check on Ethan, but unbeknownst to them Frank Smith clings to life on the floor. He manages to draw his gun. Dillon sees him and screams out. Luke fires at Frank again. As he lay dying, Frank tells Luke that Lucky was "in on it" and says Luke should chew on that. Luke gets angry and shoots him dead. At the end, Luke asks Lucky about what Frank said. Lucky says he was forced to play along, because Jake's life was at stake. Lucy tells them that, "Jake's Alive!"

End of show!

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P.S. In case you haven't heard, there are rumors a foot and a few photos online from this past weekend showing Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller frolicking in the ocean. Read here: Real Life Love?

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th of July

No official recap today, I'm off to enjoy the holiday weekend. I'll be back for Monday's show. In the meantime, according to GHH here's what's coming up on today's show:

Maxie inquires with Dante about Lulu’s whereabouts.

The Fourth of July Celebrations commence.

Kiki fills Morgan in on some of her conversation with Franco, leaving Morgan to wonder if Franco and Denise broke up.

Molly asks TJ about why he moved in with Sonny and his relationship with his mother.

An enemy from Luke and Laura's past surprises them to enact revenge.

Have a great weekend and a Happy 4th of July!

P.S. You can find my end of week recap over at SoapHub!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dodge is Back!

So hot!
Thursday's Recap - 

Nik finds Spencer waiting for him at ELQ. Spencer wants to know why Nik lied and stole ELQ. Nikolas answers that he did for Spencer, because the Cassadine's are cash poor. Spencer says he knows Courtney was a "townie" and he realizes money isn't everything. Nik says he'll think over what Spencer said. Then he takes Spencer to the park to see the fireworks. Meanwhile Jake tells Sam outside of Kelly's that she can help Michael save ELQ. Jake wants her help to blackmail Nikolas. Jake thinks Nikolas is keeping a secret. Sam agrees to team up with him. 

Franco runs into Kiki at Kelly's. He tells her that he thinks Denise and Morgan are fooling around. He explains that he's not really dating Denise. Kiki doesn't think she has anything to worry about. Meanwhile Denise knocks on Silas's door and Morgan answers. She tells him its his fault she can't see Avery. Denise asks Morgan to go convince Sonny she's not interested in him. Morgan says he is attracted to her and can't stop thinking about her, but he'll try to talk to Sonny. 

Dante goes back to his apartment in Port Charles and gets a visit from Valerie. He offers her a beer and tells her about finding Lulu's clothes in Dillon's room in British Columbia. He's convinced Lulu is having an affair. Valerie isn't sure he should assume the worst, but Dante can't help it. At the end, he takes Valerie's hand and says he wants to stay with her.

In British Columbia, Luke finds Ethan inside the warehouse. Ethan warns him not to come to close, because he's standing on a pressure bomb. Ethan says he's getting tired and about to die any moment. Ethan gets emotional and tells Luke to go save Lucky, because he's a lost cause. Luke ignores him and goes to work on the bomb. Later Luke tells Ethan he's got all his grace and none of his flaws. They express their love for each other. Then Luke cuts a wire, tells Ethan to give him his hand and he pulls Ethan off the bomb successfully. 

Nearby Lulu pretends to go into labor to avoid going into the security guard's van. However the guards discover a bag of sand under her shirt. Dillon tries to fight their way to freedom and Lulu helps. They end up getting the upper hand, but one of the guards gets loose. Later a bunch of guards gather Lulu, Dillon, Holly and Laura and walk them into the warehouse where Ethan and Luke are at gun point. At the end they finally meet the person behind all of this, but we don't get to see the person's face.

End of show!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I'll Be Damned

She's having a baby!
Today's Show - 

Kiki tries to get Morgan's attention with an American flag printed bikini at Silas's apartment, but Morgan can't get his mind off of Denise and Franco. Kiki doesn't understand why he's so concerned. They end up talking about cheating and Kiki asks if they're exclusive. Morgan assures her they are and they end up having sex on the couch. After Kiki says she'll meet him at the park later and heads out. 

Franco goes to GH to talk about Denise with Dr. Obrecht. She asks why Franco would be interested in a "low rent" version of Ava. Franco explains it's just a ruse to get Nina's attention. Dr. O asks Franco why he thinks Denise is motivated to help him. Franco thinks Denise wants to make Morgan think they're a couple. Dr. O deduces that Denise and Morgan are probably involved. Franco is concerned Kiki will get hurt. At the end, he runs into Kiki at Kelly's. 

Denise goes to Sonny's house with the hopes of seeing Avery. Sonny is skeptical, but lets her inside. He questions her about what's going on with Morgan. Sonny asks what she was thinking by almost "screwing" Morgan. Denise says she doesn't want to hurt Morgan or Kiki and is quick to tell him she's dating Franco. Sonny rolls his eyes and calls Franco a psycho. After Sonny tells Denise anyone who would date Franco isn't going anywhere near Avery. At the end, Denise heads over to Silas's place and Morgan opens the door. 

Jake and Michael discuss how to get ELQ back at the Quartermaine's. Jake is fired up and wants to make Nikolas pay. He tells Michael about his encounter with Nikolas at Kelly's. Jake starts talking about loyalty and honor. Michael says it's reminds him of Jason. Later Jake has an idea to turn the tables on Nikolas. He thinks Nikolas is hiding something. Michael says he doesn't want revenge, he just wants his company back. 

Nikolas runs into Sam outside of Kelly's. He tries to talk to her, but Sam doesn't want to hear it. Sam says she doesn't recognize the man Nik has become and asks why he's changed. He answers that he needed to make a change. She claims Jason would "kick his ass" if he was alive. Nik responds that he's lucky Jason isn't alive. Then he says he still loves her despite what she thinks of him. Sam says she loves him too, but she doesn't believe anything he says. At the end, Sam calls Patrick to vent about her conversation with Nik. Jake overhears and suggests there is something she can do to help the Q's.

Lulu, Dillon, Holly, Luke and Laura look over the picture of Lucky and Ethan in their hotel room. Luke notices that Ethan's fingers are crossed on one hand and he's showing three fingers on the other. He also notices that Lucky is pointing at himself. They surmise that it's a clue to the address where they're being held. It leads them to a lumber warehouse. Lulu and Dillon decide to pretend Lulu is pregnant and going into labor to get past the guards protecting the entrance. It works and one of the guards leaves to help Lulu. After Holly, Luke and Laura get control of the other guard. Luke is worried it was too easy and says they need to split up. Then Luke bursts into the building and says, "I'll be damned" when he sees something that surprises him.

End of show!

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