Wednesday, June 3, 2015

You're Ava!

I Saved You!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Dillon stops Tracy from accepting Luke's engagement ring at the Q's. Tracy is delighted to see him. Dillon explains that Ned asked him to look in on her. Dillon accuses Luke of using Tracy. Luke tries to explain what happened with him. Dillon softens and tells Tracy he'll support her in whatever decision she makes. Luke asks Tracy to give him 30 days to prove himself. She agrees and takes his ring. At the end, Luke says he wants to throw an engagement party.

Kiki goes to the gym and sees Morgan and Michael making peace. Michael heads out and after Morgan fills Kiki on his cease fire with Michael. Then they talk about Denise. Kiki says she wishes she was Ava. Later they end up making out.

Nikolas gets a call from Rosalie while he's at the Metro Court. He demands she go through with his request to get close to Nina for the ELQ shares. Then Michael walks in and asks what he was talking about. Nikolas tells Michael he was talking to Lulu about Luke and his name came up. They get to talking and Michael says ELQ belongs to all the Quartermaine's, including Emily. Then Michael recounts to Nik about Franco taking Ned's shares and his plans to get them back.

Rosalie knocks on Nina's door. Nina says they were never friends and asks why Rosalie called her out of the blue. Rosalie tells her about her job with Michael. Then she shows Nina the money briefcase and explains that Michael wants Franco's ELQ shares. Nina tells her that Franco is out of her life and she married Ric. Nina says Franco put the shares in the hotel safe. Rosalie convinces her to try and open it to see if he left them there. Nina does and the shares are still inside. However Nina refuses to turn them over to Rosalie. At the end, Rosalie manages to change Nina's mind and gives the shares to Nikolas. 

Silas calls Denise out and accuses her of being Ava. He has a flashback of his time with Ava at the hospital in NYC. We see Ava wake up after she was supposed to have died. Silas explains to Ava that he put her under to save her life with a bone marrow transplant. At the end. Silas explains the donor was Avery.

End of show!

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P.S. Jonathan Jackson & Nathan Parsons are back for Luke's exit story. Read here: JJ & Parsons Back

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