Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vegas Is That Way!

Here's What Happened - 

Tracy talks to Edward's picture at the Quartermaine's. Then Denise stops by for a visit. Tracy tells her "Vegas is that way" and points in the opposite direction. Denise asks about where Michael and Avery are. Tracy won't tell her anything and insists she leave. Meanwhile, Michael wakes up at Sabrina's worrying about Avery. Sabrina calms him and they kiss. Later they head to the Q's and find Denise waiting for Michael. He tells Denise that he gave Avery back to Sonny.

Sonny gets a visit from Dante at his house. Sonny tells him that Michael brought Avery home to him. Then Dante fills Sonny in on Lulu going off with Dillon. He also tells Sonny about kissing Valerie. Sonny advises Dante to talk to Lulu before doing anything rash. Dante asks Sonny to babysit Rocco so he can go find Lulu. Sonny tells him he's got his back. At the end, Sonny is alone and gets a visit from Denise. 

Liz and Jake talk about Nik's ELQ takeover at Kelly's. Jake wonders if maybe Nikolas said something to her about his plans, but Liz says she had no idea what Nik was up to. Then Nikolas walks in and sits down with them. He and Jake have a tense conversation. Nikolas asks Jake to keep working at ELQ. Jake gets angry and refuses. After Liz asks Jake for a moment to chat with Nik alone. Once alone, she has a pow wow with Nik and thinks its better Jake stays away from the Quartermaine's. Meanwhile Jake goes to see Michael and offers to help him get ELQ back. Michael welcomes him back. 

Luke wakes up in bed with Laura and Holly on either side of him. Luke is restless waiting for news. Holly suggests that whoever took Ethan and Lucky is after Luke. He ends up stepping out of the room. After Laura and Holly have a conversation about Ethan's conception taking place when Laura was still married to Luke. Holly explains how it happened and apologizes to Laura. They make peace and agree they need to focus on getting their sons home safely. They talk about Bill Eckert and Luke's broken childhood. Then the kidnapper calls. He tells them to open the door. When they do, they see a picture of Ethan and Lucky tied up. 

Dillon wakes Lulu up with coffee in their hotel room. He asks her to read his script to get her mind off of her parents and Dante. Later Luke stops by and tells them that Holly showed up. Lulu gets scared when Luke tells her that Ethan is missing too. Luke tells Dillon he still loves Tracy and hates that he had to hurt her. At the end, Dante arrives and finds Lulu's things mixed in with Dillon's stuff. Meanwhile Laura shows Luke, Lulu and Dillon the picture of Ethan and Lucky back in their room. They vow to find the kidnappers together!

End of show!

Have a great night!

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