Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Standing By Her Man

Looking out for my best friend!
Here's What Happened - 

Sam listens in as Rosalie goes to make a phone call at ELQ from her bed at home. Patrick asks what's going on so Sam tells him she heard a man's voice with her bug, but it disconnected. Sam thinks Jake might have suspected something. The mention of Jake upsets Patrick. Sam promises him she's going to be careful. Meanwhile Michael stops Rosalie from calling Nikolas at the office. He tells her there is a bug in her phone. 

At the Metro Court, Rosalie calls Nik from her cell phone and tells him her office phone is being bugged. Meanwhile Jake tells Liz he's looking into Sam while in bed together. He tells Liz about his investigation with Michael, which makes Liz nervous. Later Liz goes to the Metro Court to see Nikolas. She tells Nik that Sam is the one bugging ELQ. Liz starts to panic, but Nik insists she get it together and keep their plan in tact. Then Nik mentions wanting to use Dillon for his ELQ shares via Lulu. Meanwhile Jake arrives at ELQ. Michael tells him he told Rosalie about the bug. 

Lulu dreams that Dillon tells her Dante found out about Lucky and got him killed. Dante wakes her and asks what she was dreaming about. Later Lulu sees a newspaper headline with Valerie and Dante that says, "Standing By Her Man." Then Dante leaves for work and after Lulu asks Dillon to come over. When Dillon arrives Lulu tells him about her dream. Lulu feels guilty for keeping secrets from Dante so Dillon hugs her. After Lulu introduces Rocco to Dillon, which leads to a conversation about the abortion Lulu had with Dillon's baby years ago. At the end, Lulu says she hates lying to Dante, but they agree they need to keep this secret.

At the PCPD, Maxie grills Valerie about her intentions towards Dante. She shows Valerie the newspaper heading. Valerie tries to defend what happened to Maxie, but Maxie questions if she's trying to steal Dante from Lulu. Right then Dante walks in. He takes Maxie aside and tells her not to worry about Valerie. Maxie apologizes to Valerie reluctantly and Valerie accepts. At the end, Dante tells Valerie not to worry about Maxie because he knows their just friends. 

At the Quartermaine's, Tracy questions Sabrina about Sam's investigation. Then Dillon walks in shirtless and asks how Tracy is doing. Tracy expresses her appreciation for Dillon looking out for her. Later when alone, Tracy tells Sabrina about Dillon's past relationships with Georgie and Lulu. At the end, Sam comes by to see Tracy. Jake spy's on them and assumes Sam is working for Tracy.

End of show!

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  1. Good heavens that Jake is pretty dumb - but not as dumb as Mikey is STUPID. Why in the world would Demon tell Rosalie her phone was bugged.

    1. I know give a big "Duh" for Michael yesterday. The game with Liz and Jake is so weird, I'm not enjoying that plot at all.


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