Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Racial Tension

Dante is a good man!
Today's Recap - 

Ava kisses Silas at his apartment to get her mind off of Morgan. She tells him that their moments from the past were some of the best of her life. Ava thinks the way he saved her life shows how much he cares for her. Silas admits that he does have feelings for her, but doesn't want to recapture what they once happened. Silas refuses to play second fiddle to Morgan so Ava storms out in anger.

Kiki asks Morgan at The Metro Court what he was talking to Sonny about it. Morgan thinks about kissing Denise, but tells Kiki he was talking to Sonny about taking her on a trip to Atlantic City. Kiki gets excited, but asks if he wanted to take her because of Denise looking like Ava. Morgan says he's a little freaked out. Kiki tells him that she understands, but can't go away with him. 

Molly brings TJ a tie to wear to his hearing at the PCPD. He tells her about Duke ordering a hit on Jordan and Molly wonders if Sonny was involved. Outside Ric scolds Jordan for letting TJ stay in jail. Jordan tries to defend her position, but Ric says if it were Molly he would have had her released. Jordan insists that Ric get TJ's charges dropped or else. 

Sonny and Scotty have a run in at the courthouse. Scotty says he's going to stick it to TJ just like he did to Shawn. Scotty explains that the mall security guard developed shoulder pain and is pressing assault charges. Later TJ, Ric, Jordan, and Molly arrive at the courthouse. Sonny takes a minute alone with Ric after making a discreet phone call. Ric tells Sonny to stay out of the courtroom. Meanwhile Jordan tells Scotty to give TJ justice inside the courtroom. Later Scotty gets a call that the guard is dropping the charges so Scotty tells TJ he's free to go. 

Back at the police department, Dante gets bamboozled by a reporter who accuses him of being a racist. The reporter says Dante arrested TJ, because he's black. Valerie jumps in and defends Dante. Then she insists the reporter leave the station. After Dante thanks Valerie for having his back. Valerie says that offering support is what family is all about. 

At the Haunted Star, Tracy walks in just as Lulu is asking Dillon not to tell Tracy the truth. Tracy pressures Dillon to tell her what's going on. Dillon decides to cover for Luke and Laura and says they were planning a honeymoon. Tracy gets disgusted and hands Laura her engagement ring. Laura won't take it. Tracy ends up putting it in Luke's hand and goes to walk out. Luke stops her and says he'll always be sorry for hurting her. Tracy says that's worth nothing and leaves. After Luke and Laura thank Dillon for staying quiet about Lucky's kidnapping. Meanwhile Tracy goes back to the Q's and Sabrina sees that she's upset.

At the end, Laura gets an unknown text with an address in British Columbia. She swears Lulu and Dillon to secrecy and warns Lulu not to tell Dante. Then Luke and Laura take off to find Lucky. Meanwhile Valerie and Dante enjoy some coffee together the station. Kiki tells Morgan she wants to spend time with Denise and can't leave town. Denise heads to the Quartermaine's to see Avery and is greeted by Sabrina. She's not happy to learn that Sabrina is the Avery's nanny. Sabrina refuses to let her visit with Avery without Michael's permission. At the courthouse, Jordan asks Sonny if he knows anything about the charges being dropped. Sonny answers that all that matters is that justice was served and walks away!

End of show!

I like that GH is touching on race issues and diversified the cast, but I still don't like Valerie!

Have a great night!


  1. i am trying to like Valerie because I see chemistry between her Dante that he and Lulu don't seem to have. Thanks for the recap - I accidently deleted today's copy from my DVR :(

    1. We'll see where it goes. I'm trying not to rush to judgement.


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