Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nobody Ever Loved Me

I'm done!
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie and Nathan talk about his plan with Franco to blackmail Nina in Nathan's room. He worries that he drove Nina closer to Ric as a result. Maxie thinks any plan with Franco is doomed to fail. Then she advises Nathan to give it time. She thinks Nina will come around. At the end, Nathan thanks Maxie for supporting him as they lay in bed. 

Kiki tells Silas at The Floating Rib that she's waiting for Denise to meet her for dinner. She decides to go look for Denise at her apartment instead. After Silas chats with Nina at the bar. Franco walks in and tells Nina he wants his ELQ shares back. Nina tells him she sold his shares to Rosalie on Michael's behalf. Franco gets angry and walks out. At the end, Nina thanks Silas for believing that she didn't kidnap Avery.

Morgan and Ava/Denise can't resist each other at her apartment. They start making out, but Morgan gets freaked out and pulls away. He asks her not to tell Kiki. Right then Kiki walks in. Denise tells Kiki about her visit with Avery. After Kiki mentions that she and Morgan are dating. Denise doesn't like what she hears. She tells Morgan in private that Kiki doesn't deserve a two timer.

Michael tells Sabrina at the Q's that he wasn't able to get Franco's ELQ shares back. He mentions using Rosalie as a go between with Nina. Sabrina says she doesn't trust Rosalie. Later Franco storms in and says he wants his money. Michael tells him that he never got his shares. Meanwhile, Nikolas tells Rosalie at Wyndermere that he just needs one more block of ELQ shares. Nik says he wants Dillon Quartermaine's stocks to get controlling interest. Nik thinks he can use Lulu as a means to get close to Dillon.

At The Haunted Star, Luke tells everyone to leave and Tracy that their engagement's off. Dillon yells at Luke and demands to know why. Lulu also demands to know why. Laura tells Tracy that now that she knows Luke's secret, she wants him back. Luke confirms to Tracy that he's going back to Laura. Tracy gets pissed off and tells Luke she's done being his fool. She swears to him that there is no chance she'll ever take him back. Then Tracy storms off. After Dillon tells Luke off and walks out. Then Lulu takes a moment alone with her parents and tells them she hates what they did to Tracy.

Back at the Q's, Dillon tries to comfort Tracy. She says she feels like an idiot for not seeing that Luke never loved her. Tracy thinks no ever loved her. Dillon disagrees and says he loves her. At the end, Lulu stops by. Dillon says her parents are the reason Tracy is hurting. Meanwhile at The Haunted Star, Luke and Laura agree they did what they had to do.

End of show!

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    1. I'm happy she's back too, but I felt bad for Tracy. Especially when NuDillon tried to keep up with her acting. So far I find him very wooden.


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