Thursday, June 25, 2015

No Panic Room Imprisonment

Thursday's Recap - 

Rosalie gets chewed out by Nikolas at ELQ. He's angry at her for giving the police his name. Nik gets in her face and screams that she's lucky he doesn't lock her up on Cassadine Island and make her Helena's bitch. He insists that she recant her confession to the police. Nik says if she does she can continue working for him and he'll keep her secret. If not, he plans to expose her. Rosalie reluctantly agrees and heads to the PCPD.

Michael shows up at Sabrina's door looking for moral support. He vents to her about how Nikolas usurped him as CEO with Lucy's help. Sabrina is surprised that Lucy would do something like that. Michael explains that Lucy took issue with him taking Avery to spite Sonny. Michael talks about AJ and the way Sonny murdered him. He says after everything he's starting to want Sonny and Carly back in his life. Sabrina advises that he return Avery to Sonny to make peace. 

Morgan stops by Sonny's place to talk to Carly and Sonny about Michael's ELQ problems. Carly leaves to go to the hotel. After Sonny and Morgan talk about Denise. Morgan admits that he fooled around with her again and Rosalie saw them. Sonny is worried that Rosalie will let it slip to Kiki. Morgan thinks there is more to the story with Rosalie. Meanwhile "Denise" goes to GH to see Silas. She interrupts him with a patient to talk about her issues visiting Avery. Then she talks about fooling around with Morgan in Michael's office. Silas gets annoyed and tells her not expect him to be her "booty call" in Morgan's absence. 

Ric gives Nina a pearl necklace in their hotel room. He agrees to meet Nina in The Metro Court bar later for dinner, but says he wants to change his clothes first. Once alone, Ric gets a visit from Madeline. She's anxious to know about his progress getting Nina's money. Ric says Franco is a problem and suggests they get rid of Nina. Madeline slaps him and says he's not to touch her. She warns, "no panic room imprisonment either!" Madeline suggests that Ric have Nina committed to a mental institution instead. 

Kiki runs into Franco at The Metro Court bar. Franco fills Kiki in on Nina's marriage to Ric and his hurt feelings. Kiki calls Nina a loon and advises him to stay out of it. Then Nina walks in as Franco is talking about Madeline. Franco tells Nina that Madeline is out of jail now. He takes her aside and says Ric is full of crap. Nina won't hear him and makes a comment about having sex with Ric. Franco gets insecure and says he's got a new woman in his life. Nina asks who.

Meanwhile Carly comes to the hotel and talks to Kiki about Michael. Kiki mentions that Denise has been trying see Avery. Then Denise walks in and strolls up to Carly. Franco sees her and tells Nina that she's his new girlfriend. Nina runs up to Denise and is taken aback when she sees her face. Back in Nina's room, Madeline tells Ric he needs to assure her of his commitment. Then she plants a big kiss on him.

End of show!

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