Friday, June 5, 2015

Laura's Back!

Today's Show - 

Valerie pushes Dante into letting her take him to dinner at the PCPD. Meanwhile, Carly, Sonny, Bobby, and Scotty celebrate Lucas and Brad's engagement at The Floating Rib. Bobby is anxious to meet Brad's family and firm up a wedding date. Scotty ends up annoying Sonny when he makes a jab about Shawn shooting Hayden. Scotty starts yelling about Sonny's pardon and accuses him of having the governor in his pocket. Valerie and Dante walk in and see the whole thing. The subject of Scotty's daughter Karen comes up and they end up fighting. Dante breaks it up and after Sonny is introduced to Valerie. 

Denise admits she's Ava to Silas. She tells him to keep quiet or she'll tell the police what he did to save her. Ava thinks she can stay dead in the world's eyes and become Denise for good. She explains that Delia helped her and Denise was born. Ava talks about getting a tattoo and how bad it hurt getting rid of her fingerprints. She tells Silas she wants her family back, even if it's under a different name. Silas reluctantly agrees to play along.

Alice helps Tracy pick out jewelry for the party at the Q's and wonders how Luke did all the bad things he did. Luke walks in and asks Alice if they can start over. She happily accepts and hugs him. Then Michael walks in. He tells Tracy that he was unable to get Ned's ELQ shares back and says he's too tired to attend their party. Later Dillon and Michael have a reunion. At the end, Michael goes to put Avery to bed when someone rings the doorbell. Michael answers and sees its Denise!

Lucy questions Lulu on The Haunted Star about Luke's engagement party. Lulu assures her that she had the boat searched for bombs. Later Lucy helps Lulu invite guests for the party. Then Lulu tells Lucy that Dillon is back in town. Lucy wonders if Lulu might be tempted by her past with him. Then Tracy and Luke walk in. Lulu promises them all the guests are on the way. She calls Dante to find out where everyone is and he mentions he's with Valerie. 

Franco and Nathan try to force Nina into getting an annulment at the PCPD. Nina is surprised that Nathan is helping Franco force her hand. Franco insists that if she won't divorce Ric, he'll turn her in for kidnapping Avery. Nina insists she's in love with Ric. She calls their bluff and tells Nathan to put her in handcuffs. Nathan backs down and asks to speak with Franco in private. Once alone, he tells Franco they need to back off. Then Nathan tells Nina she's free to go. At the end, Franco yells at Nathan that he blew it and drove Nina into the arms of another man. Meanwhile, Nina runs into Silas at The Floating Rib and tells him she's being framed for Avery's kidnapping.

At the Haunted Star, everyone shows up for the party. Luke thanks Lulu for helping him and she tells Luke he's her hero. After Valerie tells Lulu about her new job at the PCPD. Lulu decides to introduce Dillon to Dante and Valerie. Nearby Luke thanks Sonny for coming and offers condolences about Sonny losing Avery. At the end, Luke makes a speech apologizing for his actions. He asks for everyone's forgiveness. Then he thanks Tracy for all her support and love. At the end, Luke makes a toast to Tracy just as Laura walks in!

End of show!

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  1. Laura looked great, but seemed nervous and shaky. I really hope they write her as a strong woman this time and not a crazy person who can't live without a man.


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