Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Just An Average Cassadine

Naughty Nik!
Tuesday's Recap - 

Sam and Jake talk about Nik at The Metro Court. After they start joking around. Patrick and Liz walk in and Sam tells them about Nik's attempts to take over ELQ. Liz listens with a guilty expression on her face. Later Jake offers to pay for dinner for all four of them. At the end, Patrick tells them he's starting to feel like a father to Danny. Jake says he's staying at Kelly's and taking it slow with Liz. He thanks Patrick and Sam for their support and toasts to new friends. 

Valerie debates telling Dante about Lulu and Dillon at the PCPD. Dante senses something is bothering her and pushes to know what's up. Valerie spills the beans and tells Dante she saw Dillon and Lulu hugging while discussing keeping a secret from him. Dante tells Valerie that he's going to talk to Lulu about it. 

Lulu and Dillon talk on the phone about their secret together. Lucy walks into the Q's so Dillon gets hangs up. Then he tells Lucy that ELQ needs her help. Meanwhile Maxie comes by to see Lulu with cupcakes. They get into a conversation about Valerie. Lulu ends up letting it slip that she has a secret with Dillon. Maxie pushes to know what, but Lulu won't tell her. At the end, Dante goes home and asks if Lulu knows what Nikolas has been up to. Then Dante asks why Dillon was visiting. Lulu tells him it was just to see Rocco.

Nik strolls into ELQ and informs Tracy and Michael about his plans. Tracy asks how he could do this to Emily's memory. She calls Nik, "Just an average Cassadine!" Michael tells Nik that Lucy Coe will be the Q's secret weapon. Michael also tells him that Edward put a loophole in his will allowing the family to strip a majority share holder from their voting rights. Later Michael calls a voting meeting. Dillon and Lucy show up, but Lucy decides to vote with Nikolas.

At the Triple L Diner, Jennifer Smith tells Luke he needs to spend one night with her in exchange for Lucky's safe return. Jennifer talks about her history of failed relationships and calls Luke her white whale. Laura thinks Jennifer's actions are rape. Jennifer says Laura should see it as a karmic revenge since Luke raped her back in the day. Luke finally gets fed up and agrees to Jennifer's deal. 

End of show!

This storyline with Jennifer Smith is just so stupid. Sorry I hate to be negative, but dear lord! Bad, bad writing!

Have a great night!

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