Monday, June 22, 2015

Jennifer Smith

She looks like Claudia Z.
Here's What Happened - 

Luke and Laura get a surprise visitor at the Triple L Diner. Jennifer Smith walks in the door looking 20 years younger than she should be. Luke and Laura point their guns at her, but Jennifer's henchmen come in behind her and take their weapons. After they all sit down to talk. Jennifer tells them she knows Luke told Lulu about Lucky's disappearance. Then she says that she kidnapped Lucky in exchange for sex with Luke. Jennifer informs Luke he has to spend one night with her to get his son back.

Michael, Jake and Dante inform Rosalie at ELQ that she's being arrested for corporate espionage. Rosalie tries to blame Sabrina for bad mouthing her, but Jake says he's got proof from Nina. Jake pulls out a recording from Nina of her exchange with Rosalie about the stock. They offer her a deal if she names the person she's working for. At first she hesitates for fear of her secret coming out, but under pressure Rosalie admits she's working for Nikolas. After Rosalie apologizes to Michael, but he doesn't want to hear it. Then Dante takes her to the station to make an official statement. Once alone, Jake promises Michael he can trust him to help save ELQ. 

Valerie sees Dillon and Lulu hugging at her apartment while discussing their secret. They end up seeing Valerie so Lulu invites her inside. Dillon leaves and after Lulu tries to figure out what Valerie heard. Valerie starts to talk about the headline of her and Dante in the newspaper and tells Lulu about Maxie's reaction. Valerie asks if Lulu thinks she's after Dante. Lulu admits that she's been a little concerned, but Valerie promises that she's not making a move on Dante. Lulu decides to make peace and assures Valerie it's all good. At the end, Valerie goes back to the PCPD and debates telling Dante about seeing Lulu hug Dillon. Meanwhile Lulu tells Dillon on the phone that Valerie won't say anything to Dante.

Sam questions Nikolas at The Metro Court about his relationship with Rosalie. Nikolas tries to make excuses, but Sam calls him out for lying. Nik gets defensive and says it's none of Sam's business. Sam won't back down so he finally admits he's trying to take over ELQ. She can't believe that Nikolas would do this to Emily's family. Nik explains it's not personal. He says Helena and Victor burned through a lot of the Cassadine's money. He says he has a lifestyle to maintain. Sam thinks Nik is jeopardizing his integrity and starts yelling at him. Sam tells him he's acting like Helena. Nik claims he's nothing like Helena and walks out. At the end, Jake meets Sam at the bar and she tells him that Nikolas admitted everything to her. 

Tracy and Sabrina anxiously await news about Rosalie, Nikolas and ELQ at the Quartermaine's. They talk about the situation while folding baby clothes together. Tracy thinks Edward would be turning in his grave. Later they try to analyst how much of ELQ's stock Nikolas might have control of. Tracy decides to call Brooklyn to see if anyone's approached her. Brooklyn tells Tracy she was blackmailed into turning her shares over. Then Dillon walks in and tells them about how Nikolas tried to get his shares to no avail. At the end, Tracy goes to ELQ to tell Michael that Nikolas has 50% of ELQ. Right then Nikolas walks in!

End of show!

Good Sam & Nik scenes today! I like the relationship developing between Sabrina and Tracy too. 

Have a great night!

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