Monday, June 1, 2015

I've Moved On

Say it ain't so?
Monday's Recap - 

Delia tells everyone at the PCPD that Denise is her daughter. Denise and Delia exchange some nasty words, but after Delia explains that Denise is Ava's twin that she gave up for adoption. Sonny thinks it's all too convenient. Julian agrees, but Delia says no one ever asked so she never told. Morgan, Alexis and Lucas believe Delia's story, as does Kiki. Dante decides to release Denise from police custody. At the end, Denise is excited about her new family and decides to stay in Port Charles. She asks Julian if she can crash with him.

Tracy hears Rosalie on the phone at the Q's and asks who she's conspiring with. Rosalie tells Tracy she was talking to Nina, even though it was Nikolas. She explains that Michael asked to reach out to Nina. Then Rosalie leaves and Lulu comes to tell Tracy that Luke disappeared. Lulu tells Tracy that Luke was released two days ago. Tracy is ready to call the police, but then Luke strolls into the living room. He explains that he's okay and he took a side trip to get a replica of Tim Spencer's tattoo on his arm. Lulu and Tracy are confused so Luke explains that the tattoo is a symbol to remind him of who he is and what he's capable of. He promises to do right by them going forward.

Nik wants Rosalie to remember who she works for from his cell phone at Wyndermere. Later Rosalie comes to see him and Nik yells at her for letting Tracy hear part of their conversation. Rosalie explains that she covered and told Tracy about Michael wanting her to connect with Nina. Rosalie shows Nik a briefcase full of money that Michael gave her to buy back Franco's ELQ shares. Nik tells her to get the shares and bring them to him. At the end, Rosalie contacts Nina and asks for a get together.

Franco asks Nina at the Metro Court why Ric isn't with her. Nina says she wore him out sexually and Ric needed a break. Franco tries to talk to Nina about Ric being interested in her money. Nina doesn't want to hear it and tells Franco she's moved on. Then she walks away and runs into Nathan. Franco eavesdrops as Nathan questions Nina about her marriage to Ric. Later Franco decides to interrupt their conversation. Nathan wants to take Nina to annul her marriage, but she refuses and storms off. At the end, Franco and Nathan decide to work together to save Nina from Ric. 

Ric and Madeline discuss Nina's fortunate at Pentonville. Madeline blames Ava for her being stuck in prison. After Ric tells Madeline that he married Nina. Madeline doesn't like the idea, but Ric says it was the only way he could get the money from Nina for himself. Ric taunts Madeline and says he'll visit her in prison from time to time. Madeline threatens Ric that she'll get Nathan to investigate if Ric tries to cut her out. At the end, Ric decides to go back to the original plan and work with Madeline afterall.

Agent Sloane tells Anna that Nikolas foiled the election in her hotel room. Anna doesn't believe Nikolas is capable of that, but Sloane insists its the truth. They have a drink and Sloane explains to Anna how Nik fixed the election with his help. They end up getting a little tipsy and have a laugh at the time Agent Sloane dropped his towel when Anna came to search his room. Sloane decides to make a move and kisses Anna. She responds and they end up having sex on the couch!

End of show!

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