Thursday, June 11, 2015

I Don't Care Anymore

Free bird!
Thursday's Recap - 

Liz vents to Nikolas at Wyndermere about Jake. She fills him in on Jake's interest in working at ELQ with Michael. Liz worries that Jake will remember and feels guilty for keeping his identity from him. Later Nikolas tells Liz that he's close to acquiring control of ELQ. He thinks Jake could end up working for him. Liz is slightly relieved by the news. Nik says she's worrying for no reason.

Jake goes to interview with Michael at ELQ. Rosalie eavesdrops on their conversation over the intercom. She hears Michael voice concerns about her and the ELQ stock to Jake. Meanwhile Sabrina walks into ELQ and sees Rosalie listening to the intercom. They have a chilly conversation about Sabrina's suspicions that Rosalie lied about getting the shares from Nina. In Michael's office, he asks Jake about his previous issues with Helena. Jake assures him he's better and very interested in learning all about Helena.

Later Jake tells Michael about dreaming that Danny was his son. Jake notices a picture of Monica and Danny on Michael's desk. It leads to a conversation about Jason and the Quartermaine's. Michael gives Jake background on the company, Edward and the various misadventures that the family got into over the years. At the end, Michael offers Jake the job. Jake's first assignment is to find out who took the missing ELQ shares. Outside, Sabrina tells Rosalie the truth about will come out sooner or later. 

Sam chats Nina up at The Metro Court to find out dirt on Rosalie. Nina gets suspicious of Sam's motives so Sam decides to come clean. She tells Nina she was asked to look into her relationship with Rosalie. Later Nina swears that she sold her ELQ shares to Rosalie. Sam says Rosalie has a different version of the story. Then Sam asks about Rosalie's secret. Nina plays it coy and refuses to tell her anything.

Madeline surprises Franco and Dr. Obrecht at GH. She explains that she got of jail, because Ric worked some legal magic for her. Then Franco asks Madeline to help him protect Nina and her money from Ric. Madeline pretends she doesn't care about anything other than freedom, but Dr. O ends up laughing out loud her. 

Dante tells Jordan and Ric that TJ was arrested for using a fake credit card at the PCPD. He says that the mall security guard knew TJ was going to see Shawn at Pentonville and assumed he was a criminal too. Meanwhile TJ explains to Molly in the interrogation room that he tried to buy her earrings with his credit card and got into a scuffle with the security guard. Ric is hopeful he can get the charges dropped. However at the end, Jordan gets a call from Mayor Lomax who demands that TJ stay locked up!

End of show!

I really liked Sam and Nina's scenes today. They should be crazy fun friends together!

Have a great night!

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